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June, 2016 Make this your most organized summer yet…so you have plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine! Start today with our NEW June, 2016 Organizing Checklist! Join our weekly newsletter to be notified when the newest checklist is available. For a PRINTABLE VERSION, click here ____ Jun 1 When school lets out, clean out backpacks, discard unneeded school paraphernalia, and store gear for the summer. If school is year- round in your area, it’s a great time to weed out backpacks and lockers. ____ Jun 2 Is anything special needed for summer activities? Do you need pool toys, life jackets, hiking poles, etc. for summer adventures? Do you have sunscreen? Make a list. ____ Jun 3 In many places, June is a good month to be outside, since it’s not too hot yet. Look around outside your house for special chores that need doing before the temperature rises. ____ Jun 4 Inspect outside play equipment for rough edges or places where little fingers could get mashed. ____ Jun 5 Do bushes or trees need pruning so they look attractive and don’t “grab” people as they go past?  ____ Jun 6 Change air conditioning filters to keep your cooling system working well. .____ Jun 7 Is pest control needed? Watch for wasps building nests on your porches. ____ Jun 8 Check window screens for holes. Repair. ____ Jun 9 Clean the deck or porch, and porch furniture. ____ Jun 10 Make some homemade iced tea. Want a clutter-free home once and for all? Check out my brand new Goodbye Clutter resource! Visit: http://www.getorganizednow.com/goodbye-clutter-sl.html?cl ____ Jun 11 Clean the dryer vent that goes from your clothes dryer to outside. You may be surprised at the build-up inside. ____ Jun 12 Learn how to grill a pizza outdoors, so you don’t have to turn your oven on. ____ Jun 13 Check fences and garden structures. Do any needed repairs. ____ Jun 14 If you have been planning to paint your home exterior, this is a good time, since June is often warm and dry. By the way, hang your flag if you live in the United States…it’s Flag Day! ____ Jun 15 Check for leaks, inspecting all faucets and sinks, inside and out. Do you want more time in your day to get things done AND to find the time to do what you love? Check out my 501 Tips and Ideas for Finding More Time resource! Visit: http://www.getorganizednow.com/time.html?cl ____ Jun 16 Inspect your home fire extinguishers. Can you get to them easily? Do they still work, or should they be replaced? ____ Jun 17 It’s grilling season. Clean the grill and check supplies of charcoal or gas, as well as any necessary grilling tools. ____ Jun 18 Farmer’s Markets should be in full swing now. Take advantage of fresh fruits and vegetables. ____ Jun 19 It’s Father’s Day. Do something together as a family…that’s fun for the special men in your life. ____ Jun 20 Summer solstice. This is the longest day of the year. Spend a little extra time outside gardening or visiting with neighbors. ____ Jun 21 If you have travel plans, be sure you have your hotel reservations, maps, and other information. ____ Jun 22 Clean the guest room, especially if you have friends or family planning to come and visit. ____ Jun 23 Pick a cloudy day and wash windows, including the sills. ____ Jun 24 Change some décor inside —maybe with some light colored slip covers, summertime place mats, or tablecloths. ____ Jun 25 Clean out the backyard storage building or the garage. ____ Jun 26 Have some reading material in the car for when you are waiting to pick up kids from summer day camps, swim lessons, etc. ____ Jun 27 If you have gutters, check them for debris, and clean out if needed. ____ Jun 28 Buy some wide rubber bands and write kids names on them. Put them around drinking glasses or plastic cups to save on washing. ____ Jun 29 If there were home maintenance tasks you meant to get to this spring and didn’t, make a list and get them done. ____ Jun 30 If you have laid things aside when you cleaned out the storage building, garage, school stuff, etc., take it to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Alternately, plan your garage sale.
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