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January, 2010
Welcome to our monthly organizing checklist.
There's a different organizing suggestion for
you to do every day of the month--all easy,
down-to-earth, and no thinking 'what should I
do?' required. When the month changes, so
does our checklist. Join our weekly newsletter 
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____ Jan 1
Rather than setting New Year’s Resolutions, why
not pick 4 to 5 goals to accomplish over the
course of the coming year. As you decide on the
goals, make a note of the steps that are required
to accomplish each goal. Then begin to take
those steps to go forward and complete your
____ Jan 2
Are your files ready to go for the new year? Take
time today to transfer 2009 items to a ‘previous
year’ file and make room for your 2010 filing.
While you are working on your files, purge by
shredding all items you no longer need to keep.
____ Jan 3
If your holiday decorations are still up, make
today a day for the family to take everything
down and put it away. Order in pizza to remove
the burden of fixing a meal and enjoy the party!
____ Jan 4
Today is National Spaghetti Day! Celebrate this
fun day by inviting friends over for spaghetti
potluck. Ask them to bring their favorite pasta
accompaniment and start a new tradition.
____ Jan 5
Does your home have a Carbon Monoxide
detector? If not, buy one and plug it in today.
You’ll rest easier knowing that you and your
family won’t be overcome by this silent killer.
____ Jan 6
Did you have guests in your home over the
holidays? Why not do a check around the house
and gather up anything they may have left
behind. If they belong to local friends and/or
family, make arrangements to get the items to
them. If they belong to out of town friends and/or
family, box them up and mail them on.
____ Jan 7
Did you keep your receipts from your holiday
shopping? Sit and total up how much you spent.
This will give you a baseline figure to budget for
towards next year’s shopping. Take your total
and divide by 12. This will tell you how much
you need to set aside each month for your
shopping next year. Think how great it will feel
next year knowing that you don’t have to use
any credit at all to do your holiday shopping.
____ Jan 8
Do you still have your holiday server ware out
and about? Take time today to put them away,
which will not only get one item off your to-do
list, it will also reduce the visual clutter you deal
with on a daily basis.
____ Jan 9
Go through your digital holiday photos. Delete
duplicates and those that you just don’t like.
Upload  them onto your computer, into your
pictures folder. Set up your computer screen
saver so that your photos cycle through as your
screen saver. It’s a fun way to relive fun and
memorable moments as they cycle through.
____ Jan 10
Check your windshield washer fluid. Make sure
that you have the non-freezing type in there,
especially if you live in a cold climate, and since
it seems nowhere in the country is safe from
freezing temperatures, it wouldn’t hurt to have
the non-freezing type anyway, no matter where
you live – okay Hawaii excepted.
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____ Jan 11
It’s International Thank You Day! Take time to
write to a friend and let her/him know how much
you appreciate their friendship. You could even
write a thank you to a former teacher who
meant a lot to you. I know many teachers and
they always love getting notes from former
____ Jan 12
January weather can be brutal, especially to
your hands. Place bottles of hand lotion all
around your house, and use them liberally. Your
hands will thank you!
____ Jan 13
Did you have lots of foot traffic during the
holidays? Your carpets will likely benefit from a
good cleaning. You can either call and schedule
someone to come in to clean for you (and many
are now advertising specials on carpet
cleaning) or you can rent a machine from your
local supermarket and do it yourself.
____ Jan 14
When was the last time you fixed a big pot of
soup? January weather almost begs for soups.
Dust off your recipes, look for a few new ones to
try, and buy or make a loaf of hearty bread and
enjoy a big bowl of steaming soup. Yum! Yum!
____ Jan 15
Today is National Strawberry Ice Cream Day!
Celebrate by visiting your favorite ice cream
shoppe and enjoying a cup or cone of this tasty
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____ Jan 16
How are your school supplies holding up? The
last half of the school year is starting so now is
a good time to evaluate what might need
____ Jan 17
Clean out your pantry. If there are expired
foods, toss into the garbage, or into your
compost bin if you compost. If there is food you
know you won’t use and it’s not expired, donate
it to a local food pantry to help those less
fortunate. Once you have purged, make sure
you set your pantry up so the oldest items are
in front to be used first.
____ Jan 18
Today is Martin Luther King Day. Take time to
reflect on the importance of his actions. Spend
time with your children discussing how his
actions impact us even today.
____ Jan 19
Are you trying to go green? Now is a good time
to switch over to more green cleaning products.
You can also find many recipes on the internet
for making your own environmentally friendly
cleaning products. Not only are you doing the
environment a favor, you are also limiting your
exposure to hazardous or harsh chemicals. A
____ Jan 20
Are your bed linens in need of replacing?
January white sales are in full swing so now is
the time to replace. Simplify things for yourself
by buying all one color. If you stick with one
color, it doesn’t matter which top sheet goes
with which fitted sheet!  You’ll also have that
hotel feel if you stick with all one color.
____ Jan 21
Now is a good time to replenish items in your
guest room. Sample size bottles of shampoo,
conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, etc/ will be
great items to have in a basket in your guest
room. To get a better feel for what might be
missing, spend the night in your guest room.
This will help you to know what else guests
might need.
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____ Jan 22
Do you have a bill paying station? If not, spend
a little time setting one up in a convenient spot.
Make sure you have plenty of envelopes and
stamps, somewhere to sort the incoming mail
to, a shredder for all that junk mail and some
type of filing system. Set up a budget system at
the same time and keep it at your bill paying
station so you can easily track where you are
on your spending.
____ Jan 23
Schedule today as a ME day! Take the day off
of house work and treat yourself to a day of
doing whatever you would enjoy doing to relax.
You will appreciate the recharge time. Can’t do
the whole day? That’s OK. Even a few hours
will help.
____ Jan 24
Do you live in an older home? Schedule a test
for Radon Gas. There are EPA guidelines for
acceptable levels of radon in the home. If your
results exceed the acceptable levels, there are
ways to mitigate the gas.
____ Jan 25
Set up a clutter box. This box is for those items
you can’t bear to part with, but haven’t used for
at least 6 months. Label the box with today’s
date. Then on 1/25/11, if you haven’t opened
the box, go ahead and donate it without
opening it
____ Jan 26
Sit down with pencil and paper, or at the
computer and start planning your spring
garden. By now the seed catalogs have likely
started arriving. Just imagining how your
garden will look is a good cure for the winter
____ Jan 27
Buy a bird feeder and fill it with seed for the
birds. Make sure you get a seed rich in
sunflower seeds. Be sure that once you hang
the feeder, you keep it filled. Your feathered
friends will depend on you for that seed during
the winter.
____ Jan 28
Now is a good time to start gathering your tax
papers for filing your taxes. If you start now, by
the time all of your statements have arrived,
you’ll be ready to gather everything up and
take it to the accountant, or even sit at the
computer and do them yourself. Think how
great it will be to have them done early this
____ Jan 29
Are you needing an owner’s manual for an
appliance? Chances are that you can find it
online at the manufacturer’s website. You only
need the model number of your appliance. And,
rather than printing it out and having to deal
with the paper, save a copy of it to your
____ Jan 30
Do you keep a box of baking soda in your
fridge to absorb odors? If yes, change it out for
a fresh box. Use the old box to freshen and
clean your sink drain. Pour the contents of the
box down the drain, followed by vinegar. The
two together will bubble up and clean out your
drain and freshen it at the same time.
____ Jan 31
Gather the kids, or some friends, and bake up
a batch of cupcakes! Make a party of it. When
they are all baked and frosted, sit down with
hot chocolate and enjoy the fruits of your
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