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#243883 - 03/26/12 03:26 PM Social Media Management
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As a small firm, you likely can't afford to pay for social media management. Do you have any tips for how you manage or maintain blog entries, facebook updates, tweets, pins and more?
Clearly it could become a fulltime job but you already have organizing as a fulltime job. (not to mention your own website!)

One thing that can help is to develop a marketing plan. Instead of hopping about topics, choose a focus. Perhaps one month it is kids and another the garage. Yet another is time management. That way you are directing your research, links and knowledge into one area instead of spreading so thin.

Any tips on how to juggle it all would be something we can all use.
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#244091 - 04/02/12 11:11 AM Re: Social Media Management [Re: Lea Schneider]
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I hadn't piped in here because I was waiting for Bonnie to start. smile

I think even spending 10 minutes a day on social media can be an effective tool. If you're posting tips you can write a whole slew of those in advance and have them ready to go.

I'm hearing two things out there in the social media world which may or not be valid. One is don't just schedule your posts via an automatic sending system, you want to start a conversation, not just talk at people. Secondly, don't post the exact same thing on your twitter that you're posting on your Facebook or people will stop following one or the other. Why should they be following both if there's no unique information?

I think the bottom line, like with any organizing is have a plan, have a system. Don't just throw stuff out there. Limit your Facebook posting to maybe every other day whereas twitter you can tweet several times a day, people expect it. Blog posts I'd suggest once a week. Whatever you decide, consistent is a good goal. That way your followers know what to expect. And don't keep recycling stuff. I see many organizers out there who tweet the same stuff they did two weeks before. It's just annoying.
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#244101 - 04/02/12 12:23 PM Re: Social Media Management [Re: Kimberly Purcell]
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Well apparently, I'm wanted on this topic smile

Okay I agree that having a plan is very important. Know what you want to say and when. You can schedule, however, you need to go back to see what replies are being sent to you, etc. You can't just say things and walk away. Its like talking at someone and hanging up the phone. So while you can use scheduling software, don't depend on it and cross social media off your list as done.

Kimberly is right, its better to provide content that is unique to Facebook and Twitter. However, you can use things both places. Lots of customers are not comfortable with one or the other so you may be reaching different people.

You can schedule things out ahead of time on your planned topic, however, be open to adding things as new stories come up, products come out etc. People want to feel like they are chatting with you.

Attrition is low with social media. Meaning, that if someone "likes" you on Facbeook, you will really have to bother them in order for them to "unlike" you.

Some organizing choose to hire an outside firm, while many do social media themselves. If you are doing it yourself, limit the time you spend. Otherwise you can get sucked in and spend a whole day "social mediaing".
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