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#188549 - 06/01/09 12:54 AM Re: 5 Little Sayings to Help You Get Organized [Re: mapster]
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thanks for posting this as i agree. however as someone who hates to shop, i mostly dealt with the issue of gifts by telling people that i prefer that they would take me out to lunch.

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#188794 - 06/02/09 11:09 PM Re: 5 Little Sayings to Help You Get Organized [Re: mary57]
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I am supposed to be getting help deep cleaning my apartment soon and i know there are things i hate that every body else loves. Things they claim make my life easier but live with me and they would see i rarely use them and the stuff i love they hate.

how can i make them understand im a quality and versitlity person not a price tag girl
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#188822 - 06/03/09 09:48 AM Re: 5 Little Sayings to Help You Get Organized [Re: Ficlite]
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CO, what a great reminder. Thanks for finding the article and posting it for us!

I too am in the process of going for quality over quantity. I've been on a quest for a long time to simplify and only keep those things around me that I absolutely love. I've a long way to go but I am on the journey. Many of the article points are common sense, but when it comes to our belongings, sometimes emotions rule over common least for me anyway. Reminders like this help keep me on the journey to simplify.

Ficlite, could you request gift cards rather than things they think would make your life easier? That way, you could pick what you want, and they'd still have the satisfaction of having given you a gift.
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#188876 - 06/03/09 03:04 PM Re: 5 Little Sayings to Help You Get Organized [Re: BonnieS]
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Wanted to say WELCOME TO GON! What about suggesting food gifts, or a gift card from a local food store? You can pick what you need, and they just pay for the wrapping or other things!

I think Gift cards are the best! For restaurants, books, food, pharmacy anything.
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