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Get Organized Now! NEWSLETTER
By Maria Gracia
July 1, 2017

  Today's Feature

25 Poolside Projects

Ah, summer. The time of year when I just want to be outside, either relaxing on a lounge chair on my deck or hanging out at the town pool. But that's not very productive, right?

Actually, it could be.

These TO DOs will help ensure you can enjoy yourself AND get those tasks crossed off your list at the same time.

1. Delete old, out of date, or no longer needed or wanted emails or voicemail messages.

2. Listen to any neglected voice mail messages. Return those calls, as long as you're not disturbing anyone around you trying to relax.

3. Call your service providers (cell phone, home phone, TV, and Internet) to see if your costs can be lowered.

4. Call and book any over-due appointments such as the eye doctor, dentist, family doctor, or spa treatments. Remember to book your kids' back-to-school visits. Make sure you write down the dates and times.

5. Book hotel or flights for last-minute summer vacation plans.

6. Look up and make plans to attend local events that you are interested in participating in for a stay-cation.

7. Delete any old, duplicate, or blurry photos or videos on your cell phone or laptop.

8. Start your Christmas shopping early by looking for any great online deals to save you time and money.

9. Take the time to catch up on social media or start reading a great new blog.

10. Delete no longer used phone apps.

11. Read an e-book or listen to an audiobook. Check out your local library for many choices. Alternately, catch up on your business reading.

12. Give yourself or someone else a manicure or pedicure. Try a bright color for summertime.

13. Write in a journal. This might include starting a gratitude journal, writing blog posts, updating a diary, or sketching out solutions to a challenge in your life.

14. Learn something new. Try needlepoint, drawing, or information on how to perfect your golf swing.

15. Write a hand-written letter to a friend or family member.

16. Visit with friends or family at the pool. Haven't gotten your exercise in today? Get one of them to swim laps with you.

17. Head to the pool or backyard with your spouse and discuss your long-term goals, a home business project, or plans for your kids who may be going into college soon.

18. Meet with a business person at the pool...or in a park. I just met with my Mary Kay rep at the pool. We sat at a table shaded with one of those big umbrellas...and I was able to check out all of her fun new products.

19. Create a detailed TO DO and/or supply list for what you would like to accomplish this month. Does your house need to be painted? What about paving your driveway or building a fence? How about cleaning out the garage? What supplies will you need to successfully complete these tasks?

20. Clean out and organize the contents of your wallet or purse. How much is truly necessary to carry with you daily?

21. Create a weekly grocery list by shopping your local ads and plan a week's worth of meals.

22. Write out any needed checks, and make sure your check book is up to date.

23. Contact a lawyer about updating your will and other important documents.

24. Create a household budget to help you manage your finances. Are there any costs you can reduce?

25. Update your contacts on your phone.

One thing I'd like to mention, just as a precautionary note, if you're responsible for young kids at the pool or another outside venue, your TO DOs can wait since your attention will need to be focused on those kids. Spending quality time with your children/grandchildren, and being sure they are safe, is an important TO DO in itself.

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  TO DO This Week

Week Beginning July 1st

1. Clean out old condiments. If it has been ages since you used that jar of ranch dressing or fancy mustard in the fridge, get rid of it. Just because something you buy seems great when you originally buy it, doesn't necessarily mean it's going to entice your taste buds months later.

2. Inspect caulking and weather stripping. Not the most exciting TO DO, but it still needs to be done...and summer is a great time to rectify any issues.

3. Paint something. Perhaps paint a room, a fence, or the shed.

4. Say goodbye to 5 books. Most folks have at least 5 books they will never read again. Donate them to a used book store, bring them to a charitable organization, try selling them online, give them to a friend, or recycle them if nobody in the world seems to want them.

5. Give your tootsies some love. Give yourself a foot soak, use a pumice stone to gently remove dry, flaky skin, apply moisturizing lotion, and put on a pair of socks to allow that lotion to soften your feet.

  In Closing

If people are doubting how far you'll go, go so far that you can't hear them anymore.

--Michele Ruiz

(Thank you, Steven G. Nethery, for submitting this week's awesome inspirational quote!)

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Maria Gracia
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