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#184031 - 04/02/09 12:42 PM Re: APRIL PRODUCTIVITY [Re: blessmymess]
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That is my good GONer listening and resting....No Bless, you didn't tell on Bonnie....GONer mom can find things out very easily sometimes. LOL

Glad to hear you are taking time with things. You were one sick GONer is all I can say.

Went to a meeting, haircut, DS2s home for coffee, took care of and fed the pets lunch, and now will end the month of budget work. Didn't get to DeskDay yesterday.

Worked a little in the craft room last night. Found a bunch of cards and embellishments. Gosh, I want them all together so I can either use them or donate them!
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#184050 - 04/02/09 04:41 PM Re: APRIL PRODUCTIVITY [Re: dianaro2]
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I finally got the end of the posts!! WHEW!! There was a lot to read!! You girls are working so hard!! WAY TO GO!!!

Kristil, So sorry about your DH. I read that this morning and immediately started lifting you up to the Lord's throne. May He hold you tight right now.

I've been EXTREMELY busy and have barely had time to keep up with things on here. I won't bore you with all the details, but we're in the process of refinancing our home loan. We found a lower interest rate with less amount of years. Will save us quite a bit in the long run, but may increase payments slighty. Should be no problem, as long as DH's job is secure.

DH's bday is tomorrow, so I've been doing little things throughout the week to prepare. Pretty sure I have all the ingredients for supper, and presents wrapped and ready.

Need to bake bread tonight. Already have the wheat ground, just need to mix and bake. Such a rainy day here, not wanting to do much of anything but SLEEP!!

Keep up the great work everyone!!

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#184052 - 04/02/09 04:43 PM Re: APRIL PRODUCTIVITY [Re: Wendy]
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OK, got my living room done, just need to vaccum...Off I go. I'm dtermined to get it all done tonight. Then go from there. My whole house is horrible, it looks like its been raided!
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#184055 - 04/02/09 04:58 PM Re: APRIL PRODUCTIVITY [Re: dianaro2]
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you ladies have been doing great as always!

i shaved the forest then scrubbed both bathrooms and empyied the dw while listening to dool. i worked on reading e-mail - i had less than 2 months left on the 1st of 4 dailies and i finished reading all of the 1st daily e-mail. i read 70 min in 'the old testament prophets: then and now'.


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#184061 - 04/02/09 07:50 PM Re: APRIL PRODUCTIVITY [Re: dianaro2]
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Am starting to feel like I'm getting a cold, and my co-op started feeling sick this afternoon...things are not looking good on the health front.

Taught all day, and stayed after a bit for the last day of an after school program. Came home, put clothes away/in hamper. Played some wii tennis with DDad. Planned out my math lesson for tomorrow.

Showered, ate dinner, and am waiting for my show to come on. Just decided that I don't like what I had planned for my math lesson, so I'm going to try and finish with the changes before my show comes on. If its not done by then, I'll finish after.
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#184064 - 04/02/09 09:00 PM Re: APRIL PRODUCTIVITY [Re: MusicAddict05]
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I was super tired today, so that translated into lazy. \:\) I did manage to get the bills paid and filed.

Kids bedtime routine is done, and I will do the dishes after ER.
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#184065 - 04/02/09 09:36 PM Re: APRIL PRODUCTIVITY [Re: mapster]
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I watched DGD today. So I didn't do much else but play with her. That's a great way to spend a day! I also found a curtain rod. It's up and the new curtain is hanging on it. We hope to move back into our bedroom tommorow. The remodeling is almost done.

#184066 - 04/02/09 10:35 PM Re: APRIL PRODUCTIVITY [Re: heidemarie]
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Gosh you gals have been busy busy!

Bless, I know .... she just knows these things! LOL

Diana, you've had a busy couple of days I think!

Wendy, we've missed you but understand being busy. Enjoy the bday with dh!

Chelly, sounds like a normal home with kids!

Mary, it's neat that you manage to get things done while listening to your soap! Good job.

Rachel, hope you don't end up getting sick. That wouldn't be fun at all.

Pam, getting bills paid and filed is a lot of work! So you can't claim lazy for today... ;\)

Heide, I agree, it's a great way to spend the day! Good job on getting the new curtain hung.

Very little happened around here today....I did get towels folded, took my quite a while but they're done! Still have to get a load of clothes into the washer. I'm not too keen on this multi day laundry process! Oh well, at least it's getting done, slowly but surely.

Since we are at 7 pages already I'm going to close this thread down and start part 2. Great work everyone!!
God bless,
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