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Get Organized Now! NEWSLETTER
By Maria Gracia
June 3, 2017

  Today's Feature

When words are not enough...use the power of visuals

The other day, I wanted my husband to pick up a certain whole grain bread I like at my supermarket. But I knew it is located in a sort of odd place in the store...not in a particular aisle, but in a frozen food case near the front corner of the store.

When I'm giving directions to somebody for something located indoors, I'm not a north, south, east, west sort of directional person. I'm more of a 'landmark' person. So, I asked, 'Do you know where the sherbet is?' He replied, 'Yes' and I proceeded to give him directions...from the sherbet location.

I knew exactly what my husband would then do. He grabbed a sheet of paper and a pen and sketched out a quick map, just to clarify my verbal directions.

Having visuals is a great way to communicate and to get things done. Did you know that 65 percent of people are visual learners?

In fact, according to the Visual Teaching Alliance:

* The brain can see images that last for just 13 milliseconds.

* Our eyes can register 36,000 visual messages per hour.

* We can get the sense of a visual scene in less than 1/10 of a second.

* 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

* Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

* 40 percent of nerve fibers are linked to the retina.

Here are just five examples of visuals:

1) Organizing Ideas: Let say you're trying to organize your own ideas, or the ideas of many people. You can use a mind mapping visual to be sure all the ideas are captured...and easily remembered later. You begin a mind map with one word circled in the center...and then draw 'branches' from that circle to other related ideas. From those branches, you can create sub-ideas that branch out to other ideas. Imagine trying to keep dozens of ideas in your head with no written visual!

2) Organizing Dates in Order: I love visual timelines. They give a great picture of events that happened in the order they happened, whether you're learning about something historical, or creating a listing of events that are going to be happening in the future. For instance, when my husband and I had our house built, the builders provided us with a timeline so we knew exactly when they'd be breaking ground, pouring our basement, and so on. We didn't have to read through a novel to figure out when something would be happening...we just looked at a one-page timeline.

3) Organizing People: You've probably seen company organizational charts which begin with the President at the top of the chart...the Vice President under that person...then the managers, then the sales force, etc. A similar visual concept is used for genealogy charts, so you can see all family members...maternal and paternal for generations, at a glance, on a visual tree.

4) Organizing a Layout: Simple sketches can help you organize the layout of a party room, a garden, a room when you're redecorating, or figuring out what goes where when reorganizing your kitchen cabinets. This doesn't have to be a work of art...and you don't have to be an artist to do it. My husband's sketches look like fine 3D architectural blueprints. Mine look like a bunch of boxes and circles. And yes, my drawings of people are essentially stick figures. That all being said, I play a mean game of while my drawing skills are elementary, they're still effective.

5) Organizing Objects: When my daughter was very young and could not yet read, we labeled all of her toy containers with pictures and words. In other words, we had a container marked 'Balls' and there was also a picture of a ball on that container, and another marked 'Blocks' with a picture of blocks. Because of this, she was able to easily help clean up because she knew where everything went. This is a great way to get kids organizing early on...way before they can read. This system is just as effective for adults. Sometimes, when you have to put something together, the instructions will show each part and what it looks like. At chain restaurants, a picture chart is often on the wall so the employees know exactly what goes on the burger or sundae, in the proper order. When you're driving on the road and you see a leaning tree and a picnic table, most people will know that there is a park at that location.

These are just a few examples. There are literally tons of ways to use visuals to your advantage. When it comes to visual thinking, planning, communicating, and organizing, I can't emphasize enough how important it is to have and use visuals. They help make it easier to process information in your mind, and the minds of others.

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  TO DO This Week

Week Beginning June 3rd

1. Hit the Trails. National Trails Day is the first Saturday in June. This is a great day for a hike with family and/or friends...exercise and bonding at the same time!

2. Venture into your basement. No, we're not staying down there. Just take a moment to put something that's out of place, away. My daughter was down in my basement with her friends last week, and my craft table is full of glitter, so I'll be scooping that up this week, into a small canister for reuse.

3. Clean the windowsills in one room. I use a hand-vac to vacuum up any debris. Then, I grab the Windex and a cloth to wipe those sills clean.

4. Show appreciation to your best friend. June 8th is Best Friends Day. Surprise your best friend with a handwritten letter, a batch of cut flowers from your garden, or a Strawberry Rhubarb pie (since the 9th is actually National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day. Good timing!)

5. Make an appointment. What appointment have you been putting off? A doctor/dentist appointment? A date with your plumber to get a leaky faucet fixed? An appointment with your insurance agent? Make that appointment today, and get it off your procrastination list.

  In Closing

'Sometimes,' said Miss Phillips, 'the thing you dread doing is the very thing you should do, just so you can stop thinking about it.'
--Marci Shimoff (Chicken Soup for the Single's Soul)

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Maria Gracia
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