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Top Ten Lists Top 10 way-awesome clutter-busting routines…here goes! We all could use a bit of decluttering, couldn't we? With busy schedules and big families, clutter can really pile up. Here are 10 way-awesome, clutter-busting routines: 1. Banish those Paper Piles: Grab a box and put ALL papers in it. Separate the paper pile into four categories: Act On, Reference, Delegate, and Toss. Toss your Toss pile. Take all Delegate items and give them to who they belong to. For your Reference pile, you have two choices: scan or file. I prefer scanning because it actually GETS RID OF the paper. The Act On pile should be the smallest. So act on each item - signing, mailing and delivering…until the paper is gone. 2. Clean out purses/bags: Empty purses and bags out on a table. Throw away any junk and garbage. Then separate all the things that don't belong in there. Put everything else back in your bag. Then, you just need to go around the house putting things back in their place. 3. Reduce clothing clutter: A great way to reduce clothes is to put each item back in the closet with the hanger turned around. That way, you'll know what you're actually wearing and what you're not. In three months, gather everything that hasn't been turned around, box it, and donate it. You'll make more space and help someone out. 4. Shoes a mess? Keep shoes on a shelf next to your door. When you take off your shoes, just put them on the shelf. They'll stay organized AND you'll keep germs out of the house. I suggest using a tall narrow shelving unit, which uses your vertical storage and saves so much space. 5. Overstuffed closets? Choose one closet at a time. Empty it out. Decide what you want to use that closet for and only keep those items in there. Put duplicate items in a box to donate. Clear plastic, lidded bins with labels work great here. Their stacking ability helps keep things neat and tidy. 6. Get rid of the laundry mountain: If you have your own washer and dryer, put a hamper in everyone's room. One by one, do each person's load. If kids are old enough, have them fold or hang their clean laundry. Choose one day of the week to wash all bedding and towels. You can also just leave the washer lid open, tossing dirty stuff in as you go. As soon as you have a full load, close that lid and start it. If you go to a laundromat, choose one day of the week and take everything. Separate whites and colors, and use the right size machine for your items. 7. Disorganized movies: If you have a flat screen TV, there may be no need for an entertainment center. Unless you only use Netflix or Redbox, pick up a set of plastic lidded bins for your DVD collection. You can organize alphabetically or by genre. Keep the bins in a nearby closet. 8. Garage clutter: Clear out that garage. Remember, the car has to go in there! Use tall, narrow shelving units and lidded bins along the walls of your garage to save tons of space. Common categories in here are: Tools, Car stuff, Cleaning supplies, Pet supplies, Sports equipment and Recyclables. This is a bigger job, so work on it one area at a time over the few weeks! 9. Declutter that kitchen: Use the space above your cabinets or the higher shelves in your cabinets/pantry to store appliances and other items you only use occasionally. If you have the wall space, use lots of hooks to hang utensils, pot pads, dishtowels, etc. Any utensils kept out should be stored in a tall narrow container  (vertical space) to free up counter space. Take a few minutes after every meal to rinse dishes and load the dishwasher. 10. Empty out the car: Always keep a few small garbage bags and a container of wipes in the car for tidying up. Keep a hanging garbage bag holder on the backs of the front seats for convenient clean-up.
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