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By Maria Gracia
June 10, 2017

  Today's Feature

I Felt Like a Rock Star...and You Can Too!

I recently was licensed to teach POUND fitness, a cardio fitness class that is super energetic, choreographed to rock music, and utilizes drum sticks through the whole workout. It is a loud, edgy, rockin' class, and yes I felt like a rock star. It was way-cool...and I can't wait to teach others can get that same rock-star feeling! (Note: Fitness is my second life. I am right next to the woman in the pink shirt...4 people over from the left, front row.)

As I completed the course and was handed my teaching certificate, I had this epiphany. Everyone needs to feel like a rock star now and then.

Feeling like a rock star can come from a drumming fitness class OR anything you do that makes you feel like you're accomplishing something that's making a positive difference in your own life, and the lives of others as well.

Here are some ways to get that rock star feeling in your life.

1) Try something new. I can't emphasize enough the importance of this. Doing something new keeps our minds fresh, forces us to get outside of our boxes, makes us more interesting to others, and allows us to see that there are always new opportunities that await matter where we are on our current paths. This can take the form of a class, a new sport or exercise, a hobby you've been meaning to try, joining a social club, switching hair dressers, trying a new flavor of coffee (hey...excitement levels vary), or any number of things.

2) Don't give up after one try. Some folks try something once and give up before they give it a fighting chance, often because it feels difficult at first. Believe me, everything is difficult at the start, but experience and practice often fades as you master whatever you're doing. I had a friend who started running about a year ago on the advice of her personal trainer. She HATED it...and that's putting her feelings mildly. But she stuck with it, because she promised her trainer that she would give it a one-month trial. Today, a year later, she loves running. One after the other, she completed a 5K, a 10K, etc...and she'll be running her first marathon in just one month. Plus, she's coaching others to do the same. Does this happen all the time? No. Sometimes you discover after trial and error that you're not loving what you're doing, and that's OK because alternate new things await you. Other times, you'll be surprised at how much you LOVE it and can't imagine living your life without it.

3) Don't allow others to rain on your parade. About five years ago, a friend of mine, who is married with three teenage kids, decided to leave her job after 20 years, and go to school to become a nurse. It's something she always wanted to do. Her husband wasn't thrilled at first because she was so established with the company she was working for, nursing school was pricey, her salary (once she became a nurse) would be a lot less than her current salary, and he didn't want her to work weird hours, which was inevitable as a new nurse. She went ahead and did it anyway because she was so passionate about it. Today, she is absolutely thrilled with her nursing job, and is headed for a promotion to boot! Here's a tip: You only get one life, and if you never take a chance, you'll never know what could have been. Her husband fully supports her now and, in hindsight, can see that this made a wonderful difference in her life, her family life (she's a lot happier to be around these days), and in the lives of her patients (they adore her.)

4) Dress like a rock star. No, you don't have to sport spiky hair and a leather jacket, but wear clothes that make you feel great about yourself. If you look good on the outside, that feeling will translate on the inside. A good rule of thumb is to dress 'one step above' the event or occasion. Doing so increases confidence, authority, and creates an even higher perception of you to others.

5) Don't get into the 'I'm too old to do that' mindset. If you think you're too old, you'll be sabotaging any new adventures awaiting you. Artist Paul C‚zanne was 56 years old when he had his first art exhibit in Paris. Noah Webster completed his American Dictionary of the English Language at age 66. Colonel Sanders was 65 when he started Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yuichiro Miura, first climbed Everest when he was 70 and then again at 75. Grandma Moses took up painting at the age of 77 to help make ends meet during the depression. By the time of her death at age 101 she had completed over 1600 paintings. I have several eighty-something-year-young ladies who religiously attend my Zumba classes, alongside a much younger crowd. There are always ways you can do something, or modify and do if a modification is necessary, that will make a positive difference in your life. Heck, I have a woman who is blind who attends my Zumba classes religiously!

If there's one thing I learned upon receiving my new POUND fitness certification, it's this. I may not be Ringo Starr by any stretch, but I can rock out with drums in my own way, and feel like a rock star any time I so choose...and so can you!

  Special 'Gotta Have' Resource

These 3 WORST exercise mistakes make you plump and squishy (instead of tight and toned)...

CrossFit, hot yoga, kettlebells, spin classes, high intensity interval training -- everywhere you look people 35 and over are thinking of new and exciting ways to re-capture their youth.

There's just one problem - they are STILL making the same 3 metabolism-damaging exercise mistakes. Visit:

A damaged metabolism ages you prematurely, drains you of energy and makes you fatter. PLUS, it puts you at a dramatically increased risk for chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer's.'

So please IMMEDIATELY stop making these 3 exercise mistakes below before it's too late.

Instead, consider the 'smart' alternative that's recently been developed. It's short, efficient and absolutely torches the most amount of fat in just 15 minutes, 3 times a week. More on that below...

