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April, 2015 Welcome to our monthly organizing checklist. There's a different organizing suggestion for you to do every day of the month--all easy, down-to-earth, and no thinking 'what should I do?' required. When the month changes, so does our checklist. Join our weekly newsletter to be notified when the newest checklist is available. For a PRINTABLE VERSION, click here ____ Apr  1 April is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The garden calls to many of us, as well as the desire to spring clean after a long winter. Take time to sit down and think what tasks, indoor and out, you would like to accomplish this month. What supplies do you need, is it all do-it-yourself work, or do you need to schedule some services? ____ Apr  2 Easter is nearly here. If this is a holiday you celebrate, are there any last minute things you need? Foods for a festive meal, Easter treats, or a special outfit? ____ Apr  3 If you like to do special spring cleaning jobs, make a list of what you want to do. Then look at your calendar to find the best days to do them. ____ Apr  4 Do you have a garden planned? Would you like to start one, or do something simple like a garden of potted plants on the patio? It's a good time to get plants into the ground or pots, before it is so hot that transplanting stresses them. ____ Apr  5 Easter Sunday.  Whether you celebrate it or not, have a family gathering, maybe a picnic if weather permits.  ____ Apr  6 Is the dryer lint hose clear? Check the hose as well as the vent to the outside. .____ Apr  7 What is in the freezer? If you have an inventory, see if if it needs updating. ____ Apr  8 It's one week before taxes are due. If yours are done, pat yourself on the back. If not, it's time to get busy. ____ Apr  9 Time to pack away winter comforters and blankets and get out lighter weight bedclothes. Vacuum the mattress and if possible, wash the pillows. .____ Apr  10 Take time to write a letter or email to someone you haven't heard from in a while. Want tons of great ideas for getting organized at home and in the office? Check out my books, Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home and Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Office. Now available in both print and digital PDF format. ____ Apr  11 Give your home a bit of spring makeover. Put out spring-themed dishtowels and placemats or tablecloths. Change some of the knickknacks around the house. Buy an inexpensive bunch of flowers for the table. ____ Apr  12 Go through your closet and begin to move heavy winter things to the back, to another closet, or wherever you put your out-of-season clothes. You may want to hold onto a warm top or two for unexpected temperature drops. ____ Apr  13  What clothes or shoes did you avoid wearing this winter? That’s your signal to let them go. ____ Apr  14 Clean off porches and patios and get out the outdoor furniture. It probably needs some cleaning too. .____ Apr  15 Tax Day. Celebrate them being done, perhaps with pizza for dinner or whatever else feels fun and special. Keeping on top of everything going on in your life is easy, when you have the Get Organized Now!™ Easy Organizer.  ____ Apr  16 It's National Stress Awareness Day. Do something to de- stress...meditate, take a walk, exercise, whatever works for you. ____ Apr  17 If you have special plans for spring break, be sure everything is done and ready. ____ Apr  18 It's a good month to clean out the gutters. Remove leaves and other debris so if there are any April showers, the gutters will not be clogged. ____ Apr  19 Motivate yourself for spring cleaning. Read some cleaning and organizing blogs. Buy a new broom, or other cleaning tool that will make you want to use it. ..____ Apr  20 Clean the blinds and curtains throughout the house. ____ Apr  21 Clear out read or unlikely-to-be-read books and magazines. Donate what you can, recycle the rest. .____ Apr  22 Earth Day. Set up a recycling center in your home if you don't have one. Make recycling a priority this year. Consider adding a compost bin outside for yard trimmings, etc. ____ Apr  23 Do you have a list of computer passwords? A password manager on the computer is a great way to keep track of them, at least, unless the computer crashes and loses everything. Have an up-to-date hard copy safely stored somewhere. ____ Apr  24 Delete email that has piled up in your inbox. Do the same with useless snail mail on the counter or table. ____ Apr  25 Are the computer and TV screens in your house clean? Dust with a microfiber cloth. Check with the manufacturer for cleaning advice, and never spray glass cleaner on screens. .____ Apr  26 Bath vent fans are easy to overlook, but they get really dusty. Remove the fan cover if you can and vacuum it. ____ Apr  27 Clean the stovetop. Like the oven, this is easy to overlook (or ignore). A clean stovetop makes your whole kitchen look cleaner. ____ Apr  28 Unplug the toaster. Then empty crumbs and  clean the outside it really well. ____ Apr  29 Clean the coffeepot and/or electric kettle. Hard water causes buildup of minerals and often shortens the life of appliances. ____ Apr  30 Change the filters in your AC/heating vents. While you are at it, dust or vacuum the vents throughout the house.
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