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Does this sound familiar?
You can’t seem to get ahead of your clutter. Even if you get rid of it once, it begins to reappear almost immediately. What if you could find an easy way to keep your home or office clutter-free forever without stress or bother? Your organizing problems seem so overwhelming that you don’t know where to begin or what to do when you get there. What if you could have a simple organizing plan that would tell you exactly where to begin and what to do every simple step along the way? You sometimes feel embarrassed about the disorganized state of your home and are  reluctant to invite friends over. What if you could keep your home so well-organized that it would be the envy of your friends and neighbors? You can do it -- I guarantee it. You spend way too much time searching for things in your home or office. What if you had a simple tool that would help you find anything in your home or office in 10 seconds or less - - guaranteed? Wouldn’t that make your life so much easier? You are always fighting a losing battle with the Paper Beast. You’ve got too much paper, don’t know where to put it, and can’t find it when you need it. What if you could slay that Paper Beast and get your paper under control once and for all? You can’t keep up with your never-ending list of ToDos. What if you had an effective system for zipping through your ToDo lists like a breeze? It isn’t difficult when you know how. You procrastinate and are easily distracted when trying to complete your projects. What if you had an amazingly simple and effective tool that made it easy for your to complete your projects without getting distracted? You feel alone in your desire to get better organized. That makes it difficult to stay motivated. What if you had a support group of friends who were also learning to get better organized and they gave you the support, encouragement and recognition you need and deserve? You don’t always know the best ways to organize different aspects of your life. What if you had a huge resource with over 2,000 tested and proven organizing systems that could be applied to just every area of your life? You keep way too much important information in your head and can’t remember it all. What if you had get all of that information out of your head and into one, safe and easy to use place? You can.
Introducing my... “I’m Finally Organized! Toolkit”
If you’ve been struggling to get yourself and your home organized -- it’s NOT YOUR fault. There are some HUGE, little-known obstacles that are preventing millions of people, like you, from getting quickly and permanently organized.
Here are a few of the problems . . . Problem 1: Not enough ‘effective’ organizing solutions. Most people just don’t have an ample supply of ‘tested and proven’ organizing systems to apply to their daily organizing challenges. If you apply weak or ineffective solutions you just make the problems worse. Problem 2: No ‘Home” for their important information. Since so many people don’t have one permanent ‘home,’ or place to keep all of their important information, they often keep it in their heads. That system guarantees many things will be forgotten. Problem 3: No support from like-minded people. When friends support one another to achieve a goal (exercising, losing weight, getting organized, etc.) it is much easier and fun to stay motivated to achieve that goal. Problem 4: Little or no ‘expert’ support. When people are trying to learn new skills they often can become confused about the proper way to do something. They are much more likely to learn and develop the proper skills when they have access to someone they trust to give them the right answers to their questions. Problem 5: No Repetitive Reminders. Research has shown that people forget nearly 90% of what they have read or heard within 7 days without repetitive reminders. When you don’t have a system that provides repetitive reminders, it’s very easy to forget a new organizing system. That’s why so many new systems are no longer in use a few weeks after people learn about them.
Those problems will no longer be obstacles for you. I’ll tell you why in just a minute.
Who am I and why should you listen to me? How can I help you make a giant leap in achieving the organized home and life you’ve always dreamed of?
What qualifies me to help you get organized? To start, I worked for 10 years with Dun and Bradstreet’s Nielsen Media Research in New York City as an organizing and management specialist. Throughout my tenure, I managed the data analysis department, worked with hundreds of television stations and advertising agencies, and developed effective, productive systems for my clients and staff. In 1996, I moved to Wisconsin, and founded Get Organized Now!™ I have literally helped thousands of individuals and businesses get organized since then. My Get Organized Now!™ Web site is visited by over a million people per year, and I have close to 200,000 subscribers on my newsletter list. Just to name a few, I have appeared at, wrote for, or have been interviewed by hundreds of international, national and local media and organizations such as:
I don't just teach these organizing techniques. I use them myself. I guarantee you that they all work beautifully! I discoverd the problems I listed above -- then I discovered the solutions to those problems. While helping people just like you become better organized, I discovered those problems and obstacles I mentioned above. It was easy for me to teach my clients how to solve their orgnazing challenges with the proper organizing systems and solutions, but it took a little more effort to help my clients become ‘permanently’ organized. Because of those problems, they would sometimes slide back into old disorganized habits. They didn’t like that and either did I. So I worked with them to discover the solutions that eventually helped them overcome those problems to become permanently organized. I took those solutions and through the years I refined them and put them into an amazing organizing resource I call my “I’m Finally Organzied! Toolkit.”
