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Monthly Organizing Checklist August, 2017 Make the most of this last full month of summer…and get organized while you’re enjoying it. Here is our NEW August 2017  Organizing Checklist! Join our weekly newsletter to be notified when the newest checklist is available. For a PRINTABLE VERSION, click here ____ Aug 1 Recommit to daily exercise. Do something active today. ____ Aug 2 Go on a date with your spouse, a friend, one of your kids, or someone else who is special to you. Put away the cell phones and focus on each other. ____ Aug 3 School will be starting soon. Check on what supplies you need to stock up on. Be sure and buy extras, so you can save money later in the school year. ____ Aug 4 Build a tent in the family room, and have a family campout. Read ghost stories out loud. ____ Aug 5 Clean out your pantry and store room for a minimum of 20 minutes. Donate or trash the items you will not use.  ____ Aug 6 Spend 30 minutes deleting emails you’ve been storing that you no longer need. .____ Aug 7 Vacuum your lamp shades and furniture. Lemon oil the wood. ____ Aug 8 Schedule back-to-school check-ups. Make sure everyone is up to date on their immunizations. No young kids at home? Are YOU up to date on immunizations? ____ Aug 9 Celebrate Book Lovers Day by giving 3 books you liked, but won’t read again, to friends…to read and pass on when they’re done with them. ____ Aug 10 Pick one room. Clean the inside windows and wash the curtains. If your curtains can’t be washed, vacuum them or take them to the dry cleaner. ____ Aug 11 Today is Son and Daughter Day. Enjoy the company of your children. It’s not a day for gifts, except the gift of your time. ____ Aug 12 Move one piece of furniture and vacuum behind and under it. Have your family help you move the furniture back in place. ____ Aug 13 Double your dinner recipe and take some to a neighbor. ____ Aug 14 Beat the August heat by having a creamsicle in honor of National Creamsicle Day. ____ Aug 15 Change your furnace filter, and schedule a maintenance check. You will beat the fall rush, and your furnace will be ready for those cold days ahead. ____ Aug 16 Clean your bike. Then, go for a bike ride. ____ Aug 17 Clean the inside of your oven. ____ Aug 18 Re-evaluate your satellite or cable package, your Internet service provider, and even your phone service. Compare several companies and make any changes which might save you some money. ____ Aug 19 Check Fall Community Education classes in your area and chose one or more that you would love to take. They are usually inexpensive and are a great way to learn something new. ____ Aug 20 Check your camera. Upload any photos you wish to keep to online storage. Recharge the battery and clear off the memory card. ____ Aug 21 Do a last minute check on school clothing needs. Remember to inventory any required clothing or shoes for sports, gym, or uniforms your school uses. No school-age kids at home? Weed out 10 items from YOUR clothes closet. ____ Aug 22 Give one of your garbage cans a good scrubbing. ____ Aug 23 Start getting your kids to bed a little early in preparation for a school schedule and/or determine if YOU are getting enough sleep at night. ____ Aug 24 Take your family to the local water park. With school just around the corner, you may even find some discounts on the entry fee. ____ Aug 25 Clean the inside and outside of your dryer vent. ____ Aug 26 Set up an after-school snack area in a cupboard or a drawer in the fridge. Stock it with some good healthy snacks for your kids or grandkids. ____ Aug 27 Fill a bag with items you’re no longer using and donate them. ____ Aug 28 Clean your rain gutters. Always use a spotter, while you are on the ladder. ____ Aug 29 Finalize Labor Day travel plans. ____ Aug 30 Set up a family message center. Include the school and bus schedules. ____ Aug 31 Change the batteries in all your smoke detectors.
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