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Get Organized Now! NEWSLETTER By Maria Gracia March 4, 2017
Thought of the Week from Maria
The 31 Day Journey to a More Organized Life Being organized starts in your mind. The decisions and actions you choose to take on a daily basis will make the difference between “calm, productive, and clutter- free” OR  “stressful, unproductive, and clutter-filled.” Here is a journey you can embark on for the next 31 days that will lead you to a more organized life. 1. Institute 10 minutes of quiet time at the beginning of your day. Sit down and think about the day. What has to be done? What would you like to accomplish? What’s for dinner? Make a list and plan your day. 2. Wash the dishes and wipe the counters. Generally the home's heart and command center, a clean and organized kitchen, makes everything else flow more smoothly. 3. Gather scattered papers and sort. Toss the unneeded. Separate time-sensitive material. File other paper. Magazines, mail, and other papers belonging to other people should go to their space. 4. Make a grocery/errand list. As you run out of something, add it to the list. 5. Plan menus for one week. Shop once. Be mindful of upcoming activities. 6. Put away rarely-used kitchen appliances. Discard any bad or expired food from the fridge and pantry. 7. Catch up on your laundry. Bring it all to the Laundromat if you’re very backed up and get it all done using several machines. For the future, make a plan for how many loads a day you have to complete to keep up. 8. Spend a few minutes with your calendar looking over the next few months. What is upcoming? What needs scheduling? Note birthdays to shop for. 9. Cull linens to what you use. 10. Put a container of disinfectant wipes in all bathrooms for a quick clean. 11. Corral the kids, and work with them to put away their toys. 12. Declutter the living room. Take everyone’s stuff to their space. Toss old papers and magazines. Pick up pet toys. 13. Have a desk day. Pay bills, answer email, and make phone calls. 14. Clean all trash out of your car. Vacuum the interior. Take the car for a wash. 15. Discard old medications. 16. Pick up clothing to put away or get dirty items in the hamper. Weed out things you really do not like or wear. 17. Weed out 10 file folders. 18. Check on dining room items. Do you have an overload of tablecloths? 19. Create a place to store cables and cords. 20. Declutter some books. 21. Organizing is important, but so is social time. Make plans with friends. 22. Be sure all calendars are in sync. 23. Recycle old magazines and newspapers. 24. Make time for physical activity. It clears the head, reduces stress, and increases efficiency. 25. Plan a date night. 26. Relinquish activities that no longer satisfy you. 27. Clean the front door. Sweep the porch. 28. Weed out your purse.  29. Put a pad of paper in a convenient spot for “brain dumping.” When you suddenly think of something you need to remember, put it on the list. 30. Work on a section of a major project for 30 minutes…the garage, attic, or boxes of photos. Plan a simple dinner for tonight. 31. Assess. How did the month go? You have organized, cleaned, and decluttered. Doing a little each day will keep you on top. Keep it up!
In Closing “Action expresses priorities.” ― Mahatma Gandhi And remember...Being organized creates a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life! Warmly, Maria Gracia Get Organized Now!
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