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July, 2016 Make a big splash this summer…and get organized! Start today with our NEW July, 2016 Organizing Checklist! Join our weekly newsletter to be notified when the newest checklist is available. For a PRINTABLE VERSION, click here ____ Jul 1 The weather is heating up. July is a good month for indoor tasks. List what you would like to accomplish this month. ____ Jul 2 If you are planning a major remodel or update to your kitchen, summer is a good time. You can cook outdoors on the grill and also eat outside while the kitchen is being done. ____ Jul 3 Go “Green”! Please reusable bags in the car to use when shopping. ____ Jul 4 Get together with friends and family. Be very careful around fireworks. An average of 230 people are injured by fireworks around Independence Day every year. ____ Jul 5 Change up your exercise routine. Try a water exercise class!  ____ Jul 6 I only eat fried chicken once a year…today… National Fried Chicken Day. While its origins are unknown, this is still a good day to enjoy some fried chicken. .____ Jul 7 Before leaving on vacation, have mail and papers stopped, put lights on timers, ask a neighbor to park in your driveway, and have a house sitter or neighbor come in and check on things. ____ Jul 8 Water your yard and/or garden early in the morning. You will not lose as much water to evaporation. ____ Jul 9 Protect wood porches and patio surfaces from stains or rot by using planter feet to elevate pots. ____ Jul 10 Refill water in bird baths and fountains. Want a clutter-free home once and for all? Check out my brand new Goodbye Clutter resource! Visit: http://www.getorganizednow.com/goodbye-clutter-sl.html?cl ____ Jul 11 Refresh hummingbird food every two or three days. Don’t neglect your other bird feeders either. ____ Jul 12 If yard and garden work is on your TO DO list, get out early before it gets hot. Keep water nearby and stay hydrated. ____ Jul 13 Deadhead any roses and other flowers to keep them blooming. ____ Jul 14 Bastille Day. Even if you are not French, celebrate with French or pseudo French food like French onion soup, French fries, French bread, madeleines, and/or quiche. ____ Jul 15 Share extra veggies and flowers from your garden with neighbors. Do you want more time in your day to get things done AND to find the time to do what you love? Check out my 501 Tips and Ideas for Finding More Time resource! Visit: http://www.getorganizednow.com/time.html?cl ____ Jul 16 If you have a clothesline, take advantage of warm weather to dry some laundry outside. ____ Jul 17 Clean your washer and dryer, especially if sand or dirt is coming in on towels and clothes. ____ Jul 18 Give the dog a bath. He or she will appreciate being cooler. If Fido is really furry, get him a haircut. ____ Jul 19 Plan light meals, main dish salads, and other cold dishes. ____ Jul 20 Start watching for back-to-school sales, and begin to pick up supplies here and there. ____ Jul 21 Clean pet bowls well. Wash with soap and water. You would not want your food plates just quickly rinsed off. Neither does Fluffy. ____ Jul 22 Pull out the fridge and clean behind (especially if you have teen boys at home to help). Vacuum refrigerator coils. ____ Jul 23 Add a rinse agent to your dishwasher, or refill. ____ Jul 24 Start a savings account at your bank for a vacation or a new TV. ____ Jul 25 Dust around the ceilings and moldings. Check for cobwebs in windows, and remove. Dust has a way of accumulating on fan blades. Check and dust if necessary. ____ Jul 26 It’s my birthday…take the day off and relax! I know that’s what I’ll be doing! ____ Jul 27 With kids coming in and out, fingerprints are common. Go through your home with a damp cloth and wipe doors, light switches, and faucets. ____ Jul 28 Buy some wide rubber bands and write kids names on them. Put them around drinking glasses or plastic cups to save on washing. ____ Jul 29 Wash your garbage cans. Spray with the hose, then use a disinfecting cleaner. Rinse if necessary. ____ Jul 30 Clean and flush hot water heaters. Water heaters are usually in a closet or out of the way area, where they get dusty. They also need draining occasionally and inspecting for leaks. ____ Jul 31 Clean out desk drawers. Do yours and get your kids to do theirs as well.
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