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Get Organized Now! NEWSLETTER
By Maria Gracia
September 9, 2017

  Today's Feature

My 7 Inspirational Discoveries in the Past Week

Life gets really busy sometimes, especially this time of year for many folks. I find the back-to-school season is one of my most productive, busiest times of the much so that I have to remind myself to slow down so work doesn't take over every moment. That's why, I give myself time to read, check my Facebook feed, talk to people, do something I enjoy (like getting out in the garden), and otherwise seek inspiration in every day...even if I have tons of work that needs to be accomplished. After all, we should be 'working to live' and not 'living to work.' Here are my seven inspirational each day, for the past seven days.

1) Wear it proud. My friend, Sandy, posted this message on Facebook the other day, 'Why am I wearing a dress today and not jeans? This is why: 1. I love dresses, 2. I own a number of dresses, 3. I feel good in dresses, 4. They are comfortable and cool, and 5. Dresses are part of who I am!' I loved this post because it a) reminds us that it doesn't always have to be a fancy occasion to dress up...any day could be worthy of that, and b) it's a good reminder that if we have something hanging in the closet, it's only useful to us if we're wearing it. (Here's a photo of Sandy.)

2. Helping hearts among the rubble. A business colleague of mine, David Frey, his wife, and a whole crew of people from his church, have volunteered to help 'muck' out homes in Houston that were flooded from Hurricane Harvey. They've been there since August 30th, and are working hard to help others who have lost so much. I've seen tons of photos and videos of the process, and I can't begin to tell you what an amazing difference they're making in the lives of the folks they're helping. (Here's a photo of David and his wife.)

3. Words of wisdom. Nearly every time I'm reading a book, I find some solid advice, either giving me a new idea or confirming something I believe already. This excerpt is from the book, The Admissions. 'Betsy fell off a sled and sprained her ankle. And she was out of school for weeks. Weeks! Just healing her ankle, limping around her house, writing her little stories on the old trunk. Nobody said, Betsy, you're going to miss so much. Nobody said, Betsy, you'll never get into college now. Nobody said, Betsy! Your after school activities! Your reading tutor! Your dance class! They left her alone and she rested her ankle, and she got better, and life went on. And they all ate cake.' This is truly profound. It reminds us of easier, gentler, less demanding times...and encourages us to slow down now and then, even in today's go-go-go world.

4. It begins with a small seed... The garden at my daughter's school...started small in 2014 and is now 7,000 square feet with more expansions planned. So far, more than 1,200 sixth and seventh graders have been volunteering...planting, growing, and harvesting food, offering outreach to area schools and communities, teaching sustainable agriculture and land use, and highlighting alternative gardening techniques. Doing so promotes a greener, emotionally, physically, and economically healthy community...and it's there for everyone to enjoy every day of the year.

5. One piece at a time. I was at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, WI last weekend, where large replicas of American landmarks, made entirely of Lego bricks and pieces, are on display...courtesy of the Lego Americana Roadshow. Each structure was more impressive than the next. And they all began with one tiny Lego piece, reminding us that great things can be built when taken one step at a time. It also confirms what a team of folks working together can accomplish.

6. Overcoming extremely difficult challenges. I'm catching up on DVRd episodes of America's Got Talent this week. The talent, by the way, is inspiration in many incredible acts. During the episode I watched last night, I was so touched, however, by the back stories. One young lady, Kechi, only one of two people who survived a plane crash that claimed 107 lives, has burns all over her body and has been through 100 surgeries. Yet, she has found the strength to sing her heart out on stage. Nine-year-old Angelica Hale, who had to undergo a devastating illness and kidney transplant at the age of 4, after being put on life support, also had a voice like an angel. At one point she said, 'My mommy is my hero.' Her mother donated one of her kidneys to Angela. Beautiful. And these are only two examples...story after story...of folks giving their all, against all odds.

7. The small stuff can make a big difference. I left my house the other day to run an errand. It was quite chilly out and raining. I reluctantly grabbed my sweatshirt and said to myself, 'Oh no...summer is over. Ugh.' The thought of winter crossed my mind, and it kind of put a damper on the start of my day, because, well, let's just say I'm not a fan of cold, icy weather. While I was out, a friend of mine texted and asked if I was home. I told her I'd be home in 15 minutes. When I pulled into the driveway, she was waiting with a hot cup of Pumpkin Latte for me. What a sweet thought...and suddenly, the whole day was warm and sweet!

What inspiration will you find this week? I would love to hear your stories!

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  TO DO This Week

Week Beginning September 9

1. Start a one-thought-a-day journal. Many folks want to journal, but find the thought intimidating. They might say, 'Who has time for that?!' Well, everyone...if you only commit to writing one thought a day. This thought can be something your child or grandchild said to you that made you smile, something you're thankful for, an inspiring passage you read, or a song you enjoyed on the radio. It gets easier each time you write something...and you'll have tons of memories to enjoy on a day you set aside for quiet reflection.

2. Find a few purses you never use. Then donate them.

3. Organize your sock/hosiery/underwear drawers. These clothing items are just as important as any other. Get rid of any that are torn, ripped, or don't fit. Sort by type and color, and place neatly back in your drawer. Add a sachet if you wish for a lovely scent...I like lavender.

4. Week out 15 file folders. Choose 15 file folders. Go through each of them, recycling anything you no longer need. If you no longer need 'anything' in the file folder, place a new label over the old, so you can reuse it for another category in the future.

5. Pens, pencils, markers, hi-lighters oh my! While watching TV or chatting on the phone with a friend, test your pen/marker/hi-lighter collection to determine which are still good...and those that can be pitched. Get rid of any that no longer work. If you have a ridiculous amount, donate or trash your surplus. Sharpen all dull pencils. Place your keepers in a desk organizer, pencil case, or somewhere where they'll be contained and available when you need one.

  In Closing

In the midst of a busy life, don't forget to live.

--Marty Rubin

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