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By Maria Gracia
May 18, 2020

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  Feature Article

Bad Habits While Sheltering at Home

Some of us are slowly starting to get back out into the world again, attempting to resume our lives outside of our homes. Just as we had to adjust to hunkering down and staying home, we may now have to adjust to getting back out again. And we may have fallen into a few bad habits during our hibernation. Do any of these sound familiar?

Not taking care of ourselves. My friend Lori confided she took a break from her usual skincare routine, skipping exfoliation and some moisturizing. Then, one morning, she noticed how dull her skin looked. Karen let her hands and feet go, thinking it would not be that long before she could go back to the salon and get her nails done. She also caught herself biting her nails when she felt stressed, something regular manicures had helped her conquer. Amy used her curling iron every day until she noticed how dry the ends of her hair were getting. All three women realized they needed to take care of themselves instead of relying on salons.

Not getting exercise. The gyms have been closed, we missed our classes and our gym friends. Some of us found other ways to exercise, some did not. For many people, exercise became hit or miss, diminished, or not done at all. Now we need to get back to working out. Some gyms are reopening right now...many are not. If your gym is reopening with safe social distancing and other safe practices, you may want to slowly begin returning to some semblance of a routine. If not, or if you're just not comfortable going back yet, come up with an alternate plan. There are many fitness classes being taught online now, and walking or biking outside is always an option as well. Start getting active again.

Snacking and grazing. This is probably the habit I'm hearing about and seeing the most right now...eating from boredom, sometimes from stress, sometimes because the food was just there...and we took advantage of it. Countless Facebook posts in my feed have been for local restaurants trying to stay afloat, and many people have gotten take-out way more than they ever would have before. Perhaps, we found ourselves baking more and enjoying the results. My teenage daughter has been making a baked treat at least once a week now... mainly to give her something to do at night. These treats are hard to resist. As we transition back to work and get back into our regular clothes rather than our PJS and sweat pants, we may notice a little (unwelcome) change in the way they fit. So now we have to change our eating habits...less snacking and eating healthy foods at mealtime. By the way, check out my GON GLOW program if you need some help getting back on track.

Dressing more casually than usual. While not necessarily a bad habit (I like comfortable sweats as much as the next person), it is time to dress for the outside world again.

Mindless Web surfing and TV. Have you been looking at Facebook and Instagram more than usual? You are not alone. Social media is a way of connecting to others. But we may often find ourselves going down rabbit holes as we see links to articles that then lead to other items. Suddenly two hours have somehow disappeared. In the same vein is TV watching; it's pretty easy to zone out in front of the television, whether watching news programs or I Love Lucy reruns. I will daughter has been wanting to see the older TV series ER, so my husband and I have been re-watching the entire series with her...sometimes three episodes in one night! We're cutting back to one a night now.

Sleep habits. Some of us have gotten into some sleep habits we will need to change. People who were once of the 'early to bed, early to rise' variety, may have gotten into the habit of watching late night TV and sleeping in much later than before. Now they may have to begin to readjust their schedules.

Not staying in touch with our friends. While many used Zoom, text messages, emails, etc. to keep in touch, sometimes those methods just weren't enough or didn't feel the same, and some people lost touch to some extent with their friends. Maybe we didn't feel we had much to talk about, or it was difficult to find a time when someone was not working or dealing with kids. Now we need to reconnect. Don't be afraid to make the first move, after all, someone has too. When it's allowed in your area, suggest meeting in a large, open space, like a park. Everyone can bring their coffee or lunch and maintain the necessary distance just to be safe...if people feel comfortable with that. If not, do a Zoom or FaceTime meeting. But reconnect. We need each other now more than ever.

Letting go of a bad habit begins with recognizing it. Most of us can see the patterns we have gotten into over the past couple of months, just because we have not had them all that long. Next, how do we change them? Some, like sleep hours, may need to be changed gradually. Others like skin and hair care can be tackled at once, though they may take a little time to fix.

Find a place, maybe in your journal, to write down the habits you want to get rid of. Then write down your plan for doing so. Allow yourself only two hours of TV or one hour of web surfing. Avoid the kitchen and all its temptations except for preparing meals. Use a treatment for your skin or hair. Connect again with friends. Put on a nice outfit and some makeup. Style your hair.

Finally, don't beat yourself up over a few pounds gained or time wasted with the Internet. This was, and continues to be, a crazy time. If ever we needed to cut ourselves a little slack, this is it. Looking at the big picture, most of these bad habits we have gotten into during this time are relatively small, have not gone on too long, and are easy to fix. All you need to do is begin.

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  In Closing

'Bad habits are demons that often push us into isolation because they know that in our loneliness they stand little chance of being overcome.'
--Richelle E. Goodrich

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