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Get Organized Now!
Mid-Week Mini Edition

By Maria Gracia
July 12, 2017

  Today's Feature

If Everything is Top Priority, Then Nothing Is

'But ALL of my TO DOs are top priority!' As I was consulting with a client this week on time management and we were looking at his 6-pages-long list of TO DOs, all scribbled on a yellow legal pad, that's what he emphatically conveyed to me when I asked him what his top priorities were.

My response to that, 'How is that working for you?'

He replied, 'Well, not good. I'm not getting anything done.'

Exactly. Because when you consider every TO DO on your list a top priority, than nothing is actually holding that high-honor.

So, how do you determine what's most important to handle first, second, third, and thereafter?

If you search online, you'll find different trains of thought on this subject.

One approach is tackling the biggest tasks first and getting them out of the way. The idea behind this is that by dealing with those first, you remove the anxiety that is stopping you from getting anything else done.

Another approach involves just the opposite...first handling the tasks you can complete fast and with hardly any effort. The idea is that by getting rid of the small tasks, you'll have less to worry about when you're working on the big tasks.

One problem with approach number one is most people get bogged down in big tasks, so much so that everything else gets neglected. One problem with approach number two is that there are always going to be a million more little tasks to add to the list...and if you're only working on the little stuff, the big stuff is never getting handled.

Here are my thoughts...

1. Don't work off the looonnngggg list. To most folks, long lists are overwhelming.

2. Focus. Grab a blank, lined sheet of paper and a pen. Write the letters:

3. Extract 4 tasks from that list. Sometimes these will be obvious tasks, like one that will get you fired from work if you don't complete it, or one that will result in a late charge if you don't pay it. If you can't choose based on an imperative nature of getting it done, then choose on the impact that task will have on your life AND the timing. For instance, changing the sheets on the bed can usually wait a few days without much repercussion, while waiting to have a sore tooth examined may be much worse if you delay making and going to a dental appointment. No more than 4 tasks at a time! I usually choose one imperative task, two important tasks, and one less important task.

4. Work on those 4 until they're done. Do not do anything else. Only work on those tasks and finish them one by one.

5. When you're done, repeat. Grab a blank paper, focus and write down your four letters, extract 4 tasks, work on them until they're done.

One other important thing to note here is, if a task on your list is BIG and you're having trouble getting it done, it's probably not a task, but rather a 'project.' For instance, a single TO DO listed as 'research trees for landscaping' can be broken down into a series of smaller steps, like calling a local landscaper, surfing the Internet, checking with neighbors, and so on. Be very careful about this. A task and a project are two different things. You should only have individual tasks on your TO DO list. Some of those could be 'pieces of projects.'

To summarize, if everything is top priority, then nothing is top priority. The only way to be productive is to zone in, be discerning with your tasks, work on those tasks to completion, and then repeat the process.

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GON readers responded...

37%...Nearby Table, Desk, or Counter
5%....In a cell phone holder at home and/or the office
3%....Wherever it lands...that's why I can never find it!
1%....Fanny Pack or Holster
1%....Inside My Bra
1%....There is no time when I'm not using my phone. I even sleep with it!

  Reader Tip

Ease the 'Expense' Pain of Eating Out a Bit

Except for vacation or grabbing a fast food sandwich, my husband and I rarely eat out at a restaurant. Although I enjoy it, I am well-aware of the expense.

So, I decided to occasionally purchase a restaurant gift card to a restaurant we like or wish to try. When we do want to eat out, it's already paid for. If I purchase the gift card at the grocery store, I can also get gasoline points.

I don't have to worry about looking at the prices when we have the gift card. I can really enjoy my meal.

--Mary Ellen Marcus

I am retiring in a month from 25 years as a data processing school secretary, although I will need to get a part time job in the 'private sector' since I need a few more social security credits.

We're, once again, accepting Reader Tips and Ask Maria Questions for publication in this mini edition and our newsletter. Just reply and share with us!

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  In Closing

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. --Buddha

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