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#177539 - 01/26/09 01:30 AM Re: Tips for starting the New Year Organized. [Re: tinytina]
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So far I have set up my new Avon diary - I'd be lost without that. So all order/delivery dates have been put into that as well as birthdays etc....

Wall calender has been done with garbage days, birthdays, bills & appointments already known. Spare room is all clean & tidy again sonce Nan & Pop left.

Washing has been done so that we have DS#2 & I have clean clothes ready for tomorrow when we go back to school - public holiday down here for Australia Day toda.

Fridge is another thing that gets done around here & clothes are checked out before school goes back again - last kid left here so at least it's not as time consuming anymore - lol - still need to go through linen cupboard & pantry......

We were watching a program down here about smoke detectors and how most people sleep right through them & especially children. Apparently they are the wrong pitch to wake us up - they should be more like the sound of an alarm clock they were saying.
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#177880 - 01/29/09 07:46 AM Re: Tips for starting the New Year Organized. [Re: Monique21]
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Another thing that I did was to check the expiration dates on some of the electronic warranties. I want to make sure that they are serviced prior to the warranty expiring if possible. You know something usually quits within a week of the warranty expiring.

Also update car maintenance info - post approximate date that an oil change, fuses, etc need to be checked/changed.
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#177900 - 01/29/09 09:56 AM Re: Tips for starting the New Year Organized. [Re: halebop]
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ah Halebop thanks for reminder about warranty expire now gotton go through this check out.

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