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By Maria Gracia
June 5, 2019

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  Ask Maria

I Hate Throwing Food Away, But Forget About Leftovers

A GON Reader Asks:

Hello Maria,

I really need help with my refrigerator. I hate, hate, hate throwing food away and I always plan on eating leftovers, but I always forget they are in the refrigerator. Any suggestions on how to remember? Thanks!

This fabulous GON reader 'Ask Maria' question was submitted by:

Marinell Madden-Crippen

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Maria Gracia responds:

Hi Marinell,

Thank you for your question and yes, I have a few ideas for you that work very well for my family and, hopefully, will work for yours as well:

1) Have a meal-plan for the week. Grab a sheet of paper and make a grid:

Label 1) Breakfast, 2) Lunch, and 3) Dinner

Label 1) Mon, 2) Tue, 3) Wed, 4) Thu, 5) Fri, 6) Sat, and 7) Sun

You now have a place to indicate what you're eating for each meal. For instance, in the box for Dinner on Monday, you might indicate 'Meatloaf,' in the box for Dinner on Tuesday, you might indicate 'Pasta,' and in the box for dinner on Friday, you might indicate, 'Meatloaf LEFTOVERS.'

By actually designating a day that you'll be eating those leftovers, whether they're used for another dinner or a lunch, you won't forget about them.

2) Don't overstuff your refrigerator. When it's stuffed to the max, it's nearly impossible to find what you need, and leftovers are often pushed to the back and go bad before they're used up.

3) Keep all leftovers stored in one area of the refrigerator. I always keep leftovers on the third shelf down in my fridge, and try to store them all to one side whenever possible. They're easier to find and use up this way.

4) Don't go grocery shopping until the refrigerator is nearly empty. This is another good way to use up those forces you to eat everything prior to shopping.

5) Store leftovers in the same type and color of containers whenever possible. I use glass Pyrex (all blue lids) and Gladware (all green lids) to store leftovers...all the same containers with the same lids. We can see our leftovers easily by the color of the container and lid.

6) Cook for one meal. For any GON reader who is not good about eating leftovers because they don't particularly like to eat leftovers, be careful about the portions you're cooking in the first place. In this case, make just enough for one meal and there won't be any leftovers to be concerned about.

Hope these tips help!


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  In Closing

'At the end of the week, my husband and I do a leftovers dinner, where we have to use whatever's in the fridge. It's sort of a game.'
--Lake Bell

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Maria Gracia
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