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February, 2016 Welcome to our monthly organizing checklist. There's a different organizing suggestion for you to do every day of the month--all easy, down-to-earth, and no thinking 'what should I do?' required. When the month changes, so does our checklist. Join our weekly newsletter to be notified when the newest checklist is available. For a PRINTABLE VERSION, click here ____ Feb 1 It’s American Heart Month. Plan some healthy meals. Go for a walk. If you have not seen your doctor in a while, make an appointment for a checkup. ____ Feb 2 Groundhog Day.  According to the Huffington Post, in the past 100 years, Punxsutawney Phil has only been right about 39% of the time. Don’t pack your winter clothes away yet. ____ Feb 3 How are your New Year’s resolutions going? If you have slipped a bit, start again. ____ Feb 4 Homemade Soup Day.  Make extra and freeze for another time. ____ Feb 5 February is also National Bird Feeding Month. Keep bird feeders filled, especially if you live where snow covers the ground much of the winter.  ____ Feb 6 Is there a drawer where you keep pens, pencils, markers, crayons, etc. Go through it and get rid of pens or markers that don’t work, as well as nubs of pencils or crayons. .____ Feb 7 Super Bowl Sunday. Invite friends for a potluck meal and watch together. ____ Feb 8 Clean Out Your Computer Day. Like file drawers, there is clutter on the computer too — old receipts, old emails, recipes you will never make. Delete all unnecessary files. ____ Feb 9 Mardi Gras. Wear colorful beads. Enjoy some Cajun or Creole food. ____ Feb 10 If you did not do this in January, buy birthday cards to have ready to send. Restock your supply of Thank You, Get Well, Sympathy, or New Baby cards. Want a clutter-free home once and for all? Check out my brand new Goodbye Clutter resource! Visit: http://www.getorganizednow.com/goodbye-clutter-sl.html?cl ____ Feb 11 Clean your phone. Phones harbor a lot of germs due to frequent handling. ____ Feb 12 Simmer citrus peels and cinnamon sticks on the stove or in a small crockpot to make the house smell good. Or set out a bowl of vinegar to help get rid of odors that seem to linger more during winter months when our windows are shut. ____ Feb 13 Take everything off your desk and give it a good cleaning. Brush dust from your keyboard. As you put things back, consider if you really need/want them on your desk. ____ Feb 14 Valentine’s Day. Send a valentine to someone who would not expect it. ____ Feb 15 President’s Day. George Washington’s birthday is observed. Perhaps a good day for a cherry pie? Do you want more time in your day to get things done AND to find the time to do what you love? Check out my 501 Tips and Ideas for Finding More Time resource! Visit: http://www.getorganizednow.com/time.html?cl ____ Feb 16 Clean out under the kitchen sink. Get rid of old or unused cleaning products. Check for leaks. ____ Feb 17 Random Acts of Kindness Day. What can you do for someone? ____ Feb 18 Seed catalogs start arriving this month. Think about what you would like to plant and order early. ____ Feb 19 Go through your house and look at the knick knacks on your shelves. Do they need cleaning? Change or rearrange them for a fresh view. ____ Feb 20 Love Your Pet Day.  Clean your pet’s bowls. Often we just add fresh water, or do a quick rinse before adding fresh food (especially if using dry food). Today, wash them well with soap and water. Wash their blankets too. ____ Feb 21 When did you last launder the bathmats? ____ Feb 22 If you have a mattress that needs turning, do it this month, but save your back, get someone to help. ____ Feb 23 Do you need to buy more sand or salt to keep steps and sidewalks safe if it gets icy? ____ Feb 24 If you have stairs in your home, clean the railing. ____ Feb 25 It’s Chili Day. Try chili a different way, over pasta or a baked potato. .____ Feb 26 Use a microfiber cloth to clean TVs and computer screens throughout the house. ____ Feb 27 Clean the carpets. If you are feeling ambitious, do a steam cleaning. If not, a spray-on that dries and gets vacuumed will freshen it. ____ Feb 28 It’s Oscar’s Night.  Make some popcorn and cheer for your favorite movies and actors. Multi-task and work on that neglected craft project while you watch. ____ Feb 29 Leap Year Day…a good day to catch up on something you’ve fallen behind on.
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