Here’s everything that’s included in my
I’m Finally Organized! Toolkit •	Finally Organized, Finally Free & Quick Start Video	$   25 •	The Easy Organizer	$   32 •	Lifetime - I’m Finally Organized! Toolkit Facebook Support Group	$   59 •	“Ask Maria” Your Organizing Questions (Vol. 1)	$   29 •	Automatic Organizing (Repetitive Affirmations)	$   57 •	Find It Fast! (Find Anything in Your Home or Office in 10 Seconds or Less)	$   21 •	$25,000 Productivity Tool	$   19 •	5 Bonus eBooks (Organization/Motivation)	$ 107 	TOTAL VALUE:    $ 349 	TODAY’S SPECIAL PRICE:    $   37 60-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!
1. Finally Organized, Finally Free for the HOME This is my HUGE, 405 page organizing resource with 85 organizing categories and 2,175 tested and proven Simple Organizing Systems! Most are new, many are fun and creative and all of them are simple and effective. They work. Get your paper under control, say goodbye to clutter fast and forever, organize your kitchen, closet or any other room in your home or apartment, find more time to do the things you truly love, start enjoying a calmer, happier, more confident and organized life. Nothing is complicated, difficult, time-consuming or expensive. No more guessing, shaking your head or feeling overwhelmed. Finally Organized, Finally Free is designed so you can simply zero in on your specific organizing area of concern… and get the immediate answers to just that challenge. It comes with free, Life-time Updates so you'll always have the most current version.
2. Quick Start Video You'll also get immediate access to my Quickstart Video Guide where I will go over how to get the most from the "I'm FINALLY Organized!" Toolkit. My Quickstart Video Guide is the BEST way to get started fast and easy
3. The Easy Organizer Next up is something VERY special... It's called the . . . Easy Organizer! The Easy Organizer is not just a planner. It's much, much more! It solves the problem of Brain Drain. It's loaded with tons of forms, checklists, logs and information sheets to help you organize and store important information about every aspect of your life in one convenient place! The tool was designed with my Power Organizing Pillars in mind. Finally you will have an easy to use home for all of those thoughts, scattered lists and notes of important information in your life. Now you will know exactly where all of that information is. No more searching. It's organized into 15 sections covering things like…
Family and Friends Goals and Planning Personal Growth and Reflection
Home, Garden and Auto Home Inventory Food and Shopping Cleaning and Chores
The Easy Organizer is an enormous resource that will give you peace of mind in knowing all of your important information is right at your fingertips. For a very limited time, the Easy Organizer is included in the "I'm FINALLY Organized! Toolkit" and it comes with free, lifetime updates.
Health, Exercise and Medical and on, and on, and on
4. Lifetime - “I’m Finally Organized! Toolkit” Facebook Support & Inspiration Group Community support is so important to success. So I'm including Lifetime access to our I'm Finally Organized! Toolkit Facebook Support Group. Share your successes, ask questions and get the community support you need.
5. “Ask Maria” Your Organizing Questions You’ll get Volume 1 of the “BEST” organizing questions put to Maria by her past customers, subscribers and fans. PLUS, you can submit your own organizing questions to Maria each month on her Ask Maria website submittal page. Maria reads them all then selects the 4 BEST to include in her newsletters, mini-editions and future publications.
6. Automatic Organizing (Repetitive Affirmations) Next is my powerful resource called Automatic Organizing. You'll listen to my voice affirm the new organizing ideas and Power Organizing Pillars that are vital to your organizing success. This is the missing link to getting permanently and automatically organized.
7. Find It Fast! Find anything in your home or office in 10 seconds or less. This is something new I've just added. I call it Find It Fast! . Can't remember where a particular video, book, game, or important document is? Go to Find it Fast! and you'll find it instantly. It's a huge time saver.
8. $25,000 Productivity Tool Next up is the $25,000 Productivity Tool. In my mind, this is one of the most effective productivity tools ever invented. It's reported that the creator, Ivy Lee, was paid $25,000 for creating this tool. It’s simple, easy to use and it works for everyone. When used properly, you will see an immediate and significant improvement in what you accomplish each day. Some people have doubled or tripled their productivity each day. I love this tool and I use it all the time.
$25,000 Productivity Tool!
All Available for Instant Download - In Your Hands in Minutes!
“Hands down - - - the BEST!” “Your organizing toolkit provides so many practical organizing solutions and so much more, that I feel it’s hands down -- the BEST! “Thank you for packing in so much great information at such a low price. I LOVE it!” Judith N. San Diego, CA
“FINALLY - I am getting organized!!! “I’ve tried so many times in the past and failed. But this time, I’m really getting organized. And it’a all because of your Finally Organized Toolkit!” “I can’t thank you enough.” Barbara W. Trenton, NJ
BONUS 1: What You Need to Know to Become Super Organized It's filled with EVEN MORE tips, shortcuts and secrets to become super organized.
