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#244124 - 04/03/12 02:55 AM Re: April Productivity [Re: dianaro2]
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Purdy - it will be worth it when it is done.

Waterlady - I bet you are glad you did all that though and definitely a PTL and a happy dance too on the house sale finally nearly being done.

Well after I updated I vacuumed the bedrooms, did some more ironing, filed some paperwork, and took the recycling out.

Today I have taken the main bin out to the kerb, and I am just off to post a parcel, and take a card and gift to one of my friend's sons. Catch you all later!

#244125 - 04/03/12 06:31 AM Re: April Productivity [Re: Karen1975]
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Great going gals!! You're doing wonderfully!!

Had an okay day yesterday. Did catch up on the dishes and ETE'd a bit around here. When DH got home, we went for a run/bike ride. I ran farther! Ran for 1.25 miles, then jogged/walked back! DH is trying to encourage me to go farther!

Planted the plants I bought over the weekend. First time with broccoli and cauliflower. Will be interested in seeing how they do.

Co-op today. 5 more practices until the musical. Am praying about continuing to be the director. Just not sure if I want to keep doing it. I love the kids, but am getting a little worn out at all the details that need to be taken care of.

Hope you have a great day!

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#244127 - 04/03/12 08:21 AM Re: April Productivity [Re: Wendy]
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After I finished my to do's yesterday I took Finn for a walk. A little longer trip each day, he is doing ok so far.

Came in and made a new dessert recipe with Laura, came out great, shared some with Cathy next door also.

Had leftovers for dinner and decided to do some more cleaning in the kitchen. Washed the underside of the upper cabinets, it's amazing what came off on the cloth. Cleaned the undercabinet lights too.

DD is coming Saturday to get her taxes done, and probably staying over till Sunday morning. I'll make a brunch for us so she can leave early. Then, maybe I will join Laura for Easter dinner or at least make some appetizers to bring over and hang out a bit.

#244133 - 04/03/12 08:58 AM Re: April Productivity [Re: dianaro2]
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Got my dentist appt. done yesterday, went thrift store shopping and bought 11 or 12 pieces of nice clothing for myself, MIL, and DS as well as a purse for 7 bucks! DS went to lunch with IL's and then back to their place for a nap. Picked him up and then came home to make dinner, ate on the back porch, took the dogs out for a long walk before putting him to bed. Washed a boatload of dishes, picked up toys from living room and vacuumed.

This am, have been cleaning the kitchen, got all new dirty dishes washed, made breakfast, cleaned off kitchen countertops, cut up and washed lettuce, cleaned microwave with vinegar,
had DS make an easter card for my parents and have it ready to go in the mail. Getting ready to head out for the park/playground and a trip to Ben & Jerry's for free ice cone day. Hope to get some things done at home during DS' naptime later.

#244136 - 04/03/12 09:48 AM Re: April Productivity [Re: fleur2330]
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Waterlady, finally the house deal is done, wooohooo!

Wendy, go girl you can run!

Fleur, very productive!

Yesterday did not much else but lounge around, then went out to dinner and a movie with a GF, yay R&R. This morning had to drive DS to work again, car being repaired, again. Went grocery shopping and I've got a chicken cooking as well as a stew. Laundry started, cleaned up the bathroom and put away clothes from last week's laundry day!

I was so busy last week with appointments and working the weekend that I wasn't able to finish all my weekly chores and I was too tired to tackle them yesterday. Oh well one of the advantages of being alone I guess!

I printed this month's organizing checklist. I have eliminated cleaning product duplicates (only had two bottles I poured into one). I jotted down ideas if I do get the weeks I want for vacation. I hope to go through my summer wardrobe before I have to leave for work later. Extra organizing activities do make me feel productive and proactive!

#244141 - 04/03/12 12:30 PM Re: April Productivity [Re: Bubblegum]
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Mary and Karen - Thanks for the support. I've worked out how to import photos onto spreadsheet which is going to help a lot.

Today, I've been a little hurricane. I got the sitting room tided then the downstairs vaccummed.

While lunch was cooking (left Dad to watch it) I did 10 minutes of gardening - just pulling out dead stuff.

I have also done a lot of the class work, including the homework. I just need to put bits onto flash cards and learn them all. We're on Easter break now so I've got plenty of time to do that.

The weather here has dropped again, last week in Scotland it was in the 20s and now they have thick layers of snow. It's pure madness!

#244147 - 04/03/12 03:54 PM Re: April Productivity [Re: blessmymess]
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i ended up listening to another motivational thing on here and went to bed about 3pm, mon.

i woke up at midnight. i dusted the gbr, then emptied the dw and did the dailies inc restocking my water and diet caff free coke. i ran vinegar thru the coffee maker and after that, i finished reading the feb cosmo, took a shower and washed my hair. next i started my sweaters and started cooking. i fixed blt's (for snack) pan fried pork chops and mary's potatoes. i put the chops and potatoes away for meals later in the week. i finished cleaning up the k at 8am w the dw still running. then i read my just in's on here, ate some fish, potatoes and tomato slices, unloaded the dw and left to go see my nurse. i got home just in time to watch dool <yiipy) i finished reading my 75 for tue, listened to a show on here, then realized that they made my next appt for the wrong date. i called the office and got it changed, then didn't see an appt for my therapist witten down, so i called her too. dumb me.... the appt for THIS month hasn't happened yet and i was looking at MAY for an appt that hasn't even been made yet! next i called sears about my tire.... it dry rotted :o(. i'm waiting for him to call back so i can ok the price on a new tire. i unloaded the dw for the third time today while i was on hold w the nurse's office. no mail.

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#244148 - 04/03/12 06:17 PM Re: April Productivity [Re: mary57]
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Hi everyone!
Wow, talk about busy gals.

Wendy: If you aren't enjoying that anymore, you should give it up. You are doing great on the walks/runs.

Sounds like you are happy with your cleaned up room!

Glad Finn is doing better each day.

Quite a deal on he clothes! You are one busy mom.

Great going!

Hey, all work and no play makes Bubblegum flat! LOL

As usual a busy gal..

I did three batches of laundry, all put away. Straightened out the craft room, after working on some Mother's day items,
sorted thru another drawer of stamps for the GS, swept the laundry room and cleaned up after doing the laundry, wiped down the appliances, worked on beading. Tired now.
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#244152 - 04/03/12 06:45 PM Re: April Productivity [Re: dianaro2]
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Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and worked on the document I had brought home from the office.

Today, I scheduled an appt. for the car service, dusted the living room & dining area, swept the whole house and took a short nap!

#244153 - 04/03/12 07:41 PM Re: April Productivity [Re: blessmymess]
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I totally bummed out all day.

Did nothing. DGF called, spent, I hate to admit, almost 3 hours on the phone. I had some problems we discussed, so it wasn't a waste of time, I really needed some good advice. Went to town to do the usual runs, took Finn with me, and saw my plumber. I almost ran him over to get him to stop, LOL. We made the date for Friday to get things done.

Came home, the lawyer emailed me that the closing is not far away for Mom's, PTL, TYG. This is the last thing now to end the estate. I am looking forward to the closure. Family will get their checks soon, and that's the end of it. That's all they want is their money. Won't have to ever deal with them again.

DD has postponed the wedding. It was coming too soon too fast. Unexpected money problems are throwing a "wrench" into the venue.

A lot going on here for me.

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