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from Maria Gracia
April 5, 2020

I certainly hope you and your loved ones are holding up through this global pandemic. There has been so much pain...so much loss. I find myself heartbroken every day...and then there are stories of strength, hope, and cohesiveness that lift me up as well. I've learned that it's OK to feel wide degrees of emotion as we live through this 'new today' and extremely challenging time in our lives.

My heart goes out to those who have lost someone, those who are hoping and praying that someone they love will pull through, and those who are going through this illness themselves. My thoughts are with those who don't know where their next paycheck is coming from, and those who are frightened about what will happen now and later.

I am so appreciative of the front-line medical/emergency professionals and scientists. I am also thankful to those who are working right now to provide basic needs and information, and to people and companies everywhere who are pitching in. I am thankful to everyone who is simply providing a much needed smile...even if it's given from six feet away or in a video chat. I am very grateful to have you as a GON reader...a friend I can write to every day.

As you know, many people around the world are under stay-at-home orders. I'm writing this special note today because I wanted to provide you, my wonderful GON reader, with something helpful. In light of this, I'm giving away two free gifts:

1) 101 Things You Can Organize and Clean When You Have to Stay Home: This is an ideal time to get rid of some clutter...as well as keep things as clean and germ-free as possible (something so important right now)

2) 101 Things You Can Do When You Have to Stay Home: These are a whole bunch of tasks you can do to keep busy...and some fun things to simply enjoy as well

There is no catch. There are no strings attached. There is nothing to buy. All you do is visit the link, enter the email address you're using right now to receive my GON newsletter, and you will be able to access the two gifts on the next page immediately. Here's the link:


This is not to give you more work to do. Maybe it will give you some ideas for now...or even for later. Maybe it will just give you something to read...it's totally up to you and whatever you're feeling is going to help you through this time.

I'm giving you both of these gifts to help you remain calm throughout this storm, to provide a bit of normalcy during these uncertain times, and to give you something productive to do to keep your mind and hands busy. I hope you find them both to be helpful resources.

Sending you lots of thoughts and love,

Maria Gracia

P.S. I would so LOVE for you to pass these gifts on to your friends and family so, they too, can use these tools to help them during this so-challenging time. If you would be so kind to forward this newsletter to anyone and everyone you know, I would be so appreciative. Thank you for spreading the love!

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-- Maria Gracia