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Monthly Organizing Checklist February 2017 It’s the second month of 2017…the perfect time to recharge! Let’s make this your most organized month yet. Check out our NEW February 2017 Organizing Checklist! Join our weekly newsletter to be notified when the newest checklist is available. For a PRINTABLE VERSION, click here ____ Feb 1 February is Black History Month. Go to your local library and check out a DVD about black history or a famous black individual. ____ Feb 2 Toss 30 emails from your inbox that you no longer need or are no longer relevant. ____ Feb 3 Take some much needed “me time” today. Whether you decide to go to spa or stay at home, make sure you take some time to pamper yourself and relax. ____ Feb 4 Deep-clean your shower until it sparkles and shines. ____ Feb 5 Delete any apps on your phone or tablet that you no longer use and are just taking up space.  ____ Feb 6 Answer one email or make one phone call that you have been avoiding. .____ Feb 7 National Send a Card to a Friend Day. What a great thing you can do for a friend that you don’t get to see very often. ____ Feb 8 Toss any old socks that no longer have mates or toss those that have holes in them or stretched out elastics. ____ Feb 9 Are your garbage cans starting to stink? How about giving your garbage cans a good scrubbing today? ____ Feb 10 Dust and organize one book case. Donate or sell any books that you no longer love or won’t read again. ____ Feb 11 Donate at least one kitchen appliance you no longer use or need. ____ Feb 12 Take the time to make your bed in the morning after you get up. It will immediately make your room look neater ____ Feb 13 Today is National Clean Up Your Computer Day and this sounds too time consuming for just one day. So instead let’s focus on deleting 20 files you no longer need. ____ Feb 14 Today is Valentine’s Day. Do something kind for the special people in your life. Make them a special breakfast or maybe cook a special supper for them. If you’re not much of a cook, how about a bouquet of flowers and a homemade card? ____ Feb 15 Evaluate your current artwork and photographs on your walls. What about adding a new piece or two to your collection? If you are looking to spend less money, you could re-arrange your current pieces. Rehanging the artwork in a different room would freshen up your décor. You could also invest in some new frames to re-frame your current artwork or pictures. ____ Feb 16 Donate any old magazines to a local daycare, school, doctor’s office, or hospital waiting room. This will clear up your house and allow others to enjoy them. ____ Feb 17 Random Act of Kindness Day. Find a way to spread some happiness and joy to other people, such as taking a friend out for lunch, donating warm clothing or money to a homeless person in your community,donating money or time to a local charity, or buying a coffee for the next person in the drive-thru line. ____ Feb 18 Do any paint touch ups in the interior of your house. If that seems too daunting, start with your bedroom area. Create an inner sanctuary. ____ Feb 19 Declutter your bed linens. Toss any old bed linens and treat yourself to a new set or two. Choose a bright, crisp, white like a hotel (can be bleached if they get dirty) or a bright color in fashion, such as the color of 2017 Greenery. ____ Feb 20 Declutter and clean out your night stands. What is necessary there (a glass for water, an alarm clock, a lamp, and a good book?) ____ Feb 21 Get rid or any old cosmetics that you no longer will wear. Remember make-up has an expiration date once opened. ____ Feb 22 How about adding a little color to your life during the middle of winter? Buy yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers. Try some spring varieties such as tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils to add a spark of color and freshness in your house . ____ Feb 23 Organize your pet’s feeding area. Would new containers be helpful? A cute canister could hold pet treats. ____ Feb 24 Treat yourself to a couple new pillows for your bedroom. ____ Feb 25 Take care of your skin. It’s the middle of winter throughout most of the country and your skin may be dry, so here’s to applying an extra layer of moisturizer and remember to apply sunscreen every day regardless of what season it is. ____ Feb 26 It is time to start looking into completing your tax return soon. How about starting with locating and organizing all your relevant tax documents? This will make preparing your tax return yourself or going to see an account a much smoother process. ____ Feb 27 Re-evaluate any remaining debt you have from the holiday season. Are you making progress paying it off? What could you do to increase your payments? Maybe it’s worth giving up your daily trip to the coffee shop or you could pack and take your lunch to work every day? Could you scale down your cable subscription? ____ Feb 28 We are officially 2 months into the year and it is a good time to check your wardrobe for items that you have worn, but no longer love, or clothing that no longer fits you or your lifestyle. Donate any clothing that is in good shape and toss any old stained or damaged garments.
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