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#223317 - 12/28/10 09:56 AM Branches Week 6: Family Rm + RM of choice
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Good morning
Think of your home as a tree and each room is a branch of that tree.

First, break the house up into branches (manageable areas), which can be DEEP cleaned in a week's time.

For each branch, compile a list of all the tasks you'll need to do to get that room to SPARKLE! This includes cleaning, dusting and vacuuming the areas behind and under furniture, washing windows and curtains, etc.

Also, put together a Weekly Cleaning List to keep things looking good. Each week, finish your Weekly Cleaning THEN focus on doing some deep cleaning in this week's branch.

Cycle through the branches, one per week, to maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout the house.

Here's the schedule of Branches we'll be following:

Week 1: Entry/Living Room
Week 2: Dining Room/Laundry Room
Week 3: Bathrooms/Front Porch
Week 4: Kitchen/Back Porch
Week 5: Children’s Room/Guest Room + Closets for those rooms
Week 6: Family Room/Room of choice
Week 7: Master Bedroom/Master Closet
Week 8: All House Cleaning

Some sample "Choice" Rooms:
Office, Pantry, Craft Room, Garage, Attic, etc.

Make your master and individual branch lists work for YOU. The lists we share here are just our own examples; yours should be designed to suit your own home and situation.

If the branch you're working on needs decluttering, focus on that first. It's much easier to clean a room that doesn't have piles and boxes everywhere. Even if the whole house needs decluttering, this is a good way to focus on a room at a time on a regular schedule.

This isn't a competition. Just go at your own pace, as that will be exactly right for you. We are all here to support and encourage one another.

Start with a new branch each week. If you don't finish all the tasks on your branch list for the week, that's OK--you're already ahead of where you were before, and the unfinished tasks will still be there for you when you cycle back to this branch. If you finish early one week, you can go back to work on previous branches.

Don't overload yourself too much every week. The goal is to do a little bit at a time. Spend just 15 – 30 minutes per day in your branch. You should also find that “branch” cleaning gets easier once you've been doing it for a while.
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#223320 - 12/28/10 10:44 AM Re: Branches Week 6: Family Rm + RM of choice [Re: STRIVING]
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My room of choice will be the kitchen. I want to go through the cupboards and use up the junk food or give it to the kids in our street. I am not using the word diet but I certainly need to cut down. So reorganizing the cupboards and cleaning them as I go is the plan.

#223338 - 12/28/10 04:01 PM Re: Branches Week 6: Family Rm + RM of choice [Re: Karen1975]
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Thanks STRIVING for changing out the branches while I was visiting with the family! Still have DD1 here and will be running here and there, but will try to post.
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#223498 - 12/31/10 02:36 PM Re: Branches Week 6: Family Rm + RM of choice [Re: dianaro2]
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The Family room was swept and tidied earlier this week, in readiness for DD's friends coming over for their holiday get together. I'll clean it again after the Christmas tree is taken down, next weekend.

Room of Choice was the laundry closet, which I swept and tidied up a bit.