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We love it when our visitors and customers tell us how we're doing! Here are just a few of the comments we've received from Get Organized Now!™ fans who love our web site. Over the last 2 or 3 years, with your newsletter you've helped me organized my life-- not just paperwork and email, but how I approach day-to-day stuff. I'm really focused on my life goals and aspirations now, and I'm truly happier and more relaxed. I've gone from being a procrastinating pack-rat who was chronically late with stuff stored all over to someone who has reduced my belongings to the essentials so I can move with two duffel bags in complete confidence and is organized enough to go on a weekend trip with a 5kg backpack and 20 minutes notice. How's that for the simple, carefree life! --Renee Boileau A few months ago while searching the web on how to become more organized, I came upon your website. I signed up on your weekly emails. They are so helpful. I am the type of person who has always been surrounded by clutter. As far back as I can remember. I actually think it's in the genes. LOL But I am at the point that I can't take it anymore. I know that I can't change in a day. I'm taking baby steps, thanks to your monthly checklist. Everyday I do the task and it feels great!! I work 50 hrs a week at my job so I have to make the time to do it. I'm hoping by this time next year I will be more organized and clutter free. Thank you for creating this website. I visit it every week. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! --Tracy, Epping, NH Just writing to say how much I love this site. It is heartwarming to know that I am not the only one with terribly overwhelming clutter. Thank you so much for all your advice and ideas. --Gwen in Tasmania, Australia --I love your website. It has lots of things to read, learn and apply to my daily needs. I do recommended this site to my family and friends. Adrina Mohd Ali I am so grateful to have found your web site. I have enjoyed the newsletters and am so inspired to get even more organized. I ordered your book and organizer last week and I am very anxious to receive them so that I can get started. --Fran Clark I just wanted to say thank you for having such a great site. All the information is so helpful, and I am learning to see that organization skills is 'holistic'. There is hope for me yet!! I could cry there is so much good information here, super links. I am starting to make some little changes. Thank you! --Sonia Bausinger --Is it okay to tell you that I LOVE your website?!! Can't thank you enough for creating it. I'm encouraged each time my newsletter comes. Thanks, thanks, thanks! Margaret Condra --I just wanted to say how much I love you!!! for being so useful and excellent! Angelcat Le Gallois Thank you so very much for having a website that has made my life so much more organized! I have used your tips and ideas and have turned my home from chaos to order and am getting so much more done, to say nothing of no longer being embarrassed when I have company! I am in the middle of a move from San Rafael, California to New Orleans, Louisiana and find that your tips are making this a lot smoother process than it wuold have been had I not found your wonderful site! Keep up the good work and thanks! --Patricia Reilly I was beginning to give up trying to get organized, when I saw your website mentioned in the Weighless magazine (which I read at the doctor's waiting rooms), and I am convinced that you will save my sanity. Thank you, thank you, thank you - people like me NEED people like you who know how to be organized! --Barbara Scholten Just wanted to let you know this is the best website I have come across in a long time! Thanks so much for all the wondeful info. Jan Lyon, Longview, TX AWESOME! There is no other way to describe your site. If I know I'm slacking off, all I have to do is get to your site. It keeps me straight and motivated. --Doris and Eric I love the site and visit it once every month or two. I am an instructor for a course called Information Management, a general technology management course for managers who are women. One of our chapters is about the Web/e-Commerce and what makes it an effective tool for business. Your website and email newsletters are wonderful examples that I use repeatedly. Keep up the good work. --Tracey Wright, Applied Innovation, Winnipeg, MB, Canada I just wanted to let you know that your monthly checklists on your Web site are very helpful. I am using this as a template to set my goals, both long term and short term. --Lakisha English I have been reading your Web site all afternoon and am anxiously waiting for my first newletter. The ones on the site that I have read I printed out for future reference, and instantly filed them, so I wouldn't lose them. Future reference means when I can pull myself away from your web site. It is great and extremely well presented and easy to access. Thank You! --Linda Labby, Ft. Worth,TX I just found your Web site and it is WONDERFUL! Now all I have to do is live your suggestions. Thank you for such simple yet profound advice. --S.Siefring I wanted to tell you how much your site means to me and let you know that I have hope for the first time that I will get everything 'truly' organized in my home and office. It has always been a nagging 'need' and a huge desire but never had a 'hope in heaven' as to how to do it. I do now thanks to your incredible tips and knowledge. --Charlotte Langlois I want to thank you for developing this website. While I am certainly not 'in shape' clutter wise, I am making progress slowly. While this may sound odd, (a friend recently joined Weight Watchers for the 'Support') your 'Support' aspect of your program is what draws people in. This is where I am feeling the true rewards of your system. Similar to the support of Weight Watchers, I truly need the 'Support of others who understand and we keep each other in line.' The decluttering, and maintaining what I have completed can be challenging, but it is SO rewarding. Then I move on and clear a little more and the 'clear path' is expanding. I currently have your Easy Organizer and am trying to convince two friends to purchase one too! Again, THANK YOU for this website and message board. --Jodi Arrowsmith You are doing a tremendous service to humanity through this site. You cannot imagine the benefit that millions are getting out of you. God bless you. Keep up the good work. --Joginder Singh, Indian Police Service (Retired) Former Director of the Cental Bureau of Investigation of India, New Delhi, India Just a word of thanks for your professional info on organizing. Not only are there a lot of practical tips and ideas, but I also get strengthened by reading that so many people are having problems decluttering their lives. As we say in Dutch: bedankt!!!!! --Wendelien Reiche, The Netherlands Your site is one of the very few that I look forward to, read from top to bottom. