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Mid-Week Mini Edition

By Maria Gracia
October 11, 2017

  Today's Feature

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

I recently polled GON readers, asking, 'Do you believe in ghosts?' Here are the results:

44% Absolutely!
28% I'm kind of 'on the fence' about it.
28% No. No such thing.

So that's 72% of our readers who believe in ghosts, either a lot or a little.

One search on YouTube led me to a host of articles on this very subject. Some of the titles were:

Supernatural Cleaning Methods
8 Ways to Clear Spirits and Ghosts from Your Home
How to Get a Ghost out of Your House: 9 Steps
6 DIY Ways to Tell if Your House is Haunted
Cleansing Your Home of Ghosts: How to Set Boundaries with Spirits

So for those of you who need a bit of ghostbusting at home, there's plenty of information online to get you going.

For those of you who are ghost-free, maybe you can stir up your very own ghost, or two, with your child's or grandchild's costume this Halloween, made out of a simple, crisp, white sheet...hopefully not your most expensive ones!

Speaking of sheets, I thought all this talk about ghosts would be a good lead-in for cleaning sheets...and the mistakes a lot of folks make when doing so:

Mistake One: Waiting way too long between cleanings. I change the sheets on the beds in my house once every week. On occasion, I've let it go for two weeks, but never more than that. Ghosts may frighten some people, but you know what scares me? The germs, sweat, and body oils accumulating on sheets in between washes!

Mistake Two: Stuffing too many sheets in your washing machine. I know, I know. It may seem easier to just stuff every family members sheets in the machine to get it done quickly. But when you do, the sheets aren't going to circulate enough to get clean. Plus, too many sheets in the wash could wrap around the agitator and either throw your machine off balance or tear the sheets.

Mistake Three: Washing sheets with towels. Doing so may result in your sheets coming out with lint balls attached to them. In addition, towels create friction which is going to end up ruining your sheets. Wash them separately.

Mistake Four: Leaving your sheets in the washer/dryer long after the cycle is done. Sheets actually begin getting wrinkled when you leave them in the washer because the spin cycle draws the fabric of the sheets against the basin wall. Leaving them in there too long 'sets' the wrinkles. Leave sheets, or any fabric in the dryer, and the wrinkles will get even worse. When you're washing sheets, remove them from the washer as soon as the cycle completes and shake them out. Then, put them in the dryer. When the dryer cycle is finished, put them back on your bed while they're still warm, or fold them neatly and store them for next time.

Mistake Five: Washing on the hottest setting. We've been told for years to always wash our sheets on the hottest wash setting possible. Not so! Even the New York Times has confirmed that today's detergents work perfectly well in cooler water. My advice: wash sheets on the 'warm' setting, and dry them on the warm setting as well, unless the washing instructions on your bedding suggest otherwise. You'll help prevent those sheets from shrinking, and you'll save on your energy costs.

Finally, here is some cuteness to share with your family and friends...

Who do you call when the graveyard needs a spring clean?
Ghost Dusters.

What do you call a ghost who scares chickens?
A poultry-geist.

How do spirits keep fit?
They exorcise.

Ghost floats into a bar.
The barman says, 'We don't serve spirits.'

P.S. Speaking of ghosts and scary things, procrastinating can be its very own evil. Do you often wait until the last minute, procrastinating on many tasks you have to accomplish? Maybe you put things off because you don't want to do them, OR you feel too overwhelmed, OR maybe the project is soooo big that it can't be finished all at why even start it? If you can never seem to start a task, then check this out:

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  Ask Maria

How Can I Eliminate Cobwebs?

A GON Reader Asks

Maria, Do you have any advice for getting rid of cobwebs? First off, I always seem to have one or more in my house that I'm walking into...yuck! Second, some are in high places and I don't always want to be standing on a ladder.

--Mary, Oshkosh, WI

Maria Gracia Responds

Hi Mary, Walking into cobwebs, the leftover remnants of no-longer-being-used spider webs, is no fun. Here are a few tips to get rid of them:

1) The first thing I usually do is grab my vacuum cleaner and use the hose attachment to remove it.

2) For high areas your vacuum won't reach, grab a broom and gently lift the cobweb off, which is more effective than attempting to sweep it.

3) A lint roller is an excellent tool for picking up spider webs as well.

4) If the web is in a small crevice, try using a toothpick or small paintbrush to get at it.

5) For cobwebs in high places, use a rubber band to secure an old sock to the end of a yard stick or ruler. If the cobweb is even higher, use a ceiling duster or telescoping pole with an old sock wrapped around it. No ladder required.

By the way, I wanted to mention a few thoughts on how you can avoid spiders in your house in the first place:

1) Vacuum frequently. It helps you remove not only those visible cobwebs, but also wipes out spider eggs and nymphs.

2) Seal cracks and windows, and be sure screens are in good repair.

3) Get rid of clutter. A pile of clutter is a spider's vacation home.

4) Turn off outdoor porch lights. Insects are attracted to light, spiders are attracted to insects, and porch lights that are always lit invite insects and spiders into your home.

5) If spiders are a huge problem, and you've done everything you could to prevent them, you may need to call in a professional exterminator.


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  In Closing

During the day, I don't believe in ghosts. At night, I am a little more open minded.

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Maria Gracia
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