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Get Organized Now! NEWSLETTER By Maria Gracia May 13, 2017
Thought of the Week from Maria
I Can’t Work on TO DOs…I have Spring Fever! As the weather continues to get warmer, I just want to be outside. For many folks, it’s tough when you know you have to get things done, but you’re being beckoned by the sunshine, blooming flowers, singing birds, and the many warm-weather opportunities that suddenly become available this time of the year. Once summer arrives, productivity dips even lower…many folks venturing into, what I call, the “summertime slump.” In the book Biophilic Design: The Theory, Science and Practice of Bringing Buildings to Life, it is written that “connecting with nature is essential to our well-being and our ability to be productive and high-functioning…” For most of us, completely connecting with nature and ignoring our TO DO lists isn’t an option, but staying indoors during these gorgeous warm-weather seasons shouldn’t be the final answer either. So, what are we to do when we want to get things done AND be outside at the same time? Here are a few ideas: 1. Eat meals outside: How is eating a meal outdoors going to help you get through your TO DO list? Well, we all have to eat to sustain our productivity throughout the day…so relaxing and eating well are both big factors in checking items off your list. Meal times are prime times to be outdoors because they’re not only opportunities to enjoy the season and everything it has to offer, but we can do so at a relaxed pace that allows us to take our time and savor it. Enjoy meals in your back yard, front yard, at a park, at the zoo, at a town pool, or an outdoor cafe. 2. List your TO DOs that can be done outside: Start making a list of indoor tasks you can do outdoors. For instance, I can easily do any sort of writing projects outdoors on a nice day…I just grab my laptop and I’m good to go. How about grabbing a miscellaneous box of stuff from your attic or basement and sorting through it on your deck or patio? Plastic greenery or trash containers needing to be cleaned? Bring them outside and clean them with the hose. 3. Check email and surf the web outdoors. Yes, most people can do this on their cells phones, but sometimes it’s easier to access the Internet on your laptop. Did you know that some areas, like certain parks, offer “open” or “public” WI-FI connections? Here is a list of WI-FI-ready parks in the United States: and here is an article to ensure you’re using an open/public WI-FI connection safely: What if the sun is too bright for you to see your screen properly? You may, in that case, need an anti- glare screen protector. 4. Get your reading done: I’ve brought my Kindle, regular books, and magazines to the poolside to catch up on my reading on many occasions. 5. Work on your ideas: Sometimes, all you need is a notebook and pen to work on all of your wonderful ideas (gardening thoughts, meal planning, journaling, working out what you need for a party, sketching out possibilities for rearranging the living room…the list is endless). 6. Don’t allow one to take over the other: Don’t make a “one or the other” decision when you have to be inside, but want to be outside. Do an indoor activity, then an outdoor activity, and keep repeating. For instance, I might start the day doing some writing for work, then go outside and sweep the front porch, come back inside to do an indoor activity like laundry, and then go back outside to trim some of the plants. Of course, you can fill in with some fun activities too for all the work you’re getting done. 7. Take your meetings outdoors: What if you’re stuck indoors for a workplace, organization, or church meeting? Suggest a “walking meeting” where your group can get exercise and share ideas at the same time. Or, have a meeting in a park at a picnic table.
In Closing I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.” —Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar. And remember...Being organized creates a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life! Warmly, Maria Gracia Get Organized Now!
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