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You’ll Never Guess What People Are Spending…Versus What They’re Earning Recently, I polled my Get Organized Now! readers, asking, “does your family have a weekly spending budget?” Here are the final results: 49% No, we buy whatever we need, when we need it, without keeping track. 30% Kind of. We could be better at this. 21% Yes! We track our spending very accurately. These are very interesting results, considering these statistics from The Credit Examiner 52% of Americans are spending more than they earn 21% regularly have monthly expenses higher than their income The average American spends $1.33 for every $1 they earn When it comes to being organized, keeping your finances in-check is not only a good thing to do, but can help ensure you are on solid financial ground now, and well into the future. It will help you identify current and potential money leaks and assist you with making better decisions about where to allocate your resources How can you do this? There are many options. You can opt for money management software, like Quicken. If you’re familiar with Excel, you can create a spreadsheet. There are also countless templates you can download from the Internet. Just Google, “family budget template” and a whole bunch will be made available to you. My biggest piece of advice here is this…if you neglect your house, eventually it will begin to deteriorate. If you neglect your health, your health will begin to deteriorate. If you neglect keeping track of your finances, eventually it’s bound to deteriorate as well. It’s always good practice to be “on top of things” so to speak, and this holds very true when it comes to your family budget. P.S. When you no longer need something you purchased a while ago, there is a chance you can recoup some of that money. Hosting a garage sale is a great opportunity to get rid of your clutter …for cash! I have the perfect resource for you to have your most successful, profitable garage sale ever…even if you’ve had less than stellar results in the past. All the details are below in this issue, including a way for you to get a boatload of bonuses…but only until Monday, March 6th. Start planning your spring garage sale now. Visit:
In Closing “Balancing your money is the key to having enough.” ― Elizabeth Warren And remember...Being organized creates a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life! Warmly, Maria Gracia Get Organized Now!
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How do I decide what goes in a closet and what goes in my dresser, and how do I organize both? A READER ASKS I have a lot of clothes and it’s very hard for me to find what I’m looking for. I waste a lot of time searching. How do I decide what goes in a closet versus what gets stored in my dresser, and how do I organize both? -- Mandy W., San Francisco, CA MARIA GRACIA RESPONDS Hi Mandy, Thank you so much for your note. First order of business…weed out some of your clothing. Most people only wear 20% of the clothes they own. If you have too much, it’s going to be stuffed in your closet and drawers, making it much more difficult to find what you’re looking for. To decide what goes where, dress pants, dress shirts, dress jackets, dresses, and skirts would normally be hung in a closet, while more casual clothing, sweaters, sleepwear, underwear, bras, and socks would generally be stored in drawers. That being said, this rule can be adjusted depending on the amount of storage space you have. For instance, my 13-year-old daughter owns quite a few heavy sweatshirts. They’re too bulky for her dresser, but she has plenty of room in her closet, so we hang them in there. To give you a quick and general answer, to organize a closet or a dresser, it’s important to separate by type. For instance, a dresser may hold underwear and bras in the top drawer, socks in the next one, nightwear next, and t-shirts and shorts in the bottom drawer. In a closet, dresses in one section, dress jackets in another, and so on. You’ll find more detailed information in my book, Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home. Hopefully, this information, however, will help you get started! Maria Gracia
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