1. Worst Exercise Mistake 1: This Adds Belly Fat...

When you want to burn more fat, it's as simple as working out longer, right? Wrong.

The longer you exercise, the more your body is under stress and the more the powerful stress hormone, cortisol, floods into your cells. Some cortisol is good to help you deal with stress, but too much is BAD.

Excess cortisol causes you to lose muscle from your upper body and store fat, especially in your mid-section and lower trunk. That turns women into a pear shape and makes men look like a swollen apple.

However, what's interesting is that with the right type of metabolic training, cortisol can actually be harnessed to become a VERY powerful fat burner and muscle toner as you'll see in a sec.

2. Worst Exercise Mistake 2: This Drives Sugar Cravings...

Most people exercise TOO hard, thinking harder is better. But that just sends your sugar and carb cravings through the roof, forcing you to think about donuts and pasts until you get a your sugar fix.

That sets up a VERY dangerous situation because there's no substance on the planet that's more damaging to your metabolism than sugar (and carbs that turn into sugar).

Sugar triggers a process called glycation, which coats your cells with a thick caramel-like substance. That prevents oxygen and nutrients from getting into your cells and damaging toxins from getting out.

That's like starving, choking and drowning your cells all at the same time.

Working out at the right intensity IS important. But as you'll see below, strategically RESTING during your workout is the #1 key to torching fat and toning muscle - WITHOUT damaging your metabolism.

3. Worst Exercise Mistake 3 - The Circus Workout...

Ever seen someone hop from one machine to the next, scurrying all over the gym or jumping all over their living room trying to imitate the 'insane' moves on the TV?

That's a circus workout. It's like exercise ADD -- they never focus on ONE THING long enough for it to stimulate their metabolism to burn fat and tone muscle. No wonder they don't get results.

The key is to focus JUST long enough on a particular exercise that it forces your body to respond... but also not TOO LONG that it triggers excess belly- fattening cortisol as we learned earlier.

It is like goldilocks. Not too much... not too little...but juuuust right.

When you hit this magic metabolic sweet spot, your body burns up large amounts of fat during the 2-3 days after your workout as your body recovers, repairs and prepares to be challenged again.

How to Avoid These 3 Mistakes and Hit the Metabolic Sweet Spot...

Fortunately, there's a new approach that avoids all these mistakes AND has 3 advantages:

It stimulates your metabolism to become MORE efficient, making you MUCH better at burning body fat for energy, instead of driving you to eat sugar and carbs... It's extremely fast, taking only 15 minutes, 3 times a week to get results. These 15 minutes are incredibly efficient as they stimulate your metabolism to burn fat for 2-3 days after... It triggers the release of powerful youth- enhancing hormones that give you a makeover from the inside out as your cells repair, rejuvenate and refresh your body AND brain...

The best part is how much this new approach FORCES you to rest. Strategically resting at the RIGHT time can dramatically ramp up fat burning, muscle toning and how quickly your body re-shapes.

This avoids the dangerous trap of pushing too hard, sending your cortisol levels through the roof, making your muscles saggy and packing on belly fat -- the opposite of what you want.

You can read more about it here:


P.S. - This new type of metabolic workout is something that anybody can do, at any age, regardless of their fitness level or health status. In fact research shows that the older, sicker and more overweight you are, the more fat-burning, muscle-shaping, anti-aging benefits you'll enjoy.

It takes only 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week and broken into 3 simple phases that systematically fires up your metabolism, one step at a time, until ultimately it becomes a raging fat-burning, muscle-shaping metabolic inferno.

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  TO DO This Week

Week Beginning June 10th

1. Think about Father's Day. Father's Day is right around the corner, coming up next week. Consider planning something special for your dad and/or any special dads you know.

2. Clean out your freezer. Discard any freezer-burned or unidentifiable well as anything you know nobody in your family is going to eat.

3. Inspect your shower curtain and liner. If you notice any obvious grime or mildew, or they haven't been washed in awhile, it may be high time to handle that project this week. Shower curtains and liners can be laundered in the bathtub by hand, or tossed in the washing machine. You may be able to toss your curtain in the dryer (check the laundering label first), but hang any plastic liners to dry. Every now and then, I splurge for a new liner...they're generally very inexpensive.

4. Clean off outdoor deck and patio furniture. Between bird droppings, dirt, mildew and more, your outdoor deck and patio furniture is going to need to be cleaned often. Check online to determine the best cleaning method for yours, depending on the material (wood, teak, plastic, metal, etc.) and then give it a good scrubbing.

5. Are you ready for the pool? I'm due to purchase a new bathing suit and will be doing so this week. How about you? Is last season's suit still OK, or do you need a replacement as well? Unearth yours and figure it out this week. Buy some natural sunscreen while you're at it.

  In Closing

As a rock star, I have two instincts, I want to have fun, and I want to change the world. I have a chance to do both.

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Maria Gracia
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