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Get Organized Now! Special MINI-Edition
By Maria Gracia
February 23, 2017

  Quick Thought of the Day from Maria

Not Enough Motivation? That May Not Be the Issue

I'm often asked, 'I would like to be more organized. But I really need to find a bit more motivation. Do you have any advice for me?'

It's an interesting question because if someone is asking me something that pertains to them wanting to do something, like saving money, including more exercise in their day, or being more organized, there is already a dose of motivation there. Otherwise, they wouldn't be asking me for advice.

I could, of course, turn into that person's cheerleader...and maybe get their spirits to soar a little higher. In fact, I enjoy doing this because everyone needs someone in their life who is excited for them, their goals, and their dreams.

BUT, it isn't motivation alone that's going to help. It's 'follow-through.'

The 'follow-through' step is where most goals, dreams, and aspirations come to a grinding halt. People get very excited about what they want to do, but once they begin to see the steps laid out before them...the's very easy to lose interest and motivation.

This is why it's important to keep the 'work-part' as exciting AND do-able as possible. This usually comes to fruition when what you want to do is whittled down to the smallest common denominator.

What does being more organized mean? 'Being organized' can be pretty lofty and difficult to define, especially if the point of where you are now and the point of where 'being organized' is, is a pretty far distance on the map.

Make your follow-through easier:

Monday: I will clear the clutter off my nightstand.

Tuesday: I will donate 5 articles of clothing I never wear.

Wednesday: I will weed out 5 file folders in my filing cabinet.

Thursday: I will unschedule an activity from my calendar that isn't meaningful in my life.

Friday: I will not work after dinner, and instead, invest that time in my family.

Saturday: I will sort through the items in my junk drawer.

Sunday: I will read two articles in my To Read folder.

All of a sudden, you've given yourself seven items you can most-definitely follow-through on....which is motivating in itself. Each one you accomplish, will get you a bit closer to your goal today...than you were the day before.

Sure, we all need motivation. It's the 'follow-through' though, that will drive us to our destination!

P.S. Speaking of motivation, actions, AND follow-through, there are tons of actions we can put into this sequence to increase our levels of comfort and happiness exponentially. I feel so strongly about these actions--being pro- active about them-- that I've created a BRAND NEW resource called 'Happy for Life.' I know you're going to love it. For details, visit:

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  Today's Organizing Feature

Ask Maria:


I am trying desperately to organize about 2,000 home recipes and would like to know if there is a recipe and or cookbook software of any kind that is private.

Deborah Howard


Thanks so much for asking. It's a really good thing you're doing. So many families have home recipes, and when they're not organized well, it not only makes it difficult with meal prep now, but it affects the future. I know many folks who have been trying to 'reinvent' their great-grandma's cookies for centuries because the recipe card was lost over the years, or the people who want so badly to make the soup their moms used to make, but no longer have the recipes...or their moms.

Food is part of life...and saving our home recipes are an important part of our journey here on earth, as well as our family heritage later.

My initial thought was to suggest you connect with one of those companies that can print your cookbook for you, such as a company you can search for online called 'Heritage Cookbook.' You organize your recipes within their software. The drawback is that I think you're limited to how many recipes you can include. So, while you'll get lovely printed cookbooks, you may have to do several editions. This could get pricey.

So, I looked online and reviewed a whole bunch of recipe software programs... most of which I didn't feel would meet your needs well. And then, I came across this article that I thought might be just the ticket for you, using Google Drive.

I hope it's of some assistance to you.


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Maria Gracia
Get Organized Now!

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Maria Gracia
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