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July, 2014 Welcome to our monthly organizing checklist. There's a different organizing suggestion for you to do every day of the month--all easy, down-to-earth, and no thinking 'what should I do?' required. When the month changes, so does our checklist. Join our weekly newsletter to be notified when the newest checklist is available. For a PRINTABLE VERSION, click here ____ Jul  1 Organize and dust your book shelves. ____ Jul  2 Finalize your plans for the Fourth of July and gather up any supplies you need. ____ Jul  3 Consolidate beverage coasters in one place. Weed out your surplus. Organize the rest into a drawer. ____ Jul  4 Take the time to remember Independence Day (or an important event in your country’s history if you’re not from the USA). It’s a good day to spend with family studying the early history of your country and exploring historical sites. ____ Jul  5 Remove all papers, photos, magnets, phone numbers, etc. from your fridge surface. Clean off the refrigerator exterior. Then attach the necessary stuff only back on the fridge.  ____ Jul  6 Spend the day visiting someone sick and/or elderly. Put together a care package for each person you visit...perhaps a few magazines and special teas. ____ Jul  7 Change the sheets on the beds. Replace any worn sheet sets. ____ Jul  8 Spend 30 minutes doing a “beat the clock” cleanup and then head to the library to borrow some fun books. ____ Jul  9 Build a tent in the family room if you have kids. If you don’t, find a comfy reading spot. Then, grab some snacks and spend the day reading those library books. .____ Jul  10 Disinfect one of the toilet bowls in your home. Want tons of great ideas for getting organized at home and in the office? Check out my books, Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home and Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Office. Now available in both print and digital PDF format. ____ Jul  11 Pack a summer essentials bag. Include towels, snacks, swimsuits, sun block, goggles, a first aid kit, swim toys, and a book or magazine. Already have a bag? Then check and replenish any used items. ____ Jul  12 Inventory your supply of postage stamps. Buy more at the post office, or online, if needed. ____ Jul  13 Go visit those in a Veterans Home. They will appreciate having visitors, and you will enjoy providing a listening ear and much needed visit to someone who is lonely. ____ Jul  14 Take the car to the car wash and fill it up with gas while you’re out. ____ Jul  15 Schedule a carpet cleaning appointment for the day after the kids are back in school. Keeping on top of everything going on in your life is easy, when you have the Get Organized Now!™ Easy Organizer.  Now available in both print and digital PDF format. ____ Jul  16 Go through your pantry and storeroom. Discard outdated food and supplies. Make a list of needed items. Then head to the store. ____ Jul  17 Get an early start on preparing for the back-to- school rush. Check school supplies and clothing needs. ____ Jul  18 Wash the outside of the house and the windows. Remember to remove the screens and scrub the dirt and grime from them.  ____ Jul  19 Plan next week’s menus, including some fresh finds from the farmers market. .____ Jul  20 Learn something about your ancestors. ____ Jul  21 Wash the inside windows and windowsills. ____ Jul  22 Christmas in July? Start making your gift list and set your budget for presents. ____ Jul  23 Wipe down all the doorknobs, light switches, phones, computer components, and other places germs may reside. This will help prevent summer colds. ____ Jul  24 Have a stay-cation. Explore the things to do in your own town. ____ Jul  25 Get everyone in the family to dust one room. Then, pull out the board games, popcorn, and other snacks, and enjoy a family night of fun. ____ Jul  26 Say something nice to three people on Facebook or other social media. ____ Jul  27 Take some time to update the family journals and personal journals. Get all your papers organized once and for all, in an organized (find-anything-you-need-in-a-second) filing system. You’ll be the envy of your friends! Discover: My Oh-So-Organized Filing System ____ Jul  28 Spend the day preparing the yard for August and harvest time. Pull all weeds, trim the dead flowers, and plan any changes in the landscape. ____ Jul  29 Clean your dryer vent, inside and outside. ____ Jul  30 Flip the mattresses and vacuum them. ____ Jul  31 Schedule dental and doctor visits. Make sure everyone is current on immunizations.
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