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#242551 - 02/14/12 07:29 AM Re: I've gotten back into BINDERS [Re: Gabby]
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Just bought the post-it tabs yesterday!

#243164 - 03/03/12 10:01 AM Re: I've gotten back into BINDERS [Re: Waterlady]
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In one of my binders, it's mostly 'regular paper' hole punched and in the binder rings, so I'm using page protectors as the dividers, since they're that extra half-inch or so wider, I don't need to do anything to them, I just slip in a piece of paper that says what the section is. smile
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#243182 - 03/03/12 04:28 PM Re: I've gotten back into BINDERS [Re: raymond_valerie]
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I don't think I ever shared so far, an idea that I find works for me. I have a small binder that I keep in the basket tray on the coffee table in the family area of the kitchen. I use this binder mainly for scraps of information.

I keep these pieces of paper (sometimes the backs of old greeting cards or other recycled paper) in pockets that I create by taking large envelopes (sometimes recycled too) and cutting the size I need, for a pocket, then punching holes in it. I cut a diagonal at the top right hand of the pocket to make it easier to get at the contents.

The pockets are then labeled, for example "Shopping Lists". There might be one list for a distant town that we visit infrequently, where items unobtainable locally might be found. Another list would be for "Seniors' Day" at the local drug store.
Another pocket is for notes I make when talking on the phone with DSF. One is for reference items, those scraps of interest that one keeps for a short while. One is for my tossing record, so I know what I have already listed before.

It all helps me to have my scraps and organize them, at the same time avoiding clutter!
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#244424 - 04/10/12 09:45 AM Re: I've gotten back into BINDERS [Re: Suzy]
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Originally Posted By: Suzy
I'm a binder convert & wrote in a JDI post about how I helped my sister-in-law who has cancer organize all her medical stuff in a binder & the docs (5) at her consultation that she was tape recording (another idea I thought up as she had a hard time writing notes & keeping track of the ongoing conversation) spent so much time "oohing & aahing" about the binder that she had to turn off the tape recorder & rewind so as not to use up all the tape before the actual consultation began! She said the docs were very impressed (thanks GONers!).

I have LARGE binders for medical stuff--a tab for each doctor & a tab for stuff that is filed & awaiting payment from insurance (haha) & those that need to be filed, bills paid, all receipts from each appt., etc.

Then I have the binder which I have named "For When I'm Not Here" (husband doesn't like the title) but I have a table of contents & was able to prove its value recently when he got a new laptop & needed to set it up for our wifi at home & in AZ. It was located easily in the binder!!

I also have a binder for my mail-order medications. What a complicated nightmare!

When you label the binders front & back & on the side that is very important when you are a binder fiend like I am!--Suzy

I have a binder for everything!

For me it is so much easier than filing. I label them w/sticky "name tags" (large labels) front, side & back so that I know what is in every one. Also, if I need all this info. I can just grab the binder instead of searching through a file.

Also, have you seen the "backpack files"? they are closed on 3 sides & kind of stand upright rather than sideways like a normal file folder. It is great for traveling; I keep all our travel stuff in these & they fit into my (YES!) backpack that I carry on the plane very well & they have really cute patterns (I guess they think only young people use back packs!).

Can I ask you to share your table of contents for the "When I'm Gone File"? I am putting one together and need some help.



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#249987 - 09/15/12 07:25 AM Re: I've gotten back into BINDERS [Re: beaglelady]
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Hi Gabby - you know me - the Queen of Notebooks and Binders. I have to get mine up to date. Thanks for the ideas on dividers.
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