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We love it when our visitors and customers tell us how we're doing! Here are just a few of the comments we've received from Get Organized Now!™ fans about Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home. Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home has definitely changed my life. I absolutely had no idea where to begin! The task of decluttering was simply too overwhelming. Being a working mum and single parent, I was too busy and feeling frazzled all the time. Your books are so full of practical tips and ideas that they've become my absolute essential: I just review them to get what I need. Thank you! --Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina Finally a product that works. I've read so many books and articles on organization and use the Finally Organized Finally Free book as a reference weekly. You have a way of presenting the ideas in a simple, do-able, achievable way. Thank you for doing this. --Allison Rastree I just finished your book, Finally Organized Finally Free for the Home. My friends and family think I am a very organized person. I have always tried to be that way. It makes life so much easier. I must say, even though I do not have any organizational problems, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I am always anxious to read or hear about the advice from others. I have always tried to help others to be organized. I am telling people about the book, now that I have read it. Anyone who needs organizational help or just enjoys helping others, should purchase this book. Everything you would want to tell someone about organizing you can find in Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home. Thanks so much for such an enjoyable and informative book. --Linda Oliver Over the years I have bought numerous books on paper clutter and how to get organized, but I really like your style of writing and presentation in Finally Organized, Finally Free. It's simple, not overwhelming, and covers such a wide variety of topics. The helpful ideas and pictures add interest to the pages. AND, since I have the digital version, I feel more comfortable using a highlighter to mark certain points. --Debra Handsman, West Orange, NJ Finally Organized, Finally Free is an excellent resource! Thanks so much! Plus, your GON site really helps me. I just started a new job, and I have already been complimented on my organizational skills, thanks to Get Organized Now!™The GON forum is great for bouncing ideas back and forth and coming up with solutions to specific problems. Thanks again! Linda Dunnihoo, Mt Aukum CA Today I received Finally Organized, Finally Free and I am so excited! Although I have been reading your Web site the past week and implementing some of the organizational skills, there is so much in your book. I will take the book to work and share and implement and organize. I am a back office supervisor and was looking to cut as much time as possible by being extremely organized at work. I supervise six people and delegation is something I need to gain strength in. I know your book will help me and my team members be better organized. --Norma Cook I can't tell you enough how the organizational concepts in your book along with your tips and monthly checklists on your email newsletter have enhanced my life, both personally and with my home business. Thanks! --Jody Kirby, Advanced Sales Director-Pampered Chef I've just finished reading your book (the first time through). There are so many things that will help me stay on top of things, especially now as we're gearing up for another school year. My kids are 12 and 9, and I plan to share bits and pieces of your book with them so they can begin the good habit getting and staying organized. Thanks! --Barb Perry First off, I wanted to let you know that I love your site. I've been visiting for almost a year now. Your site has so much useful information. I also have bought your book 'Finally Organized, Finally Free' and it has helped me get organized at home and at work, therefore increasing my productivity. --Scott Harrison, Glassboro, NJ Your book has really inspired me to get organized. I've gotten rid of well over 20 bags of junk. Even my garage is starting to look great! --Carol J. Smith A very BIG thank you for your fabulous book. I have started working through it and it is stunning. Maria,you really have a wonderful gift and I want to compliment you on the way you have used it. This is the sort of book that needs to be widely circulated here in South Africa. --Roy Sumption, South Africa I got my order of your book and I am so excited. I really like the format of the book. There are so many hints. I have already started applying some of them and I am finding I have a master bedroom again. Congratulations on a terrific product! And thanks for all of your support! Diane