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Monthly Organizing Checklist July, 2017 Summer is a wonderful time to get organized…and to reward yourself for your efforts! Check out our NEW July 2017  Organizing Checklist! Join our weekly newsletter to be notified when the newest checklist is available. For a PRINTABLE VERSION, click here ____ Jul 1 Finalize your plans for the Fourth of July. Gather up the supplies you will need for your trip if you will be traveling or those items you will need for your party at home. These might include; towels, swim gear, travel games, plates and utensils, and menu plans. ____ Jul 2 Take time with your family and alone to record the events from last month in the family and personal journals. ____ Jul 3 Staying home for the Fourth of July? Finalize your menu plan and grocery list. Then go shopping. Make it early in the day to avoid long checkout lines. ____ Jul 4 Happy Birthday America! Today is a great day to explore historical sites, and teach your family why we celebrate Independence Day. Remember the parade and fireworks. ____ Jul 5 Gather up your Fourth of July decorations and pack them into a marked container. Pull out your other holiday decorations, sort and repack the ones that you really love. Give the less loved ones to family, friends, thrift stores, or other places they will be loved.  ____ Jul 6 Today is a great day to change the sheets on the beds, and wash up all the towels. Replace any worn sheet sets and towels as well. .____ Jul 7 Spend the morning doing a “beat the clock” clean-up. Then head to the library for a relaxing afternoon. ____ Jul 8 Build a tent in the family room, grab some snacks, and spend the day reading those library books. ____ Jul 9 National Sugar Cookie Day. Bake cookies together as a family and share with a neighbor. ____ Jul 10 Schedule a furnace cleaning and check. This is a great time to beat the fall rush. ____ Jul 11 Pack a summer-essentials bag. Include towels, snacks, swimsuits, sun block, a first aid kit, and swim toys. Already have a bag? Then check and replenish any used items. Don’t forget the camera and a book. ____ Jul 12 Go through your pantry and store room. Discard outdated food and supplies. Make a list of needed items. Then head to the store. ____ Jul 13 Clean your carpets or hire someone to do the deed. You will love the feel of having clean carpets for the rest of the summer and into fall. ____ Jul 14 Wash the car and clean the inside. Take it in and get the oil changed, if needed. Fill it up with gas for your weekend travel. ____ Jul 15 Have a stay-cation. Explore things to do in your own town…and enjoy them! ____ Jul 16 Go visit those in a nursing home or the Veterans Home. They will appreciate having visitors, and you will enjoy providing a listening ear and much needed visit to someone who is lonely. ____ Jul 17 Get an early start on preparing for the back-to- school rush. Check school supplies and clothing needs. ____ Jul 18 Wash the outside of the house and the windows. Remember to remove the screens and scrub the dirt and grime from them. ____ Jul 19 Wash the inside windows and windowsills. ____ Jul 20 Plan next week’s menus, including some fresh finds from the farmers market. ____ Jul 21 Spend the evening outside, and enjoy the night- time sky. ____ Jul 22 Take a family bike ride and explore your city. Don’t forget safety. Every family member must wear their helmets, including Mom and Dad. ____ Jul 23 Learn something about your ancestors. Make a meal based on old family recipes. ____ Jul 24 Wipe down all the doorknobs, light switches, phones, computer components, and other places germs may reside. This will help prevent those summer colds. ____ Jul 25 Christmas in July? Get a head start. Begin making your gift list and set your budget for presents. ____ Jul 26 Flip the mattresses and vacuum them. ____ Jul 27 Spend the day preparing the yard for August and harvest time. Pull weeds, trim the dead flowers, and plan any changes in the landscape. ____ Jul 28 Organize and dust your book shelves. Remember to dust the books. ____ Jul 29 Clean your dryer vent, inside and outside, eliminating a fire hazard. ____ Jul 30 Pull out the board games, popcorn, and other snacks, and have a family night of fun. ____ Jul 31 Schedule dental and doctor visits. Make sure everyone is current on immunizations.
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