Reader Question I love, love, love getting your emails with hints and tips on how to be more organized. One question I have is how do I organize my son’s Legos? He likes to leave them up for a while once he has made them, which is understandable, but I don't have loads of room (who does?) to keep them all out at once. Pieces usually fall off and get mixed up, so I also need to know how to organize the manuals that go with them. Please help. --Nicki Folland-Smith, from Kent, England Our Response Dear Nicki, I’m glad you’re enjoying my tips...thank you! Regarding your question, I am a huge fan of Legos. They’re one of those toys that “keeps on giving” for years. My daughter first began playing with them when she was little...and even now at 10 years old, she still does. There are two types of Legos...a) those that aren’t involved in any sort of “set” which encourages creative masterpieces and b) those that you purchase in a set to make already-thought-out creations, which encourages the importance of details and the need for following instructions. For the more general Legos that aren’t restricted to a “set”, I have a large plastic bin that holds all of the pieces when not in use. This allows my daughter to reach inside, swish them around, and grab what she needs. I actually purchased a Lego baseplate a while ago, which is basically a small “floor” for the artistic creation being built. When my daughter builds, she builds on this baseplate. If a project is in-process, she can easily move it from the table to the fireplace step without damaging the structure. Our rule: the latest creation can be left out, as long as it’s restricted to the baseplate. Once she tires of that creation, she has to dismantle it and begin there is only one creation out at any given time. For the Lego “sets,” the pieces immediately go into a large, gallon-size Ziploc bag, labeled with the name of the may need a larger bag depending on the size of the set (Ziploc also sells 3-gallon size). We include a cut-out picture of what the finished creation should look like (from the box), along with the manual. The nice thing with these is you can see right through them, so you can easily grab what you need. Creations in progress remain on a cookie sheet, or other “homemade” base, so they can be moved off the table when needed. She is allowed to display finished creations in her room on her shelves...but when space runs out, she has to choose older creations to dismantle...and those pieces get put back in the appropriate Ziploc. All of these Ziploc “packets” are stored in a large container in our basement. Later on, we’ll be able to sell these at a rummage sale or donate them...and the recipient will have everything he or she needs. Hope this gives you some ideas to keep your son’s Legos organized! Maria Gracia Reader Clinic Submittal Have an organizing question? We'd love to hear from you. Please fill in your answers to all questions below. Then press SEND. If your browser does not allow you to use forms, just type all of your answers in an email and send the email to Your tips and ideas may be printed in one of our future newsletters as a featured Reader Tip. In addition, it may be published in one of our future books, with your name, city and state! By submitting this form, you agree to allow us to reprint your tip(s) or idea(s) in our future publications. Be sure to read our newsletter each week to find out if your tip was chosen to be featured. Thank you! Maria Gracia To submit your Organizing Question, please fill out the form below: All fields are required

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