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We love it when our visitors and customers tell us how we're doing! Here are just a few of the comments we've received from Get Organized Now!™ fans who love our weekly newsletter. There is nothing nicer than getting onto my emails first thing on a Monday morning to find your newsletter. It is a motivator for the week, and I find, rather than making huge New Year resolutions, each week I make a resolution for the week. I cannot believe how many of your suggestions have been put into place in my home - and THEY WORK! Thank you so much for sharing all your ideas with us! They really make a difference! Best wishes from Sunny South Africa! --Meryl Williamson, South Africa This is Abid Akhtar, a software Engineer working for Accenture in Chennai,India. It was great going through your site. I am a 24 year old gym freak and have always had problems managing my time, but now I have to say it after reading the articles am more Organized than ever. --Abid Akhtar I have been a reader of your newsletter for probably about seven years now. It was suggested to me by a Human Resources representative when I was looking for information on planning and organizing. I appreciate the practical tips and ideas, as well as the information and links to other companies you recommend on your site. --Bruce Sharick I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic weekly newsletter. I have been a devoted subscriber/follower/neat freak for over 3 years. I thoroughly enjoy reading my weekly email and checking your site for additional information when I do need it. I am thankful for the many motivational tips you provide and for the great bits of useful information and knowledge. --Milica Mili Kejzar, Wildwood, IL I just want you to know how much encouragement and affirmation I receive from your weekly list of organizational tips. One week it's a garage, next week it is clothes or desks. I teach music, so some organization is necessary just to do my job, but your hints and tips as well as your readers continue to be a source of guidance and hope. Thanks and please keep 'em comin'. --Arthur LaBrant Thanks you so much for the newsletter. I always look forward to reading it, and am always appreciative of the tips, ideas and suggestions. Just wanted to say so! --Heather Catoe Just a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed, and utilized, you newsletter tips. I have ordered your book for my sister and me to share. Thank you for a great website! --Aileen B. Boyle Thank you for the time and effort you have put into your newsleter. I have referred it to several friends. You have some excellant tips, and I have used many ideas in my life to get better organized. Please keep up the great work! --Laura VanBeurden As I read the newsletter today, I thought how much I enjoy it. Thank you for your site and newletters. Thank you for doing a service that enriches the lives of people and their families in the ripple effect. I want to encourage you to continue your good work and be blessed. --Lorna Thomas-Murray I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am that you are extending your newsletters to every week!!!!! I so look forward to each and every one and it seems a long time between them. this is great news. I really enjoy your information and have put much of it to good use.It will be awhile before I'm totally organized but I''ve come a long long way and can see a remarkable difference. Thanks so much for all of your expert tips and organizing advice. you are a God send! --Teri, Lakeland, FL I don't know how you keep coming up with such great ideas. Thank you for your constant encouragement and advice. I teach first grade in public school, and your articles have helped me so much...when I feel like I can never get all the papers organized, I "hear" you say, start with one paper at a time, but begin. Just this week, I have gone through two file boxes that I brought home, and when I got tired, I'd take a break...and just knowing that it was o.k. to do that gave me the courage to keep at it. I am seeing that I am not the only one in the world that has problems in this area, and that you are here to help me. Thank you. --Pat Royalty I have been receiving your newsletter for over a year, and I have ordered some of your products and your book, Finally Organized, Finally Free. You have helped me a great deal. Although I have a long way to go when it comes to being organized, I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the work you do in putting people on the right path. Your gift is being put to good use, and I wish for you great success and happiness. --Mary DeSalvo I think your newsletter is invaluable. I am constantly struggling to stay on top of paperwork, time, clutter, etc., and every time I receive your letter I find advice that is simple and do-able. Many thanks for your constant inspiration. --Vera Gadman I just wanted to say thank you for publishing such a great newsletter. I always look forward to receiving it and always find great tips and ideas. Keep up the great work, it is appreciated. --Lois Thompson I want you to know I enjoy your newsletter immensely. I look forward to it every month for your good ideas! I love being organized since it makes my life easier and more peaceful, but I always need new hints. Thanks! --Lura Boettcher I thank you for your newsletter. It provides me with something I desperately need: motivation. I look forward to receiving your letter, because I know it will give me that extra push to get going. My only regret is that it ONLY comes twice a month! I wish it could be each week! Thank you very much. I know there must be LOTS of work in doing such a project. God bless you! --Ginny Beasley I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much you have helped me with you newsletters you send out on getting organized. Your Web site is very helpful and thank you for all your many suggestions. --Rondi Akers, Mt. Pleasant, SC I wanted to say Have A Wonderful and Happy Holiday season. You do so much for us and we set back and take it all in. Here's hoping that this heartfelt, Thanks comes across to you. The wealth of information you share so unselfishly is awesome and I do appreciate all the items in the newsletter. Thanks for the grand job you do. --Tresia Kelly What a great newsletter! Your suggestions are fantastic! --Raymond Jones I have written to you in the past and just wanted you to know that I receive you news letter and I can't tell you how much I enjoy it. I am somewhat of an organized person already but still can't believe how much more I have learned from you. Thank You Again. --Diane Lyle Many thanks for your organizing information. It is very helpful as I am considering entering the field of professional organizing. The information on your Web site is very helpful as well. With gratitude, --Karen P. