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Monthly Organizing Checklist May, 2017 Budding flowers, sunshine, and outdoor fun is calling our names. Get your life organized so you can enjoy it all. Check out our NEW May 2017 Organizing Checklist! Join our weekly newsletter to be notified when the newest checklist is available. For a PRINTABLE VERSION, click here ____ May 1 It’s the first day of May, a month nearly as busy as December for many with end of school activities, summer planning, and gardening to be done. Begin your month with a plan. What parties and activities are upcoming, are there teacher gifts to get, reservations to be made? Make a list. ____ May 2 Clean the soap dispenser in your washing machine. ____ May 3 Do you have a summer trip coming? Arrange any travel or hotel reservations before they fill up. ____ May 4 Make reservations at camps and other summer activities for kids. Sign up YOURSELF for some classes and activities as well. ____ May 5 Make a Mexican-themed dinner…or eat out at a Mexican restaurant.  ____ May 6 National Teacher’s Day. Write a letter or post a Facebook post about a teacher who is making the world better. .____ May 7 Weed out 20 unnecessary items from your home and/or office. Go! ____ May 8 Catch up on email messages sitting in your inbox awaiting a response. ____ May 9 Try a new salad recipe this week. ____ May 10 Take a friend out to coffee…just because! ____ May 11 Believe it or not, today is Root Canal Appreciation Day. This was begun by a dentist…I could not make this up. While, hopefully, we can all avoid root canals, is it time to schedule dental check-ups and cleanings for yourself and other members of your family? ____ May 12 Go through your spices and discard old ones. Make a note of those you need to replace. ____ May 13 Gather some non-perishables you’re not using. Give them to your letter carrier for their Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive to or your local food bank. ____ May 14 Mother’s Day. Remember a mother today. If you are a mother (of a child, pet, or a house plant) do something nice for yourself. ____ May 15 Clean out the freezer. Can’t identify it? Pitch it. ____ May 16 Clean one refrigerator shelf a day…each day for the next 5 days. ____ May 17 Inventory your summer clothes. Weed out anything you don’t like or that no longer fits well. Only keep clothing in your closet and dresser that makes you feel really good about yourself. ____ May 18 Go through the house and make notes for any home improvement projects you want to do soon, like paint touch ups, carpet cleaning, or resealing the grout in the shower. ____ May 19 National Pizza Party Day. Make your own pizza crust. You may want to try a recipe that’s gluten- free. I recently made a crust made out of cauliflower (no flour), and it was delicious. ____ May 20 Visit a local farmer’s market for fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. ____ May 21 Change or clean the air conditioning filters. ____ May 22 Change bed covers to reflect the warmer season. ____ May 23 Do you need to get your air conditioning system inspected? Get the maintenance done now before it gets hot and everyone else has the same idea. ____ May 24 Back up your computer files. ____ May 25 Did your exercise program go by the wayside a couple of months into it? Start again. Remember, you don’t have to wait until January to re-boot. Sign up for a water exercise class, like Aqua Zumba. ____ May 26 Are bicycles and other outdoor gear ready for summer? How about the grill? ____ May 27 Clean the coffee pot and/or electric kettle. Replace filters if needed. ____ May 28 Clean the grill…or ask your better half to do it for you. ____ May 29 Memorial Day in the USA. Do something to honor someone in the armed forces. ____ May 30 Tackle one task you tend to put off, like maybe cleaning the hood over the stove or dusting the tops of cabinets. ____ May 31 Buy some flowers for the table and get ready to enjoy summer.
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