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How would you react in an emergency? 80% of us would be too stunned to do anything! I was reading through a recent issue of Reader’s Digest today. It included a bunch of stories about people who were placed in life-threatening situations and how they reacted. One story was about a man who woke up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water. While up, he heard his dog getting anxious, which was unusual, and then he saw a light on downstairs. When he began descending the staircase, he realized it wasn’t a light left on. The entire main level of his house was on fire and his whole family was in their beds in the upstairs bedrooms. He couldn’t get anyone out through the main level doors because the entire lower section of the house was in flames. He woke everyone up and managed to get everyone on the roof. Despite his rheumatism arthritis, he jumped off the roof to the ground below (getting the wind knocked out of him) to procure a ladder from his garage, saving his family’s lives. In fact, he climbed back up and then back down holding his 9-month old baby in a sleeper by his teeth. He even went back up to get his dog. I’m sorry to say this last attempt was unsuccessful. It was too late and he had to save himself. This was only one of many touching stories in that issue. According to a survival psychologist listed in Reader’s Digest, here are the statistics on how we act in life- threatening situations: 10% of us will face our fears rationally 80% of us will be stunned, not being able to do a thing to help 10% of us will become hysterical…screaming, crying…needing assistance ourselves None of us really can say how we’d act unless we’re, heaven forbid, faced with an emergency situation. Most of us would like to think we’d be in the 10% who can think through an emergency rationally and help under-pressure, but not everyone is going to be in that group when push comes to shove. This is why it’s important to pinpoint some possible emergency situations you may be involved in someday (someone not breathing, someone choking, a fire or a tornado, an intruder in the house, a dangerous situation in a mall you’re in) and knowing some measures we can take if we’re ever in any of those predicaments. There are two big reasons why 80% of people are stunned. The first is because they can’t believe that what’s happening, is actually happening (many people think that emergency situation could never happen to them, until it does), and second because they have no idea what to do. We can’t possibly be in-the-know with every kind of emergency and hopefully, we’ll never have to be involved in one, but it’s a good idea to be aware of some basics…because those basics can often be applied to various situations. One of the first would be knowing what steps to take to calm yourself down…so you can proceed with next steps. Have you ever been in an emergency situation and how did you handle it? Reply to this email and let us know…and we’ll print it in a future issue. P.S. While it’s necessary to understand others and ourselves, it’s also important to understand our pets. If you own a dog who has bad behavior issues, like uncontrollable barking, unwanted chewing or digging, jumping up on people, and/or not listening to you, I know of something that can help you train and transform your dog into a genius…a well-trained, kind, loving, obedient pet. Visit this link before March 19th for details, because there is an awesome complimentary bonus that accompanies this resource until that date: All the details are below in this issue.
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Organizing Dog Gear and Supplies A READER ASKS We love our dog, Cecilia. I didn’t realize this when we got her from the shelter seven years ago, but in thinking of this the other day, I discovered that she requires a lot of supplies and storage space for her stuff…and all this needs me to keep it organized. I was wondering if you had any thoughts about organizing it all, because it seems her gear is everywhere I look…leashes, toys (lots of toys!), tennis balls, grooming supplies, dry dog food (I like keeping it in its original packaging and not in a plastic unit), canned dog food, dog treats, dog shampoo, flea spray, dog kennel for transport, and medical supplies I’ve used for her over the years. I do have storage space in my basement, but I like everything to be convenient so I don’t have to climb the stairs every time I need something. Plus, we’re not close to the supermarket, so I buy most of her supplies in bulk. Thank you for your insights. Randall M., Livonia, MI MARIA GRACIA RESPONDS Hi Randall, Thank you for taking such good care of Cecilia. I’m sure she is bringing lots of joy to your family. Here are some quick thoughts to keep her gear and supplies organized: 1. Weed out and contain: First, weed out some of your dog’s toys. You mentioned you have a lot. Determine the four or five your dog plays with all the time, versus those she totally ignores, and only keep those. While you’re at it, get rid of any old, yucky tennis balls. Contain your keepers in a basket in the room where your dog normally plays with them, like the family room. 2. Designate one storage area:  Designate one specific storage area for your dog’s supplies and food, like a free- standing cabinet or shelving unit. Be sure it has at least 4 shelves…two for dry and canned food, one for grooming and/or medical supplies (get rid of anything expired), and a fourth for extras like a basket of tennis balls or dog blankets. Be sure the unit is kept in a cool, dry place. 3. Keep the kennel in the garage or basement. You probably don’t need the kennel all the time, so this can be stored in the garage or basement and retrieved when needed. 4. Make a “walk the dog” station. I recommend you keep the dog’s leash, and anything you require to clean up after her during walks, near the exit door. This way, you can just grab the leash and clean-up supplies and go. The leash can be stored on a hook…and the supplies in a small plastic container. Hope this helps you corral and organize all of Cecilia’s belongings! --Maria
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