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By Maria Gracia
May 17, 2020

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  Maria Likes

Maria Likes and You May Too!

____ 1. Amazing teachers. Kids have had to do their schoolwork from home the past few months. Their teachers have been working hard to make that possible. I'm so impressed and grateful for every teacher who is teaching virtually, conducting online meetings with students, motivating and working with kids one-on-one via video-conferencing and email, providing packets of schoolwork, plus all the extra special touches many of them are providing as well. This week, my daughter's chemistry teacher had all the kids in his classes send him photos and videos of what they've been doing for fun during this crisis (playing with their dogs, playing basketball in their driveways, reading, creating art, etc.). He then pieced all of these photos and videos together and made a seven-minute video collage for the students and their parents. Wow...definitely above and beyond! I have so much gratitude for every teacher who has given his or her all throughout the years, and especially during this health crisis.

____ 2. Knowing what my plants need. A few weeks ago, I purchased a bunch of flower and vegetable plants at a local garden center. These have since been planted in containers that I've placed in both my front and back yard. Each plant came with plant ID tags that reveal how much sun they need, when they need to be fertilized, pruning instructions, and any other important details. They're meant to be inserted in the dirt with the plant they go with, but since I can easily identify each plant by looking at it, I prefer to keep the plant ID tags all together so I can reference them when needed. So, I washed any dirt off the tags, punched a hole in each with a 3-hole punch tool, and then put them on a caribiner. (You can also use a key ring). I then hung that caribiner on a key holder in my utility room. All the information I need is easily available and in one place, without me having to trek to the plant to read it. (If you need to, you can always identify the plants themselves with the name of the plant written on a popsicle stick with a Sharpie, and then just insert that stick in the dirt.)

____ 3. Wall-Mounted holder for mops, brooms, gardening tools, etc. I store a mop, broom, dustpan, and a dryer vent brush in my utility room...and they're all neatly stored on a wall-mounted holder. My husband uses one of these wall-mounted holders for keeping our rake, garden shovel, trowel, and other gardening tools neat and corralled in one place. This particular one easily attaches to the wall, is strong, non-slip, and weather-proof. It's a great organizing tool for keeping your gear tidy and together.

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  In Closing

'Wherever you find something extraordinary, you'll find the fingerprints of a great teacher.'
--Arne Duncan

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