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Get Organized Now! Special MINI-Edition
By Maria Gracia
February 16, 2017

  Quick Thought of the Day from Maria

Organizing...Are You Paying Attention to the Signs?

As I was out driving this morning, it occurred to me how many road signs there were...and how those messages not only help keep us safe during our travels, but they also apply to life in general. Here are a few road sign thoughts that came to mind.

STOP: Sometimes, stopping everything you're doing, is the best action you can take, especially when you're feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. Stopping for a few moments to regroup, can help us be more productive.

YIELD: When we try to get things done in record speed, it often ends up in disaster. By slowing down a bit and working more methodically and mindfully, your project at hand has a much better chance of being done accurately and exceptionally well.

DETOUR: Things don't always work out exactly as we want them to. Even the best worked out plans can be thwarted by a child not feeling well and keeping us home from work, or rain making everything muddy at an outdoor wedding. Being able to take a detour with ease and grace...a plan b and plan c so to always in fashion.

DO NOT ENTER: When I come upon a 'Do Not Enter' sign, I don't enter. Obviously, it's there for a reason...maybe a big hole in the road, or perhaps oncoming traffic. When you're asked to give of your time, and you really don't have the time to do it (like volunteering your time for something when you're already feeling overextended) or you really don't WANT to do it (like going to a party you have no interest in), don't be guilted into doing so. It's OK to NOT enter that road. You're not saying no the person. You're saying no the request.

MERGE: These signs always remind me that the world doesn't revolve around me AND doesn't depend solely on me...there are other people here! Sometimes, we can merge with others in different ways, like delegating to them. learning something from them, or teaming up to share the workload.

NO PARKING: When you're parked, your vehicle isn't going anywhere. When we park ourselves in life, we're not going anywhere either. The second you see yourself caught up in the 'same old-same old,' it may be high time to put yourself in gear and go on a 'road trip' to some goals that get you out of your comfort zone.

TWO-WAY TRAFFIC: Just because we see things one way, doesn't necessarily mean that's the right many cases, that visual is just our perspective. Being open to other thoughts and ideas may un-fog our windshields and give us a whole new view ahead.

When you're out driving today, notice the signs on the road...and see if you can apply them to getting organized...and life in general. Reply to this email with your thoughts. I would love to hear them!


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  Today's Organizing Feature

Ask Maria:
Articles I Tear Out of Magazines Never Get Used


I tear out LOTS of magazine articles I love for future use, but I never access them. They end up taking up residence in my filing cabinet forever, and the ideas in them never come to fruition. Your thoughts?

Patrick E.
Charleston, SC

I am married with kids, and manage a staff of 20 employees at work. I am always working on lots of projects and love to be organized.


Hi Patrick,

As we're reading articles in magazines and elsewhere, it's easy to come up with ideas and thoughts we may want to use in the future. Sometimes, we think that tearing them out and filing them away gives us the opportunity to find and use them later. But once ideas are tucked away in our filing cabinets, they're also tucked away, out of sight, in our minds.

When you come across an idea you want to implement in your life, you need a definite plan to do so, with a specific date and time set in your planner to get working on it...whether that date is next week, or 8 months from today.

So, if you see an article on 'catching up with your reading,' and that article gives you the idea to set aside a 30-minute reading time 3 nights a week, BEFORE filing that article away, designate that 30-minute reading time 3 nights a week in your planner. And then participate in that reading time when those days and times are here.

If you see an article that provides ideas for better landscaping your garden that you feel are doable, BEFORE filing that article, set a date/time in your calendar to sketch out the idea on paper, set another date/time to make a list of materials you need...and so on and so forth.

It's great to be organized and save interesting articles that will help us grow in life. It's more wonderful to have a good system for accessing that information AND a definite date and time to give those ideas life.

Hope this gives you a new perspective you can begin applying in your life!


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Maria Gracia
Get Organized Now!

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