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4 Ways to Avoid a Winter Spending Increase When winter weather comes so do the holidays, heating bills, and car issues. Winter weather is also a great time to spend more quality time with your family while you are nestled up inside, but if you want to make the most of your winter season, you will need some spending money for attractions. This can quickly crack into your budget and send you spiraling into debt. To avoid racking up a lot of debt this winter, here are some ways to prepare your finances ahead of the winter season. Review Your Bills Some bills are likely to increase over the winter season like your energy bills. If you are not sure how much you will use, you could always give your energy company, Alberta Energy, a call to find out your previous usage during the winter. Tracking your usage will help you plan on what to expect from your energy bill. Additionally, because you will be staying inside more, you want to watch your water usage. Check to make sure there are no leaks and that your pipes are properly insulated so you don’t run the risk of them freezing and causing major issues. Revisit Your Budget Even though you may already have a set budget in place, you need to account for things that could come up now that the temperatures have dropped. Car issues may abound when the weather gets cooler. Allot some money for new tires to ensure you have plenty of tread when the precipitation starts to fall. You also want to keep some extra money for other car repairs as the cold weather can drain your battery and cause your vehicle not to function properly. Additionally, you will need to store some money up for attractions that only happen in the winter. Since you can’t exactly play outdoors, you will have to find some other activities that can help decrease your cabin fever. Planning ahead can decrease the chance of getting into debt over the winter. Save for the Holidays The holidays can be a fun time to gather with family, exchange presents, and devour delicious meals, but it can also drain your bank account. To prepare for the holidays, you may want to consider starting a holiday savings account. This account allows you to put money directly in it from your paycheck all year so you don’t have to put out a bunch of money when the holidays arrive. This savings plan can make it much easier on your wallet as you place a little each month to prepare for holidays. Purchase Winter Gear Early You and your family will need to bundle up more during the cooler months prompting you to purchase more clothing and accessories during the winter. Some of these winter apparel items can get very expensive. Prepare by purchasing them during the off-season or at the end-of-winter season to score them at a discount. This will help you clothe your family without overspending on necessary items. You can also do this with winter sports equipment like skis, snowboards, and more.
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