BONUS 2: Hilarious vs. Smart Clutter Tips Organizing doesn't have to be boring. This is something I put together to make it fun and easy to overcome your clutter. Our customers love it.
BONUS 3: Our Get Organized Now! Reader Tips You would not believe how many wonderful tips I get each day from our loyal readers. Here are my favorites!
BONUS 4: 365 Words of Wisdom We all need daily motivation, and I've included some of the most inspiring words of wisdom to boost your spirits and keep you going.  
BONUS 5: 50 Super-Cool Ways to Organize Your Home and Your Life This bonus proves that getting organized idoesn’t have to be difficult, dull, or time consuming. It can be easy, fun, time saving, and downright super-cool.
Claim Your Toolkit TODAY and you’ll get all the BONUSES below for FREE! THAT’S $107 VALUE! (All Bonuses Available for Instant Download)
You’re Protected by My Risk-Free, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! If for any reason you feel my I’m Finally Organized! Toolkit isn’t for you, just send me an email within the next 60 days, and I’ll issue you an immediate, no questions asked, refund. You have absolutely NO Risk!
“Thank You, Maria. I’m loving it!” “I’ve been searching for an organizing resource that provides more than just tips. “Your toolkit gives me so much more. You’ve given me unlimited ideas for organizing everything. Thank you, Maria. I’m loving it!” Maryann G. Alisson, KS
“I cant believe how much I received! “I’ve been on your newsletter for many years and so I know how much information you give away for free. But, I still can’t believe how much I received in this package for such a low price. Bless you.” Susan T. Orlando, FL
Because one of the fastest ways to get the word out about a product, is by receiving lots of positive feedback from happy customers. By offering this special, low price we will get a lot more people experiencing our toolkit and we'll receive a lot more feedback -- in a short period of time. That's worth it to me. And after you try my Toolkit, I'd love to receive your feedback too.
Value of Everything Included in the “I’m Finally Organized! Toolkit”
But you won’t pay anywhere near that price!
Claim Your “I’m Finally Organized! Toolkit” Today And Keep EVERYTHING Even if You Request a Refund!
Regular Price $349 Today $37
Easy effective organizing tips for every room in your home Dozens of secrets for clearing the clutter and the chaos Good news--you don't have to toss everything to get organized! How to avoid getting overwhelmed with your To Do list Yes, you can be organized, even if you're a Pack Rat How to find hidden energy and motivation to get started on any project Creative and inventive storage ideas that you can apply immediately Short on storage space? Not a problem! Clean your house in half the time Conquer your laundry mountain and get back in control Snap up your routines and increase your productivity Never forget a birthday, event or appointment again Have a schedule and be spontaneous at the same time
With My I’m Finally Organized! Toolkit, You'll Discover...
Slay the raging, paper beast Organize your computer files and email with ease Get twice as much done in half the time Take the "Keep or Toss Test" to help you decide what's clutter and what's not How to reduce your junk mail, both offline and online, by sixty percent or more The secret to getting your whole family into the organizing game End morning madness and start each day on the right foot How your computer can help you be more productive How to reach your goals, the SMART way Get everywhere . . . on time! How to say no and not feel bad about it Achieve more of what you set out to do Make each shopping trip productive . . . and much more! Get over 2,000 Simple Organizing Systems to help you get permanently and automatically organized!
am I offering such a valuable resource for such a low price?
Get Everything TODAY for ONLY . . .
Get the Huge, I’m Finally Organized! Toolkit (Reg $349    Today ONLY $37)
Get the Huge, I’m Finally Organized! Toolkit (Reg $349    Today ONLY $37)
Maria Answers the Top Organzing Questions from Her Fans. Ask Maria Your Organizing Questions MARIA GRACIA VOL. 1 Get EVERYTHING Below TODAY for Just $37 Try it for 60 Days -- If it isn’t for you, simply send me an email and request a refund Maria Answers the Top Organzing Questions from Her Fans. Ask Maria Your Organizing Questions MARIA GRACIA VOL. 1
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Easy Organizer Get Organized Now! by Maria Gracia Easy Organizer $25,000 Productivity Tool!
Organize Your Home & Your Life -- the Fast and Easy Way! MARIA GRACIA
Now! Get the insider secrets to getting organized like the pros. I’ve made it easier than ever to get super-organized!
Im Finally
"Give me ten minutes of your time and I will show you how to quickly organize your home so it's the envy of your neighborhood…even if you don't have an ounce of organizing sense or you're on a very tight budget!”
T   O   O   L   K   I   T
All This Plus  $107 in Valuable Bonuses! Maria Answers the Top Organzing Questions from Her Fans. Ask Maria Your Organizing Questions MARIA GRACIA VOL. 1
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Sale Ends In . . .