Sitting too much might be killing you Get moving! Have you ever watched the movie WALL-E? It’s an animated feature released in 2008 by Pixar. The gist of the plot is this…the Earth is covered with garbage, thus the human race is sent into space leaving Earth to be cleaned by robots like WALL-E. After 700 years, the space-bound humans, who have lived an exceedingly sedentary lifestyle, have become extremely unhealthy and incapable of physical activity like walking. While the movie is fictional, the facts aren’t too far off. According to recent studies, sitting for long periods of time can actually decrease your life expectancy AND increase your chances of heart disease, cancer and obesity. More interesting, even exercising on a daily basis won’t compensate for time spent sitting in a chair or on the couch. Apparently the amount of time you exercise and the amount of time you sit are completely separate factors for health related problems. The nitty gritty on this…humans aren’t meant to be sedentary. So, how can we fix it? Periodically, get up from your office chair and get active. The recommended amount of time…10 minutes per every hour of sitting. Here are some suggestions to make this happen. 1. Take a short walk around the hallways or office. 2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. 3. Instead of emailing or texting a colleague, walk to their office. 4. Stand and walk when on the phone. 5. March in place. 6. Go for a brisk 10 minute walk before eating lunch. 7. Park in the back of the parking lot. 8. Have a walking meeting instead of in the conference room. The average person spends anywhere from 3 to 15 hours sitting, and it now starts at an even earlier age. Become proactive and take the steps you need to live a healthier life.
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