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Get Organized Now!
Mid-Week Mini Edition

By Maria Gracia
September 6, 2017

  Today's Feature

What's Your Optimum Noise Level When Working on Paperwork?

When you need to work on a focused 'paperwork' task, do you prefer sound or silence? I recently asked this question in a web poll on my web site. Here's how GON readers responded...

39% It has to be perfectly quiet. I don't want to hear a pin drop

31% Light music playing in the background is my preference

24% Light background activity, like the sound of kids playing outside, works for me

3% I work best with energetic music on

3% I need lots of activity around me, like in a coffee shop

There have been studies conducted which have resulted in researchers discovering that the sounds of a city (traffic and such), people chatting with each other, and even light background music can actually lead to a decrease in productivity and performance for most people...even though it may be perceived that the background noise is helping.

A lab in Glasgow conducted research on whether noise affects cognitive performance. Participants were exposed to different types of noise ranging from everyday sounds, light background noise, high-energy music, calm music, etc.

EVERYONE (100%) did worse when there was any kind of noise in the background compared to when they performed those tasks in silence. I can see that. For important paperwork projects, I prefer silence which allows me to really zone in on that work without chance of distraction.

By the way, every time you're interrupted and have to stop what you're doing, refocus, and start again, that equals diminished productivity.

This all being said, I believe that:

1) Not all paperwork projects are worthy of complete silence. For instance, I'll sometimes put light background music on if I'm working on 'light' paperwork, like filling in a basic form or writing out Christmas cards. For these types of projects, even if it takes me a little longer to do, it's OK, because you don't have to necessarily get everything done in record speed. In fact, sometimes it's relaxing to take a few minutes longer to do something because it gives your mind a rest.

2) As noise levels increase, focus and productivity is going to go down. I feel I can drown out most light background noise, sometimes not even realizing there is any background noise...IF that noise is not too loud. For instance, I used to work in an office with cubicles. Most of the time, working in this environment was fine. But sometimes, if someone sitting nearby was on their phone, and I was just hearing 'parts' of the conversation (talking...pause...talking...pause) or if someone had a visitor at their cubicle, it could get pretty distracting. At these points, if I was working on something important, I opted to do that project at a quieter time...or in a closed conference room.

In summary, be cognizant of any noise thats causing you to have to constantly stop and restart whatever you're working on. Move to a quieter environment, or wear earplugs, if you have to work on important paperwork, but you can't 'turn off' the sound around you. Finally, know that whatever paperwork project you're working on, the more important/detailed the project is, the quieter it should be.

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  Reader Tip

Storing Small Items

Hi Maria, Regarding storing nuts, screws, and other small items, my dad was a builder and in the basement of our home he had a workbench with a shelf overhead. He nailed or screwed mason jar lids to the underside of the shelf. He then filled jars with nuts, screws, and such...and screwed the jar to the attached lid.

It frees up a lot of space and is easily visible at eye level. If there is no room in the basement, add a shelf in the garage, instead, to accommodate jars.

Keep your great tips coming.

--Karen Chapman, Wellington, Ontario, Canada

P.S. From Maria Gracia: Great idea, Karen! This idea also works for any type of small item, like small office supplies (push pins, paper clips, binder clips) OR crafting supplies, like beads, small pom poms, googly eyes, or brads.

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  In Closing

Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.

Frank Ocean

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