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your newletters and site. It has been very helpful in my life, I just wanted to let you know that. Thank you so much! --Mrs. Gregg Holt I am regularly receiving your Get Organized Now!™ newsletters. The contents are very useful and worth recommending to my friends. Your tips have helped me a lot in getting myself organized. --Bala Subramanian I love your newsletter and find it extremely valuable! --Julie E. Montague, Antioch, CA I really love your newsletter and get SO much out of it! It has made my life a lot more organized and simple! --Kim Kavanagh Colton, Data Reproductions Corporation Just a short e-mail to say how much I enjoy reading your articles. They really are very well written and always interesting. Keep up the good work! --David Luing I am the recipient of several newsletters, and your Get Organized Now!™ newsletter is by far the best I have seen. I look forward to receiving it and devour the contents twice-monthly. --Debra Williams, Thank you so very much! The Get Organized Now!™ site and newsletter have enhanced my administrative skills. I try to make it a point to apply the techniques you've written to my daily and weekly duties as well as my personal life. God Bless You. --Lynda L. Sweet, Radiography/Nuclear Medicine Programs I have been a fan of your site and have been receiving your newsletter since September of 2000. I print out the newsletter every time I get one for reference when I'm away from the computer and enjoy them where-ever I go. --Carol Tucker I just want to compliment you on your terrific newsletter and Web site. What you have done is a wonderful service to those of us out in the field working with people who need us. I enjoy being able to refer your site to my clients. It enhances the things I am trying to teach them. My favorite part of your newsletter is the tips section, but all of it is great. The guest articles are always timely, and the information is always up to date. I encourage my clients to subscribe to your 'courses,' and purchase some of your products. You are doing a wonderful job, and I applaud your efforts in enhancing our profession. Keep up the good work! Thanks for helping me --help my clients! --Marsha Sims, Sort-It-Out, Inc, Miami, FL Just a brief note to let you know how much I enjoyed your newsletter. It was the first one I had received and I am putting the BARE NAKED approach in action today. Keep up the good work! It is appreciated. --Elliott Black, Northbrook, IL I appreciate all the thought and creativity that has gone into your Web site. It is excellent! (and believe me I have seen many). I have subscribed to your newsletter which I found to be full of worthwhile tips and I look forward to receiving more in the future. Keep up the good work. You've helped me to believe that I too may be able to pursue a lifelong interest, organizing! --Debbie Borden, Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada I just love reading your newsletter! --Anita Gray, Columbia City, IN Thanks for your e-mail newsletter! I recently subscribed and really like receiving it, not only for the ideas you share, but also because the simple fact of its existence reminds me that I am not alone in my clutter challenges. Appreciatively yours! --Julie Marchasin Thank you for your newsletters. Keep up the great work! --Patrick Koelsch, Bayonne, NJ, Prudential I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this newsletter! Wow! It has really given me some good tips and with law school, a family and work I certainly needed them. --Myndee Reed I always enjoy your newsletters and have your book by my side. By the way, I am amazed and impressed with the time you take to help people on your discussion forum. I just wanted to thank you and compliment you for that. You’re making a real difference in people’s lives! --Diane Van Tassell, San Ramon, CA I’ve been reading your newsletters and the information on your Web site for quite some time now. It’s quite facinating and now I’m interested in learning how to start a professional organizing business. Thanks! --Monica Naegele, Morrison, CO Just wanted to say I enjoy your newsletter so much. You have such realistic, concrete information! --LaNita Filer-Jones, Houston, TX, LFJ Organizing Concepts Plus I really enjoy your newsletters, especially the one about what getting organized is all about - freeing yourself. How nice to read this, because that is the reality of it. Thanks for taking the time to print your newsletter and all that you do to help people who are not so inclined. --Mary Simms, Colonial Williamsburg, VA, Office Services I love getting your newsletter! Keep up the great work! --Pamela Sandall, Portland, OR, Image Consultant I really enjoy your newsletter, and all the wonderful tips! --Shawna Phoenix, Topeka, KS, Scrapnet I'm a new subscriber to the newsletter but so far I've found something quite useful in each of the ones I've gotten. I can't thank you enough. --Doris White, Vauxhall, NJ I love receiving your newsletter! It has so much more info than any other organizing newsletters I have seen! I have ordered your book Finally Organized, Finally Free and am in the process of reading it (love it so far!) Thanks so much and keep up the great work! --Gail Tucker, Scottsdale, AZ Love your great organizing tips. You are a lifesaver! Thanks for all the help you give to so many of us that need it! --Michelle Solko Very nice site! I have enjoyed reading your newsletters. They help me keep on track and remind me of my goal to organize and simplify in 2000! --Brandon Barchi Thanks for your help and ideas! --Mary Dominguez Thanks! I am just crazy about your newsletter and am working on allowing it to change my life for the better. I have made so many improvements over the past few weeks since subscribing! Thanks for all you do! --Nancy Zuiderveen --I love your suggestions. They are going to make things a lot easier for us! Thank You. Jimmy Davis
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