Pickerill, Louisville, KY Your book which I got for my birthday has been a tremendous help. Thanks again! --Amanda Chesser, Abilene, TX I recently purchased your book, Finally Organized, Finally Free and am currently reading it so I can simplify and organize my personal and business space. It's wonderful to have access to all these great ideas! --Susan B. Hutches, New York, NY I love your book and it has inspired me to make some changes in my life that even my family has started to organize their lives! --Julia Fong, Unionville, Ontario, Canada My husband is most impressed at my getting things together around here, and my sisters were thrilled with their copies of Finally Organized, Finally Free that I gave them for Christmas. They are both ready to join the ranks of getting organized. My new year is already looking great. I can't tell you how incredibly happy I am to be starting out with achievable goals for both my home and career. Each day brings more accomplishments, order and stress-free living, and it's truly exhiliarating and contagious. You should know that your ideas and encouragement have gotten me and others off to such a great start! --Barbara Klitch, Austin, TX I cannot thank you enough for your book! I use it for inspiration and guidance as I try to organize my job, my home and my life bit by bit! I never knew getting organized could be such fun! And you know what? I think it is contagious! The other night my husband sat at the kitchen table, looking very thoughtful. When I asked him what he was thinking about he said: ‘I think we should move the safe into my study. That way, we can use the space under the stairs more efficiently!’ So Maria, once again, many thanks for the book! I'm really getting organized now and I'm sure your wonderful book will follow me into the new millennium! --Gunvor Andersson-Storck, Upsalla, Sweden I received my book yesterday and it will be my constant companion for the next millenium! Of course, I couldn't resist going through the whole thing, but now I'm starting at the beginning. Can't wait to Get Organized Now!™ --Mary Miller, Reisterstown, MD What a wonderful book! Although I think of myself as a very organized person, your book had excellent tips and formats that, even for an organized person, were at the very least reinforcing and supportive. I have already recommended it to several people. --Sonny DiGiralomo, Mays Landing, NJ I really like the way you started the reader out with soul-searching and self- evaluation surveys for time and space styles in your book, Finally Organized, Finally Free. Very well done, very personal and very effective! --Debbie Williams, Houston, TX, Professional Organizer My 9 year old daughter, has taken your new book (Finally Organized, Finally Free) away from me for a while. She is totally glued to it and wants to get her room and desk organized. She only has 1 more week before school starts, so it can be hers for 7 more days! Your book is so hard to put down! I love it! My daughter, Erika wanted my attention so bad, she kept asking what I was reading. So I showed her and she then took it and disappeared. --Valerie Rowlls, Lafayette, GA I love the book and hope you sell a million copies. The book is such a nice collection of people's names and ideas. It is a very special book, very specially done. Do you have an idea for your next book? I bet you do! --Susan Ramsay, Nashua, NH I wanted to let you know that we received your book on Saturday. It's well thought out, includes great topics, clearly written, very informative and clever!! Boy, there isn't a soul that would have any excuse to continue to be disorganized after reading it! --Barbara Knecht, Florida, NY I received your book last week and have been reading a little at a time. I appreciate your help and I am enjoying what I have read. I will be able to put a lot of your ideas to use in our household. Thank you so much. --Julia Erickson, Forest Grove, OR --Thank you Maria for your help. I'm glad I'm on my way to being organized. I’m enjoying Finally Organized, Finally Free. Can’t wait to implement the many features you’ve outlined! Cylinda Mathews, El Cajon, CA, Crochet Memories I mentioned to you in one of my initial notes that I've read other publications on organization. Your book, Finally Organized, Finally Free is the first; however, that I've encountered that, after reading, I said to myself, ‘Hey, I can do that.’ Many others I would laugh and say, ‘Yeah, right!’ The layout is simply exceptional. Yours is a COMPLETE guide to organizing! --JoAnne Horvath, Bowling Springs, PA Thanks so much for your book, Finally Organized, Finally Free. It’s wonderful! --Tammy Harrison, Austin, TX, Home Based Working Moms You have so many wonderful ideas in your book, Finally Organized, Finally Free. I love it! --Louise Block, Mequon, WI, Block Business Call Center Your book, Finally Organized, Finally Free, holds a special place on my coffee table! --Julia Knecht, Ormond Beach, FL I’m very organized, but your book has given me so many wonderful ideas that I haven’t even thought of! Thanks! --Jean Flanagan, Boulder City, NV Thinking of you with much gratitude. Every time I sit at my desk and am actually able to work at a clear space, I send you blessings. Thanks so much for your help, and your book! --Janice Campanelli, Watertown, WI I have been reading your new book, Finally Organized, Finally Free, over the past couple of days and am enjoying it thoroughly!! It has exceeded my expectations! You cover an incredible amount of material! --Vinny Guida, Hampton, GA I recently purchased Finally Organized, Finally Free and just received it. It is a fantastic book! I haven't been able to put it down! --Karen Sojka I love your Web site! I have looked at least 50 organizing Web site and yours is by far the best. I look forward to getting receiving a new e-mail newsletter, opening and reading it immediately when it comes. I have purchased your book, Finally Organized, Finally Free and loved it as well. I am probably going to get one for my parents, too. Thanks! --Celine Wilson I have to tell you all that I reviewed Maria's book Finally Organized, Finally Free for my ReviewZ newsletter. It was the BEST book I've read on organization. There were so many tips and tricks! I also like her Web site. The monthly lists keep me on target. --Amy Shellhase, Digital Woman I have your Finally Organized, Finally Free book and I love it. Thank you! --Gwen Lawing I just got your book Finally Organized, Finally Free and I was impressed. I went through each section and put stars by the ideas that I want to implement in my new house. --Martha Sheppard Dear Maria, I have your and your book, Finally Organized, Finally Free. They are great! One of the systems I love from your book is setting up a mail center in my office. I mail products to out-of-town clients and being ready had helped so much. I am with Mary Kay, and last week at our meeting, I was in charge of training the consultants. I chose for my topic organization, and when I told them about your tip about the training center, I wish you could have seen them! It was the favorite tip of the whole session-I gave you credit for it and gave out your Web site address, as well! --Sandy Guderyon Can’t tell you how excited I was when Finally Organized, Finally Free arrived--and such fast service! Wow! I just know this is going to be the solution to all my organizational problems. Thank you, Maria, for your book, and for providing such a valuable service with your Get Organized Now!™ Web site. --Jane E. Belcher, Ann Arbor, MI I have finished reading your book and can honestly say it's worth 3 times the price! I cannot tell you how many unclutter projects I've started in the past 10 years that never got finished. Since finding your site I've completed every single one and they are staying uncluttered. I finally feel freedom, and I have you to thank for it. I've recommended you to all my friends, and printed ‘The Clutter Saga’ from your discussion forum for my Uncle who is not online. He enjoyed it so much he shared it with everyone at his Seniors Apartment building and with his minister. Now half his building is working on their own clutter. It's amazing how just a little encouragement can go such a long way. I’m your newest raving fan! --Susan Orchard, Belleville, MI Thank you so much for your book Finally Organized, Finally Free. It’s great! I am learning a great deal, making plans, getting motivated. I've already put some ideas to work, and they work! Thank you again. --Carol Jansch Just wanted to let you know that I am still reading through the books I ordered from you. I am finding some very usable information in the ‘Finally Organized, Finally Free’ book. BTW, I really like the spiral makes for easier page management! Thanks for the encouragement! --Alison Grinnan, Luray, VA, Grincol Hollow Flutterby Farm I've been an avid reader of your Get Organized Now!™ Web site. I think it's an excellent site and I've learned a lot. I just ordered your book and organizer so I can continue in my efforts to get organized. Thanks! --June Lemen Maria, I have never been a very organized person, but since our son was born, our disorganization has gotten out of control. My mom bought your book, Finally Organized, Finally Free and lent it to me. Last night, my husband and I finished organizing our living room. What a feeling!! And what an appropriate name for your book! We really do finally feel free of clutter and mess! Things finally have places and my husband and I are proud that we did it ourselves. Now, I won't feel so embarrassed when people come to visit. We know it's just one room, but it's a first step to our whole house. Thank you so much! --Veronica Brewer
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