Get Organized Now! with Our Reader Tips By Maria Gracia February 28, 2017
Thought of the Week from Maria
You’re Stronger Than You Think You may or may not know that when I’m not running my organizing business, I have a “hobby job.” I’m also a ZumbaTM instructor at the YMCA and at a local community center. I LOVE it. This past Sunday, I decided to get a second fitness certification in a program called STRONG by Zumba. Zumba is dance fitness. STRONGTM by Zumba is HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training) that’s choreographed perfectly to music. If you’re not already familiar with HIIT, it is a pretty intense workout. When I got home from my 8-hour training session, I joked to my friends on Facebook that every droplet of water I had in my body that day was in a big puddle on the floor…I don’t believe I’ve ever sweated so much. When I was about halfway through the training, I was tired. Not a little tired. A LOT tired. But I kept reading this BIG sign that was taped to the mirror in the front of the class that said, “You’re stronger than you think.” That one sign spoke to me the WHOLE session. Amazing what an image or a sign can do. That being said, I not only got through the class, but will be teaching it soon. I know as I learn the routines and practice them, they’ll become easier and easier. What area of your life do you need to find motivation? Getting organized? Losing weight? A relationship? Your career? A goal you’re trying to reach? You may want to make up your own, “You’re Stronger Than You Think” sign. The bigger the better. Post it someplace where you’ll see it every day. Use it as motivation when you think you’re “too tired” or you feel like giving up. We live in a visual world. Visuals impact our emotions and our lives. That’s why having a big reminder of what it is you’re trying to achieve, where you can see it all the time, will give you the motivation you need to actually do it. You ARE stronger than you think. Believe it and live it. P.S. Speaking of signs, another sign we’ll be seeing a whole lot of in the next few weeks are garage sale signs. Garage sales are the perfect opportunities to get rid of your clutter …for cash! I have the perfect resource for you to have your most successful, profitable garage sales ever…even if you’ve had less than stellar results in the past. All the details are below in this issue, including a way for you to get a boatload of bonuses…but only until Monday, March 6th. Visit:
In Closing “There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.” ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice And remember...Being organized creates a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life! Warmly, Maria Gracia Get Organized Now!
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Create a Happier, Healthier, More Fulfilling Life 	   with Maria Gracia GON Mini-Edition
1. Shopping in my closet and reducing I was at the store yesterday and I saw a shirt I really liked. I was just about to buy it when my husband said, “You have a whole closet filled with shirts you never wear.” First, I got angry. But then I thought to myself, “He’s right.” So, I didn’t buy the shirt. Instead, I went home and shopped in my closet. I found four shirts that still had the store tags on them…and other shirts I’ve worn once or twice and have forgotten about. Every once in awhile, my husband is right. Maybe I’ll even tell him that one of these days. That made me think of something you wrote awhile ago…about it being tough to find what you’re looking for when you have too much. So, in addition, I cleaned out my closet, and gave away 50% of my stuff. I knew I’d never wear those items anyway, and I felt good dropping them off at a donation center, knowing someone else would enjoy them. -- Jolynn M., Cookville, TN My husband and I are both retired, and we are enjoying life with our two dogs! 2. Following through…you were “right on!” I like your idea of follow- through. You were right on! Sometimes we ourselves are not able to follow through to check if we are on track or not. So if possible, have one of your friends, relatives, or whoever you like, check what have you done to get closer to what you aim to achieve. Like, one of my cousins and me have a goal to lose weight. And every day, we send a WhatsApp message to each other, updating how much and what sort of exercise we have done and what we ate on that day. We even update about our cheat days. Just because we have someone checking on us, we feel motivated to exercise and be on track. I feel this helps me. And I am sure it will help others too. Love your newsletters. Please keep them coming. -- Anjali Garg 3. Did a tissue make it into your wash cycle? Don’t fret! My son had a bad cold last week and was going through tissues like crazy. I always double-check pockets before they go in the wash, but I unfortunately missed one that apparently had a tissue left in it. When I washed our dark clothes, tiny shards of tissue were all over everything. I began picking off the pieces one by one, and then recalled a tip I read in your newsletter months back. I thought I’d reiterate it to your readers because it was so helpful for me. “Put the items in the dryer and run the cycle. The lint collector will remove most of the tissue pieces. Clean the lint collector when done. If any items still have tissue on them, run those items in the dryer a second time on the fluff cycle.” I did this…and there are no tissue pieces remaining. Thanks for saving me a bunch of time! -- Jacqueline King, Baltimore, MD I am looking forward to the end of cold season…this year has been one of many cold bugs for me and my family!
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