Organizing Challenge Here are 5 mini challenges to get crossed off your list this week Our GON readers love our mini challenges. Why? Because they’re mini…which means they’re TO DOs that can get crossed off your list quickly. Here are 5 new ones for you this week. 1. Clean the glass on your doors: Using glass cleaner, wash the inside and outside of your doors that have glass, eliminating all marks, dirt, dead bugs, and so on. 2. Freshen up your washing machine: Laundry detergents and fabric softeners tend to build-up in washing machines. Sometimes, our machines get a little bit stinky too. Run an empty cycle with a half cup of bleach or vinegar. 3. Keep clutter at bay: Carve out 15 minutes and remove some clutter from one room of your home to. Grab a minimum of five items you no longer need. Put them in a donation box OR toss in your trash container. 4. Refresh your towels: Change all the hand towels, wash clothes and dish rags in your bathroom and kitchen. Then throw everything into the washing machine. 5. Clean out your leftovers: Plan to eat leftovers for dinner. Afterwards, remove and clear out any spoiled (or “will not eat”) leftovers from the fridge. Look for any spills or crumbs and wipe those up too.
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