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Monthly Organizing Checklist April, 2017 Hippity-hop right into an organized life. Check out our NEW April 2017 Organizing Checklist! Join our weekly newsletter to be notified when the newest checklist is available. For a PRINTABLE VERSION, click here ____ Apr 1 April Fool’s Day. Be on guard for silly pranks your friends and family might play on you. If you initiate some pranks of your own, be sure they’re harmless. ____ Apr 2 Clean something that doesn’t get cleaned often, like a blanket or a set of cosmetics brushes. ____ Apr 3 Weed out the refrigerator. Get rid of anything expired, yucky, or that you and other family members don’t plan to eat. ____ Apr 4 Organize your sock drawer. Say goodbye to any socks without mates. ____ Apr 5 Sweep off your porch.  ____ Apr 6 Find 3 items you’re no longer using and donate them to charity. .____ Apr 7 No Housework Day. Work on a hobby instead. ____ Apr 8 Make an appointment to bring your car in for spring maintenance. Get a car wash. ____ Apr 9 Give your pet some tender loving care. Perhaps ditch old food and water bowls, and buy fresh new ones for your loyal friend. ____ Apr 10 Passover begins at sundown. For those celebrating Passover, it is part of the tradition to avoid consuming or owning any food or drink that contains wheat products. This means any wheat, barley, rye, oats, or spelt products. ____ Apr 11 Clean bird baths and bird feeders for your fine feathered friends. ____ Apr 12 Fill bird baths with water and bird feeders with seed . ____ Apr 13 Wash and store heavy winter sweaters. ____ Apr 14 Whatever your religious beliefs may be, make today one of spiritual and/or meditative reflection. ____ Apr 15 Color Easter eggs. ____ Apr 16 Easter Sunday. Today is the perfect day to begin something that will enhance your life. ____ Apr 17 Wash garden furniture. ____ Apr 18 IRS Tax Day. If you live in the United States, be sure your taxes are filed before midnight. ____ Apr 19 Get rid of old bath toys…or run grimy ones through the dishwasher. Be sure you place them on the top rack. ____ Apr 20 Discard food condiments you tried once and didn’t care for. It’s OK if it’s still full. If you’re not ever going to use it, it’s taking up unnecessary space. ____ Apr 21 Start getting ready to host a garage sale. Find out everything you need to know in my Garage Sale Tool Kit. ____ Apr 22 Earth Day. Do something nice for the planet, like switching to reusable grocery bags or purchasing a water cooler, versus buying individual bottled waters. ____ Apr 23 Weed out your pantry. Say bye-bye to anything expired or very dusty cans/boxes of food…if they’re dusty, they’ve probably been sitting there too long to be consumed. ____ Apr 24 Deep clean your dryer vent. ____ Apr 25 Reseed the lawn as needed. ____ Apr 26 Administrative Professionals Day. Do something nice for the administrative assistants you know and appreciate. ____ Apr 27 Clean out your cooking utensils drawer. ____ Apr 28 Arbor Day. Plant a tree. ____ Apr 29 Donate 5 books to your local library. ____ Apr 30 Delete 25 documents or spreadsheets from your computer.
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