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Get Organized Now! Special MINI-Edition
By Maria Gracia
February 14, 2017

  Quick Thought of the Day from Maria

Are You Too Busy for...You?

There are always so many things the average person has to do in a, take care of kids or grandkids, cook, clean, perform other household chores, get fuel for the car, shovel the sidewalk and/or mow the lawn depending on the season, remember to wish others a happy birthday...sometimes shopping for a gift for them, read paperwork that arrives in the mail...honestly, the list could go on and on.

No doubt about it...people are busy. Which is why they often forget to take care of the person who is ironically trying to take care of everything and everyone.

Ask yourself...when is the last time you did something nice for yourself? I mean, something just for you that benefited you personally? If you're rolling your eyes, then you may just be too busy for YOU.

Today is Valentine's Day...a day typically designated to show our love for others. That's a good thing, of course. BUT, why not be sure it also includes showing love for ourselves? To me, it's when WE are well taken care of that we can best serve others.

Here are 5 ideas...

1. Shop for fun. If you're busy, you probably already spend tons of time at stores...but you're likely buying for your house or your family. Why not splurge on yourself a bit. Perhaps there are a new pair of workout sneakers you've been eyeing or maybe it's time to donate your old wallet and get yourself a new one? Give yourself the opportunity to take your time, window shop, and get yourself a little something as a reward for all you do.

2. Join a club or go to an event. I belong to a book club...and I just love it. I not only read a wide variety of books, but I'm then given the opportunity to share my thoughts about the book with others and listen to their perspectives. I've also been to 'paint nights' which are all the rage lately. When you go to paint night, you get a canvas, paint, paintbrushes, and instructions and you end up with a nice piece of artwork. Trust me, you don't have to be creative to go to're walked through it step by step. Besides, it's just fun to be there, especially if you attend with good friends.

3. Improve your morning and bed-time rituals. Most folk's morning and bedtime routines are pretty cut and dry. Alarm sounds, wake up, shower, get dressed, start the day...go to bed, sleep. How about adding some time in the morning to step outside for a fresh breathe of air, come back inside and light your fireplace or sit by a sunny window, and journal or read something inspirational for 10 minutes while you're enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee. In the evening, mediate for 10 minutes to get yourself into relaxation mode, light a candle in the bathroom, dim the lights, and take a bath, and think up 3 thoughts of thanks or gratitude before shutting your eyes. All of a sudden, your morning and bed-time rituals are both rewarding and joyful.

4. Dedicate one weekend day per month doing something completely un-productive. Yes, it's good to be productive most of the time, but we all need a down-day. So don't feel guilty spending the afternoon in your comfy PJs binge-watching your favorite TV program or curling up in your favorite chair with your laptop and surfing Pinterest for a few hours.

5. Reclaim your time. Take a good look at your schedule and determine what's causing most of your busy-ness. Then evaluate how important each of those items is in your life. We tend to get into the habit of just 'doing our things' without thinking about what we're doing. Just like taking a daily shower becomes a habit because it's done repetitively, so do our daily TO DOs. When we never take the time to assess what we're doing, we can never make improvements, cutting out anything that's no longer necessary, so we can make room for what would make more sense according to our goals and dreams.

Happy Valentine's Day...may you give yourself the gift of 'me time' today... and this day forward. May you never be too busy for you!


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  Today's Organizing Feature

Fabulous Reader Tips

1. Keeping the Car Interior Clean

Our family is always on-the-go, so we're constantly eating in the car, which results in lots trash. I always keep a pack of paper lunch bags in the car. When we're eating, I open one up...and we always have a trash bag available. We then dispose of our bag at our destination...or later when we get home. Keeps the car interior trash-free.

Bobbie S
Kenosha, WI

I am a wife, and mom with a family of neighbor kids who, with my kids, I regularly drive to after-school activities. I feel like we live in our car. Now that I figured out a solution to the trash situation in my car, my next goal is to find some car-pooling options.

2. Ensuring I Don't Sit All Day

I work at home, at my desk, and am very focused on my work once I begin...which is a good thing, except I can literally sit for four hours before standing up. My friend suggested an Apple Watch, which reminds you to stand up and stretch and I may be getting one when it's in my budget. However, for now, I set my cell phone timer to sound every hour. When it does, I stand up, stretch, fetch myself a glass of water, go to the restroom...anything that keeps me moving for at least 5 minutes.

I can then get back to work knowing I gave my eyes and mind a rest, and moved a bit. Sort of like an hourly seventh-inning stretch.

Diana K.
Corpus Christi, TX

I am 40-something with my own coaching business. I have all of your resources and love them...especially your new GON GLOW resource. You always inspire me!

3. Unconventional Valentine's Day Gift

For Valentine's Day, my husband and I have agreed to no 'tangible' gifts this year. We have way too much clutter, so we don't need more stuff. Plus, we're both attempting to shed some pounds before summer, so we don't need chocolate.

Instead, we're simply giving each other some 'together time.' We have agreed to use one night a week to not do any household chores when we get home from work, but rather to simply do something a movie, play a board game, or do something taking a walk or bowling.

Doing so benefits us in multiple ways.

Anna Q.
Rapid City, SD

My husband and I are empty-nesters. Our third of three kids just got married. We are both looking forward to a dream trip we're taking to Europe this summer...just the two of us.

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