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Get Organized Now! NEWSLETTER
By Maria Gracia
July 22, 2017

  Today's Feature

Ordinary to Extraordinary...Just Change Your Tune

When I got in my car yesterday, I turned on the radio and did something I rarely do at that time in the morning. I decided to take a deviation from the radio station I normally listen to and chose the classical music option instead. A beautiful, bold, robust song was playing, and I decided to listen to it. I then began driving. Song after song struck me as so satisfying. I realized what a pleasant change of pace it was to drive and listen to something different. It made the lovely surroundings look even better, somehow. It was a good experience.

Most of us have 'typical' days. We wake up, shower, dress, go to work, go home, eat, do some chores, go to sleep, and repeat. Of course, that's simplified, but the majority of us aren't waking up to something like zip-lining, an African safari, breakfast with the Queen of England, or something else that might be deemed extraordinary by many.

Yes, sometimes we go on vacation, attend a wedding, or go to a town festival...and experience new adventures during those days.

How often is it, though, that we take our everyday routines, and turn them into unique, fun experiences? I feel we don't have to wait for vacation adventures, parties, and such to kick-it-up-a-notch. We can make decisions every day that turn typical moments into something special.

Here are a few more thoughts that come to mind:

1. Call up your senses.... taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing. I drove my daughter to swim practice last night, and rather than taking the faster highway drive home, I ventured on a new country road. I also turned off the radio...and the air conditioner (and opened the windows.) I had her take off her headphones so she could share the experience with me...the smell of the countryside being showered with light rain, the sight of the sunset upon the cornfields that seemed to be growing for miles ahead of us...the feel of the curvy roads...and the sounds of the birds and crickets. As we came around one bend, a section of a rainbow appeared before us and my daughter said, 'Wow...that's beautiful.' It was the whole experience. That 40-minute ride home was the perfect end to a long day...even though it took 10 minutes longer than it had to, and even though it was just a drive home from swim practice.

2. Do something different. Add in a finale. I teach Aqua Zumba twice a week. Most of the time, my attendees dance individually. Tonight, I taught two dances that got everyone holding hands in the pool and dancing in tandum. It really brought the group together, generated lots of smiles and laughter, and got people moving in a new way...working different muscles and requiring a bit more thought. I did that dance towards the end of the evening...sort of an Aqua Zumba finale. As folks were exiting the pool, they were so happy and pleased with the evening...which made the day end great for them, and for me. What can you do that's a little different today? What thing can you do at the end of your day to make it just a little more fun and exciting?

3. Give something else a chance. Routines are great and I'm not knocking them. After all, they help us get through our days and TO DO lists in an efficient manner. But if our routines begin to get boring, there are ways we can break-up the 'same old-same old' without it affecting our efficiency. For instance, if you drink plain coffee every single day and eat two eggs with toast while sitting at your kitchen table, maybe it's time to do the having a cup of chai tea with a scone outside on your porch? How about trying a new hair style next time you visit the salon? Maybe wear something in a color you don't normally wear? The only way to determine if you enjoy something else, is to do something else now and then. Will you like everything? No. But there is no opportunity for new adventures if you're always locked in a comfort zone.

4. Think small. Yes, it's great to go on an all-out adventure once in awhile in your life, but fun experiences can be little things that make just enough of a difference to make those ordinary moments of time more significant, meaningful, and enjoyable. Raining outside? Instead of staying in, grab your umbrella and venture out onto your front porch and savor it. Plain popcorn? Kick it up with lime juice, melted butter, and sriracha sauce now and then. Always start every day with listening to the news station? Opt for reading a chapter of your favorite novel for a change of pace.

5. 'Plus' your moments. It's very easy to go about our day, not really thinking about what we're doing...accomplishing our tasks in a very robotic manner. Being mindful is really in style these days...and when you master it, you can train yourself to not only relish the moment at hand, but you now also have the opportunity to add a cherry on top, so to speak. For instance, you may wake up to a gorgeous day. You could just relax on the lawn chair in your yard OR you might 'plus' that opportunity, like inviting a good friend over to enjoy it with you, or driving to a quiet park with a view and enjoying it there, or grabbing your favorite sun hat, novel, and homemade lemonade before sitting down. One beautiful day...three different experiences to plus it.

In closing, I'd like to quote Orison Swett Marden (who founded Success Magazine in 1897). He said, 'Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great.' I did this yesterday, just by switching radio stations. Hope you have many extraordinary moments ahead.

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  TO DO This Week

Week Beginning July 22nd

1. Watch a sunrise, a sunset, or both. Search for exact sunrise and sunset times in your area, and make it a point to be outside to enjoy either or both this week.

2. Label some cords/chargers. Many homes have piles of unidentified cords and chargers. Gather yours. Figure out what appliance or electronic device they're for. Label then using cord labels. In addition, if you want to distinguish one person's cords/chargers from another person's, you can do so with Washi tape. Chevron pattern belongs to Sue, Dots belong to Jack, etc.

3. Scrub the kitchen floor. If it hasn't been done in awhile, get it done this week.

4. Launder two pillows. As long as you use Down or Fiberfill pillows, you can actually wash them in the washing machine, two at a time. If your pillow has a care label, follow those directions. I place the pillows in the washer vertically, with nothing else in the washer, using the gentle cycle and warm water with my regular detergent. I also set my washer for the 'extra' rinse and spin cycle, which I recommend if you have these options. I then toss them in the dryer and tumble dry them on low heat, with two clean tennis balls to keep them fluffed. Important: You cannot do this with foam pillows. Read the care instructions as you 'may' be able to hand wash those.

5. Dust something you don't get to often. Whether it's the top of the refrigerator, a high shelf, or a light fixture, get it dusted this week.

  In Closing

Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE.

--Joss Whedon

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Maria Gracia
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