Cheap Self Storage and Putting Every Household Item in its Place

March 2, 2012

If a couple of things fall out every time you open one of your closets, or if you can’t even walk through your garage without having to step on old stuff, it may be prime time for you to clean out and organize your home. Doing so can be stressful and frustrating, if you have let quite a bit of stuff pile up over the years. You have to be methodical about it and keep a level head. You do have the power to dispose of, sell, and give away most of your rarely used or unwanted belongings. After doing so, there is a chance that you will have some stuff left over that your house simply cannot provide adequate space for. Cheap storage is the solution, if unwelcome clutter persists.

The hardest part of any endeavor can be figuring out where to start. Below you will find some tips that will aid you from start to finish in your project to clean out where you live.

Kick off with the garage. Put on some rubber gloves. The garage is a haven for dust and dirt. Sift through all the stuff, and focus on removing what cannot be considered appropriate for the garage. This can include old chairs, stereo systems, and your broken refrigerator. Decide whether these things are worth keeping or if you have any intention of using them in the next six months. Get rid of as much as you possibly can. Have a garage sale, sell a few things on Craigslist, and see if any of your friends or family members could use your old stuff. Once you’ve cleared out what you have been unnecessarily storing in the garage, you can add extra shelving and racks to the walls to help you organize tools, car-related contraptions, and gardening accoutrements.

Get to work on your closets. Like the garage, closets can be a place where stuff mysteriously just accumulates. Begin with the task of your bedroom closet. Take out what cannot be classified as clothing or footwear. Place what you’ve taken out elsewhere in your house or dispose of it, if you have not used it in a long time. After you have cleared out some space removing those items, take a gander at your clothes and your shoes. Create a pile of what you have not worn in six months. Go through the pile and decide what you can donate to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Remember that donating to a worthy cause will make you feel good and can benefit you when it comes time to pay your taxes. Once you have taken out the bulk of rarely used and unwanted items in your closet, you can evaluate how efficient your closet is for organizing. If you do not have many shelves, drawers, and racks in your closet, it may be a wise idea to install some.

Figure out what else you can get rid of and organize. Once you’ve finished your closets and garage, you just have to devote time to the rest of your home. Dispose of everything you have not used in the past year, if you can. Transparent storage containers are available at Target and the Container Store to help you keep things in order. You can label the containers based on what you put in them, so you’ll always know exactly which things are in which containers. Because the internet has allowed us to watch movies, listen to music, and read books on our computers, we have less of a need for CDs, DVDs, and paperback and hardback books. Try to donate or throw away things you have electronic copies of on your computer.

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to have an organized, clutter-free home. All you need is some time and dedication. Once you are done cleaning out your house, there may be a few things you want to continue to own but do not want to keep in your house. These things can be put in a self storage unit until you have enough room for them in your home.

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