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your efforts to get so many of us out of chaos! --Susan Espersen I just found your website for the first time, and I'm very impressed! It's a fantastic place to visit, very nice. I subscribed to your Newsletter and Idea Pak. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been buried in paper! Now, with your help, maybe I can find my way out. --Jeanne Williams Thank you for such a great site! I was so excited to receive my first newsletter! --Pat Sheppard, Cary, NC You have a wonderful site, with the best tips and organizing information. In addition, your Give To Get Marketing site's articles and tips were an eye opener for me, so thanks for that, too. A very sincere and heartfelt THANKS for all you do! --Josephine Marino I've told you before and I'm sure I'll tell you again...I LOVE YOUR WEB SITE AND NEWSLETTER. I work all day everyday online and yours is one of the most useful, well-organized, easy to use, pleasant sites I run across. Keep up the TERRIFIC work! --Nan Hawthorne, eSight Careers NetworkT I just wanted to know that I have grown to love your site. Your site has given me fresh ideas for organizing my home that truly do work! --Mark and Beth Delgado I just love the tips and articles you have. I really can't say enough about this sight. I might actually be a new organized person by Christmas. Thank you so much! --Lisa, NY Wow! What wonderful tips and advice, and what a great newsletter. Thank you very much! I am so pleased that I found the Get Organized Now!™ Web site, and I will visit it frequently, purchase products that may be useful to me at this point in my life, and share any modest ideas or tips that I can. --Paul Seymour Your tips are a great tools for me to help me get my life organized. It will take time but constant reminders help a lot. --Rob Kessler I recently discovered your site and Wow!!! It's fantastic!! I must've spent about an hour looking and reading through it and was most impressed. --Bev Mclellan, South Africa I am a new organizer who's done her homework and is ready for work. In doing some extra prep work for a home office assignment coming up, the home office tips/info I compiled from your website will certainly give me the extra confidence I need. Thank you once again for a wonderfully informative, easy to follow site, and please, never go away. --Josie Marino I just wanted to say that this is one of the best and most informative Web sites I have ever come across! --Sue Horton I absolutely love this website! I can't stop reading it. I'm getting so many great tips from it. Kudos to you! Keep it coming! --Christine Falchetta This is just a quick thanks to let you know you have given me enough great ideas to get going in my quest for organization. I have read tips out of many magazines, but by having such an excellent resource at my fingertips I can print out any of the ideas and tips I find particularly useful and not tear up my magazines (or anyone else's!) Thank You! Keep the great ideas coming!!!! --Kathy Fiennes Just wanted to say that your Web site is attractive, interesting, and has been bookmarked. I look forward to checking out the store, and all the other goodies. Keep up the good work! --Ted S. Johnson I just wanted to tell you how much your site has helped me. I recommend it to everyone I know and send the address to all my e-mail groups. Thanks again for such a helpful site and great books. --Dorothy O'Neil, Farmdale, OH I wanted to send you a quick note telling you how much I like your site and to let you know I've referred your site to others. Many others in fact! I am in the direct marketing business and after finding your site, I e-mailed one of my upline about you. Later that same day, my upline had passed your site address onto everyone in our business e-mail loop--which I know is over 100, but how much more, I don't know. I was thrilled to see my e- mail being sent to others. Now we can all succeed! I have spent about an hour on your site today. There is so much I still want to read! I've printed out several of your articles and sent several pages to my e-mail box! You are a goldmine and I can't wait to apply all of the many things you've shared. Thank you so much for all that you give and share. Signed, a new visitor whose here to stay! --Pam Stewart, Canada I just wanted to say thank you for your Web site and for your newsletter! They have been more helpful than you'll ever know. It's also nice to know that I'm not the only one who is disorganized and trying all the time to get organized. Thank you for all the great info. --Tina Bozzi Just wanted to take a moment to send my praises for your Web site. It has a lot of practical ideas that I am slowly beginning to implement! --Maria Cordeiro I love your Web site! I used to be quite organized, but my career has taken over my life and my organizational skills went out the window. Your monthly checklists and other resources are a Godsend - keep up the great work! --Tracy M. Borgman, Public Health Technician I really enjoy your Web site and your newsletter. I love the monthly checklist! --Bobbi Jo Nichols Just a quick message to tell you I found your web site by accident. JUST LOVE IT, and had to drag myself back to work!!! Can't wait to find more 'organizing' info! Thank you, Thank you!! --Marion Edwards Nice site! Easy to navigate! --Debbie Price, Colorado Springs, CO Thank You. I truly appreciate your Web site and your book! --Gina Field, Vienna, VA I enjoy your site! --Amy DeVilbiss, Corpus Christi, TX Thanks for your Web site and your motivation! --Cynthia Hintze, Lexington, VA Thank you so very much. I love your site! --Marty Douglas, Brazoria, TX Thanks for having such a wonderful Web site! --Melissa Chillot, Roseto, PA I have referred your Web site and your book to all of my online friends! --Janice Duncan, Auburn, GA --Nice Web site. Inviting and interesting! Arnold Novick
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