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#169645 - 10/24/08 10:56 AM Re: Lists [Re: BonnieS]
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Count me in on being a big list maker!

I have a number of lists, which I keep all in one folder. I type them in Word and they are mostly used as reminders. Each list has sections with the title of the particular type of project over each section.

I have notepads all over my apartment. I keep a notepad by my bed. I also keep a notepad in the living room on the coffee table, one on the kitchen counter, and one in my second bedroom (my office).

You just never know when a thought or idea will come up or you see something that you want to make a note of.

#169653 - 10/24/08 11:57 AM Re: Lists [Re: legalpenguin]
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OK I confess. I like lists. If I don't watch it, i'll make lists of my lists. I have to watch that perfectionism thing... LOL

#207847 - 02/12/10 05:26 PM Re: Lists [Re: bballfan]
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I keep a list of my daily tasks. I print the lists three to a page and cut them to separate and carry one list with me each day. I check items off as I complete them (love the sense of accomplishment). It helps me stay on track and ensures that I don't forget anything. I'm practicing not being obsessive about it - I don't overwhelm myself with tons of items. I've tried other methods - electronic, planners, etc. but the idea of carrying just a little slip of paper with essential items listed has really worked well for me.
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#207865 - 02/13/10 11:25 AM Re: Lists [Re: CountryOrg]
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That sounds great. You've got the most important thing mastered and that is continuing to try things until you find what works for you!
Lea Schneider
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#207880 - 02/13/10 01:49 PM Re: Lists [Re: Lea Schneider]
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I am another list person. My weekly list is called Homework and one side is tasks I need to do at home. I have the other side divided into three sections.

One section lists the days of the week and I note if I have any appointments. The second section is a To Call list. I write the name/company I need to call and their phone number. If it is a call I need to document (insurance company, SS, Drs off), I put a phone log paper behind my lists and can write everything about the call there. The third section is for website or companies I hear about when I listen to the radio at work. I jot it down on the list and can look them up when I get home.

I keep my Homework list on a clipboard and my master list and any other lists behind it. I print the weekly list on bright or seasonal paper. With the bright paper I can always spot it if I leave it under the newspaper on the coffee table.

Yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed at work, took 10" and wrote out what my tasks and opportunities were and felt much better.
Matthew 6:25-34 not worry...

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