Dirty Little Secrets Is that food item really expired? Here’s how to know for sure… Here’s the secret: The words included with the date on your food can be confusing to consumers and often end up in us discarding perfectly good food. Use this to help guide your “keep or toss” decision. Use-By: This is the last date you should eat the food for safety reasons. Now, if your milk is a day or two past the “Use by” date, and it still looks and smells fine, it probably is. But, the further food gets from the Use-By date, the more likely it is going bad, or is bad…so this is the one you want to take more seriously. Sell-By: This label is aimed at “retailers” (your supermarket)…not you. It informs THEM of the date the product should be removed from the shelves. Safety guidelines say most dairy products are good 7 to 10 days after their “sell-by” date. Meat must be frozen by its “sell-by” date, but it’s still okay to defrost it and eat later. And canned foods should not have a bloated lid or any major creases. That’s a sign it may have been contaminated and could make you sick. Best-By: The suggested date the product should be consumed to assure the best quality of the item. So, if your crackers are past their expiration date, they’re likely not going to make you sick…but they may taste stale and wouldn’t be worth eating for that reason alone.
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