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Organizing for Men Get your grill clean and ready for your next BBQ One of my favorite summertime activities is grilling out. There’s something about sitting outside and smelling brats and hamburgers cooked on a grill. With that being said, we plan to give our grill its “Annual Cleaning” this week. An annual cleaning is exactly like spring cleaning your house…an in-depth cleansing usually done once a year. This type of cleaning is more involved and will require some reassembling, BUT a good thorough washing will increase your grill’s longevity, safeguard so that it functions safely, and help ensure the flavor of your food is great! Materials Needed: drop cloth, scrub and wire brush, putty knife, scrubby sponge (sponge with a scouring pad), dish detergent, two or more buckets of warm water, rubber gloves, and the owner’s manual. (Grills are built differently and constructed with different metals and materials. Please double-check your owner’s manual for any specific cleaning instructions.) Give it a once over: Open up the hood of your grill. Basically your grill has 4 layers: the grates, the v-shaped flame guards, the burners, and the grease tray--each of which needs to be scrubbed and or rinsed thoroughly. Now the fun begins... 1. Lay a drop cloth on the ground and roll your grill over it. Turn off the gas supply at the source and disconnect the tank. Also, disconnect and remove the igniter wires. 2. Start taking the grill apart layer by layer. Remove the grates and flame guards and soak them in a bucket of hot, sudsy water. If you notice your grates or flame guards are rusted or chipped, it’s a good time to replace them. 3. Take out the burners, (they look like tubes with small holes along the sides.) You may be able to lift the tubes out OR you may need a wrench to unfasten the bolts. If you see any cracks or holes where there shouldn’t be any, don’t clean them, but rather go and buy some new burners. Inspect the holes of the burner tubes, if you notice any debris, use an open paper clip to “punch” the debris through. Then, rinse the burners with water and let them air dry. 4. Remove, soak and scrub the grease tray. After it’s dry, wrap aluminum foil around the tray. This will make for a much easier clean-up in the future. 5. Using a sponge and hot, sudsy water, and a putty knife, clean out the loose debris from the interior removing all soot and grease from inside the grill. **If you notice what looks like peeling black paint under the hood of your grill, don’t panic. It’s not chipped paint, but a deposit of grease and smoke that collects during grill use. These deposits are non-toxic, but you may want to remove the build-up so the “chips” don’t fall into your food.** 6. Clean the outside of the grill with warm soapy water, and disinfect food preparation surfaces. If your grill is stainless steel, then find a good stainless steel cleanser and polisher. Avoid using steel or wire brush to clean the exterior of your grill…it will leave scratches! 7. Once all the parts are dried, reassemble your grill. Be sure to heat the grill thoroughly before cooking your next meal.
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