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October, 2014 Welcome to our monthly organizing checklist. There's a different organizing suggestion for you to do every day of the month--all easy, down-to-earth, and no thinking 'what should I do?' required. When the month changes, so does our checklist. Join our weekly newsletter to be notified when the newest checklist is available. For a PRINTABLE VERSION, click here ____ Oct  1 See what’s new at the farmers market. Buy some fall vegetables and roast them in the oven for a delicious side dish. ____ Oct  2 Decorate for fall. Make a new fall wreath for the front door. Change candles to fall scents like pumpkin or apple spice. Put out fall- themed dishtowels. ____ Oct  3 Clean out your closet. Those summer clothes you never wore? Maybe it’s time to let them go. Do you have fall clothes you no longer like? Donate them so that someone else may get some use from them. ____ Oct  4 Are costumes needed for Halloween? Time to get busy if you are making them. Shop before they get picked over if you are not. ____ Oct  5 Head out to a fall festival. There are often several fall festivals held in October. Watch your local paper for ones near you.  ____ Oct  6 October is a good time to clean out the garage and the attic. Usually the days are not too hot or too cold for working in either place. Schedule a day on the calendar for each of these areas. ____ Oct  7 Declutter those magazines that have piled up. ____ Oct  8 Clean outside light fixtures. If you have fixtures that wasps or spiders may have built nests in, check carefully or wear gloves. ____ Oct  9 Clean light fixtures inside. You may be surprised at what a difference clean light fixtures make. .____ Oct  10 Attend a high school football game and cheer on your favorite team. Want tons of great ideas for getting organized at home and in the office? Check out my books, Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home and Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Office. Now available in both print and digital PDF format. ____ Oct  11 Wash windows. They will then be nice and clean for those colder days ahead. ____ Oct  12 Clean out the freezer. Make an inventory of its contents. Perhaps you will find a prepared meal you had frozen and you can have it for dinner tonight instead of cooking. ____ Oct  13  Years ago, Columbus was searching for a new route to be used to bring back spices from the East. Today, go through your spices and herbs and discard old ones. Reorganize them so you can find them. ____ Oct  14 When was the last time you cleaned out the drawers of the nightstand? If you can’t remember, it may be time to declutter them again. ____ Oct  15 Collect and press brightly colored leaves with your children. Keeping on top of everything going on in your life is easy, when you have the Get Organized Now!™ Easy Organizer.  ____ Oct  16 The area under the sink can quickly become a catch-all for things like extra jars, half burned candles, etc. Declutter under your sink and see how much you can eliminate. ____ Oct  17 Have you ever wandered through antique or vintage stores? Even if you know nothing about antiques and are not a collector, these are often fun places just to wander through. You may see things your grandmother or mother used. At a certain age you may come across things that you once owned or still own. Seeing a set of mixing bowls similar to those you may have received for a wedding present may bring back nice memories. It could motivate you to clean out things you no longer want and consider selling them. ____ Oct  18 Have a pet-oriented afternoon. Go through pet toys, separating the ignored ones. Either put them away to bring out in the future or discard them. Look for something new your pet would enjoy. Take the dog for a walk in new territory so there will be new and exciting smells. Give the dog a bath or take him/her in for grooming before the weather gets cold. If your cat seems to need a bath, though most do not, try a waterless cat shampoo that you can get at the pet store. ____ Oct  19 Go to a pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins...some for halloween carving, some for front porch decoration. .____ Oct  20 Time to clean the ceiling fans. There are special brushes made for this. Or slip an old pillowcase over each blade one by one, dusting as you pull it off; dust will remain inside the pillowcase. ____ Oct  21 Back up your computer files. Use cloud storage or an external hard drive. Store the external drive in your safe deposit box. ____ Oct  22 If you have stairs in your home, clean them. Deep vacuum the stairs and or use a foaming carpet shampoo. Clean and polish the railings and spindles. ____ Oct  23 Clean up the garden areas, removing old and spent plants. Clean and repair any gardening tools before retiring them for the winter. ____ Oct  24 Sit down and take care of the mending jobs you’ve been putting off. Reattach buttons, fix hems, mend tears. If nothing needs fixing, are there things that need ironing? Enjoy a podcast or music while you do this. ____ Oct  25 Fall is a great time for chili. Invite friends over for a large pot of chili and to watch a football game or a movie. Or, how about organizing a neighborhood chili cook off? ____ Oct  26 Bring in any lawn furniture that needs to be protected from winter weather on the way. Move tender plants inside or to your greenhouse. Know where sheets, or whatever you use to cover plants, are in preparation for the first freeze of the year. ____ Oct  27 Declutter your books. How many will you reread or refer back to? Pass them along to a local library, church, or Goodwill. While you are at it, you can clean books off your e-reader too and they will just be archived in the cloud. ____ Oct  28 As the weather cools, try a new indoor hobby—maybe knitting. Make a throw for a cold night. ____ Oct  29 Plant some bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils to enjoy next spring. ____ Oct  30 Plant some bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils. ____ Oct  31 Sweep the front porch and sidewalk free of dirt or debris. Be sure to have your bowl of giveaways ready for the first trick or treaters.
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