I've started a new 'everything binder' with my main day-to-day stuff in it. Most of the 'stuff' is 8.5x11 paper, so I've made 'dividers' with page protectors, then I'm not limited to the number of tabs in a divider set I happen to have and everything's nice-nice. Working so far smile

I tried to make the dividers pretty. I had 'pretty paper' sitting around that I bought at the dollar store, so I'm using it. Cover page is an archway with flowers and a mountain background, the first divider is my work logo with a border and a little text, I used a 'message in a bottle' paper for a divider, and I have scroll and quill paper also... laugh Using it for work, and mostly storing the other things, but I'm working on implementing more of it smile
Valerie McInall smile