Get Organized Now! with Ask Maria By Maria Gracia March 9, 2017
Thought of the Week from Maria
I Get The Most Done By Not Working I’ve been often asked how I manage to get so much done in any given day. I’ve even had folks ask me, “Don’t you sleep?!” To respond to that, yes, I sleep at least seven hours a night. The way I get the most done is by not working. Allow me to explain. Today, I woke up, got dressed, had breakfast, drove my daughter to school, and got to work when I returned at 7:45 a.m. So far, I handled my web site updates, and wrote three issues of my newsletter, all by 11:45 a.m. So, that’s four hours, which is pretty good considering the volume I accomplished. But it gets better, because I didn’t actually work for four hours straight. In fact, I only worked about two and a half of those four hours. You see, when I’m working, especially doing work that requires my focused brain, I can only do so much before I need a break. Otherwise, I know my work-efficiency is going to slow down considerably. So, I re-energize myself at specific intervals with something I call “active breaks.” An active break is doing something physical that gives my mind a break and puts my body into motion. For instance, I started my work day by writing my web site updates, adding photos, etc. I worked on this for 45 minutes straight. When I was done, I found some Zumba songs on the computer and danced these Zumba songs for 20 minutes, replenishing with lots of cool water after each song. When I completed my 20-minute active break, I took a bathroom break, grabbed a healthy snack, and then sat down to write the first of my three newsletters. After the first newsletter was done, I was due for another active break. I went outside to get some fresh air and took a walk. Then I finished my second newsletter, followed by another active break…simple light stretching in another room for a change of scenery. And my third newsletter (this one) is now nearly done, and I’m about to take a lunch break. You may be thinking to yourself that if I didn’t take all of those active breaks, I would have gotten even more done. Not so. Because little by little, if I attempted to work all the way through, my mind and body would have gotten sluggish…and my ideas and creative thinking would have slowed to a grinding halt. It’s nearly impossible to be as productive as you can be without taking breaks. Active breaks can work wonders to keep you energized throughout whatever you’re doing because they help to keep your mind and body in motion. P.S. Last chance! A few days ago, I mentioned a ground-breaking resource specifically designed to undo years and years of procrastination habits. You’ll learn why you procrastinate…and the exact steps to, within 21 days, end this destructive habit forever, so you can start checking off items on your TO DO list one by one, and accomplish all of your goals in life as well. Visit: By the way, when you don’t procrastinate and you get this resource before Sunday March 12th, you’ll get $100 in bonuses. Sweet! So, don’t wait! All the details are below in this issue.
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How do I stop wasting a ton of time on Pinterest? I can’t get anything done in my day. A READER ASKS I spend hours on Pinterest every day, scrolling through thousands of pictures, pinning and re- pinning recipes, sharing quotes, saving craft ideas. I know I’m addicted, and I don’t want to stop because I love it. It’s my favorite part of the day. That being said, my house is a mess and I can’t even get dinner on the table at a reasonable hour. My husband has a good full- time job, and I don’t have to work, so this is what I do all day. He never complains about the state of the house or dinner. If I don’t have dinner ready, he just makes something to eat for himself. But my good friend stopped by the other day and told me that this addiction would eventually affect my life and relationship negatively. She suggested I subscribe to your newsletter and ask your advice. --Clare MARIA GRACIA RESPONDS Hi Clare, In reading your note, I feel your friend has made a very valid point. It’s one thing to enjoy Pinterest for an hour on the weekend. I’ll occasionally do this myself. It’s another to hang out on Pinterest all day long, while your house is neglected, your one-on-one social life has come to a halt, and you and your husband are missing out on a nice dinner and time together when he’s not working. Your last line in your note was, “this addiction would eventually affect my life and relationship negatively.” The word “eventually” is key because in my mind, it’s having a negative effect right now. Here’s what I recommend you start doing right away: 1. Do not turn on any of your devices in the morning. Force yourself to do other activities, like taking a class. (Not an online class. Take one that requires you to drive to get to…like an exercise class) or joining a club (like book club or quilting club.) 2. When you get home, do not turn on any of your devices. Instead, choose one area of your house to focus on, and spend at least 30 minutes cleaning it. 3. If necessary, go grocery shopping. 4. Make dinner (and clean the prep dishes and utensils) so it’s done. It can be heated up when your husband gets home from work. 5. Do an active activity…like going for a walk or taking a bike ride. 6. Do a social activity…like calling or visiting a friend. 7. Seven is the magic number. Now you can go on Pinterest and enjoy some time on it. Set your timer. No more than one hour. 8. When the timer sounds, choose one thing you pinned and apply it to your life…make the craft or recipe, or do the exercise, etc. 9. When your husband gets home, all devices are turned off. This will now be time for you both to have dinner and do activities that build your relationship (instead of repelling it.) Clare, I highly recommend you take my advice. While Pinterest is a wonderful social media platform, allowing it to take over your life is unhealthy and unproductive. What concerns me as well is that you may be using Pinterest to avoid facing things in life that you may not want to face…a failing relationship or depression perhaps? This may not be the case, but I’m mentioning it as something to seriously consider. If you don’t have the willpower, or the interest, of getting off the Pinterest carousel that you have in perpetual motion, you may need to seek further professional help. That being said, try my 9-step system out. It will allow you to continue enjoying Pinterest without it being the most important part of your day. Hope this helps, Maria Gracia
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In Closing “There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” ― Alan Cohen And remember...Being organized creates a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life! Warmly, Maria Gracia Get Organized Now!
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